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Dormill and Stiura - United Republics Army

United Republics Army
(Dutch: Republikeins Leger)
(French: Armée Républicaine)




Dormill and Stiura


Land Force



Part of

United Republics Defense Forces




Constitution of the United Republics of Dormill and Stiura


President Cedar Dyson

Minister of Defence

Hector Causey

Chief of the General Staff

General Modeste Monet

Inspector-General of the Army

Gunter Owston



LinkADI Five-Seven (Standard), P5 Escuerdo (Military Police)

Submachine guns

LinkADI P95, SMG-1 Canalla


LinkADI FS-21, LinkFS-2000, LinkSCAR


LinkMossberg 500 (or TWI equivalent)

Snipers/Anti-Material Rifles

LinkBallista, LinkADI LAG-BR, LinkPGM Hécate II (or TWI equivalent)

Machine guns

LinkMAG, LinkMinimi, HMG1 Granito

Portable anti-material weapons

LinkCarl Gustav (or TWI equivalent), LinkMILAN (or TWI equivalent), LinkMMP (or TWI equivalent), ATM2 Flore

Grenade-based weapons

IM3 Azote, LinkADI EGLM



Barracuda, Levesque


IgV Bull, OSD-AV1 Vulf


LinkAravis, LinkLevesque Engineering Vehicle


Various, including NO-CO1 Coyote

Artillery/Air Defense

LinkM777, LinkCAESAR (or TWI equivalent)


LinkTRM 10000, LinkSisu E11TP


Fixed Wing


Attack/Reconnaissance Helicopter

LinkEurocopter Tiger (or TWI equivalent), LinkAérospatiale Gazelle (or TWI equivalent)

Transport/Training Helicopter

LinkNHIndustries NH90 (or TWI equivalent), LinkEurocopter Fennec (or TWI equivalent)


Sparrow OC.1


The United Republics Army comprises the primary land based fighting force of the United Republics of Dormill and Stiura. Its direct history can be traced to the Revolutionary Army of 1791 and the subsequent United Republics Army from 1795 - 1947. Disbanded with the dissolution of the United Republics at the end of the Imperial War, it was succeeded by the various military forces of the successor states, most prominent among them being the Stiuraian Army, the Kapolder Defense Forces, and the Dormillian Army. Reformed in 1995 with the reunification of the United Republics, the Army was bound to the Ministry of Defense and has been in service ever since. The Army, being led by the Ministry of Defense, is commanded jointly from the Ministry of Defense building in Cour Rouge and from the De Launey Building in the neighboring city of Arette. Professional command of the Army is left to the Chief of the General Staff, who at present is General Modeste Monet.

As enshrined in the 1982 Constitution, the Army is officially tasked with the common and general defense of the United Republics, its allies, and its interests abroad. As such, the Army is not exclusively a defensive force and has, in its history, engaged in multiple offensive expeditions and conflicts.

As of 2020, the Army is composed of 124,284 professional volunteer active duty soldiers reinforced by 121,710 reservists.


Full Article on Doraltic Military History TBD
A Doraltic army equipped, organized, and trained following a single doctrine and permanently unified under one command in 1792 during the Doraltic Revolutionary War under the leadership of United Gael Revolution group, which was formalized in 1795 with the formation of the United Republics. The initial army created by the 1796 Congress was significantly diminutive, consisting of only a regiment based in the south to maintain control in Ardeda and a unit to defend the newly created Arette Arsenal. It was also in 1796 that Congress delegated the role of national defense to the Republics and their militias, eventually disbanding the Army proper in 1798. When tensions with [D&S NEIGHBOR] boiled over in 1804, Congress reformed the federal army in preparation for a major war in Gael. Though by tradition the Army has its roots in the various revolutionary militias of the 1790s, by all legal terms the United Republics Army was formed in 1805 and has persisted, if interrupted, ever since.

Structure and Organization of the Army

Ultimate command of the United Republics Army falls to the President, who serves as Commander-in-Chief. A civilian department, the Department of the Army, is the chief arm by which civilian administration of the Army is exercised from. The Department of the Army is led by a Secretary, appointed by Congress on assent by the President, who themselves reports to the Minister of Defense. Professional command of the Army falls on the Army Chief of Staff, a general-ranked position who oversees the general command of the Army from Arette, a city bordering Cour Rouge on the Dormillian side of the border. The Army Chief of Staff simultaneously serves as a member of the Doraltic Joint Chiefs of Staff, a special advisory group within the President's cabinet which provides key advice to the President on military matters. Though not at present, the Army Chief of Staff is also a typical member of the similar National Defense Council, but the Dyson Administration has thus far relied on the advice of other defense experts for the Council.

