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Panama Coalition's Defense Force is modernized

Panama Coalition's Defense Force is modernized

Due to multiple military aggressions against the Federal Republic of Panama Coalition, including the last of all of the nation of Brasilistan, the National Assembly, the Federal Council and the States 's Presidents of the Member States of the Federal Republic have authorized the Supreme Federal President of Panama Coalition to drastically increase the Defense Forces, the Navy and the Air Force. So far the main military force was the National Guard and the Public Security Forces.

In addition, the Coast Guard will be strengthened and the defense budget increased. Negotiations are currently under way with major arms manufacturers for commercial licenses for local production of weapons.

Meanwhile, the services of the Wolf Regiment have been contracted, commanding by Colonel Richard "Wolf" Rodriguez (brother of the Supreme Federal President of the Panama Coalition, William Rodriguez I), a force of 17 000 elite mercenaries made up of former special forces from around the world, Which will be used as spearhead in war operations.