In addition to the Chief of Staff, the General Staff of the Army also includes; the commanding officers of each Army Brigade, the Inspector-General, the Future Warfare Group Commander, and General-Attache to the Bureau of Special Information, among other commanders in charge of the organization and deployment of Army forces across the Isles.

Units and Commands
Following the Second Orsandian Civil War and the Intervention in Arvan, the United Republics Army has undergone a serious restructuring to become more flexible and capable of responding promptly to international threats and incidents. As a result, the Army has dispensed with the former I Corps. and II Corps. and has instead organized the Army around geographic regions of responsibility. As of 2020, while the technical new organization of the Army is complete, the logistics surrounding the movement of the entire Army to new bases has introduced new challenges, and thus only about half of the Army is properly situated at their new bases and has integrated into the new command structure.

United Republics Army Headquarters
Arette, Dormill
Mission: Universal organization and coordination of all forces of the United Republics Army, or foreign forces placed under the command thereof.
- Army General Staff
- Inspector-General's Office
- Army Finances and Procurement Office
- Army Support and Logistics Command
- Army Training Command
- Army Reserve Command

Army Central Command
Broons, Annecy
Mission: Organization of core parts of the United Republics Army, geared towards national defense first over rapid response capabilities.

- Military District of Northern Gael
Abancourt, Dormill
Mission: Defense and Organization of forces in and around New Friesland, northern Stiura, Zwolle, Dormill, Annecy, Kapolder, Avillon, and Lierneux, and the Territory of Arvan.
-- District Headquarters (Abancourt)
--- Presidential Guard (Cour Rouge)

-- 2nd Mechanized Division (Chery)
--- 1st Brigade (Base Baton, Lieurneux)
---- 1st Regiment (Base Fleur, Arvan)
---- 2nd Regiment (Base Rouge, Arvan)
--- 4th Brigade (Base Monet, Dormill)
---- 7th Regiment
---- 8th Regiment

-- 4th Infantry Division (Zwolle)
--- 7th Armored Brigade (Base R., New Friesland)
---- 16th Armored Regiment
---- 18th Armored Regiment
--- 8th Brigade (Base K., New Friesland)
---- 3rd Regiment
---- 5th Regiment

- Military District of Central Gael
Pannerden, Eppendorf
Mission: Defense and Organization of forces in and around Ardeda, Tempel, Feerwerd, Eppendorf, and southern Stiura. Presently also assigned responsibility for counter-insurgency operations in Central Gael.

-- 7th Armored Division (Pannerden)
--- 9th Armored Brigade (Base Nordmur)
---- 4th Armored Regiment
---- 6th Armored Regiment
--- 6th Infantry Brigade (Base V., Feerwerd)
---- 11th Regiment
---- 15th Regiment
-- 5th Infantry Brigade (Base E., Eppendorf)
--- 9th Regiment
--- 10th Regiment

Army Operations Command
South Alban, Kapolder
Mission: Organization of forces operating beyond Gael, including defensive forces in Swaneeak Atoll. Geared towards rapid response capabilities and foreign expeditions. Additionally commands League Peacekeeping Forces under the United Republics.

- Multinational Response Forces Command
South Alban, Kapolder
-- District Headquarters (Base Sud Alban)

-- 13th Airborne Brigade (Veldzicht)
--- 11th Airborne Regiment
--- 12th Airborne Regiment*
--- 17th Airborne Regiment

-- 10th Expeditionary Brigade (Waalwijk)
--- 13th Regiment*
--- 14th Regiment (Base Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Swaneeak Atoll)

- Special Forces Command
Chery, Avillon
-- 21st Special Operations Regiment (Chery)

The two units marked with "*" are a part of the United Republics' contribution to the League of the Western Isles Peacekeeping Force, presently organized under the League Peacekeeping Reserve but are otherwise units under the direct sovereign control of the United Republics. This concept has not been introduced to the League yet but is an idea I, the author, am working on to present to TWI as a whole at a more appropriate time.
Unit Composition

Unit Name

Commander (English)

Personnel Size

Fire Team


2-5 Soldiers



8 Soldiers



3 Squads; 24 Soldiers



4 Platoons; 96 Soldiers



8 Companies; 768 Soldiers



5 Battalions; 3,840 Soldiers


Brigadier General

2 Regiments; 7,680 Soldiers


Major General

2 Brigades; 15,360 Soldiers