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The Union Post Issue 1

[font=newtimesroman][color=#2CA02C][size=450]The Union Post[/size][/color][/font][/center][hr][center][font=Book Antigua][color=919191][size=250]The UDS News[/size][/color][/font][/center][hr][color=#2CA02C][font=Lucida Sans Unicode][Floatleft]Issue #1[/floatleft][floatright] Friday, 3rd March[/floatright][/font][/color]
[font=Lucida Sans Unicode][size=175][color=2CA02C]Double Resignation in Radical Government Shake Up[/color][/size][/font]
[align=justify][font=Lucida Sans Unicode][size=100][color=919191][tab=45]We begin with the resignation of the Speaker of the Congress, [nation=short]Quantumland[/nation], for releasing top secret government information to other regions and nations. Following [nation=short]Quantumland[/nation]’s resignation, Vice Attorney General [nation=short]Brittalia[/nation] was chosen to assume the position of Speaker by regional officials until the Spring General Election. After assuming office, [nation=short]Brittalia[/nation] expressed affirmation saying: “[i]I vow to continue to work for the people, and by the people. Thank you all for supporting me, and I especially thank those who supported my bid for Speaker back in November. Your vote was not wasted.[/i]” Following this statement, Brittalia resigned from his position as Vice Attorney General as per the law of executive offices. As a result , the UDS government was able to avoid a by-election.[/tab][/font][/size][/color]

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode][size=175][color=2CA02C]Impeachment of Ethanoria Rocks Union[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Lucida Sans Unicode][size=100][color=919191][tab=45]The sudden impeachment of Domestic Affairs Committee Chairman Ethanoria shocked many across the Union. According to various region officials, the Chairman was impeached on the counts of spamming, flaming, and attempting to breach other region official’s accounts under the pseudonyms “[i]SpainDigger[/i]” and “[i]FrenchDigger[/i]”. Prime Minister [nation=short]Zion Imperium[/nation] released a statement saying “[i]This was a malicious act of treason against our Union. The appropriate action has been taken and I thank all those who supported my administration during these tough times.[/i]” 
[/tab][/font][/size][/color][font=Lucida Sans Unicode][size=100][color=919191][tab=45]This brought up much discussion in the Discord server of the region, including citizens of the region [region]Archmont[/region], a region Ethanoria took refuge, who accused certain government officers of “[i]corruption... and supporting a miscarriage of justice[/i]”. Following the Impeachment, former DAC Chair candidate [nation=short]Relfa[/nation] was picked to fill in his position. Upon his acquisition of office, [nation=short]Relfa[/nation] stated that he has big ideas and plans to “continue updating the "Nation of the Week" and the "Music of the Month" as well as the weekly telegram.

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode][size=175][color=2CA02C]Departure from the ITDA[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Lucida Sans Unicode][size=100][color=919191][tab=45]Currently, our region is voting in a poll in whether to stay or leave the International Trade and Defense Alliance (ITDA). There is speculation that this vote was called due to the alliance showing signs of corruption and disrepair in the last few months. Prime Minister [nation=short]Zion Imperium[/nation] had this to say to the ITDA Security Council, “[i]The government can no longer tolerate these repeatedly poor mistakes and furthermore, we no longer feel as if we are still properly represented in the government and staff of the ITDA. The government understands the great amount of work and selflessness that everyone has shown when building this alliance, although we must retract embassies and end relations. We have made great friendships, but very little progress in the ways of making a difference.[/i]”[/tab]
[tab=45]The post asked [nation=short]Zion Imperium[/nation] to elaborate on this excerpt from his speech. The Prime Minister told the post that he was “[i]Informed of suspected links between a Raider Organisation and [nation=short]Crystalsummer[/nation],[/i]” who is the current Secretary General of the ITDA. Supporting this claim by the Prime Minister, [nation=short]Lenlyvit[/nation], the General-at-Arms, had this to say: “[i][[nation=short]Crystalsummer[/nation]] is still in contact with a nation known as [nation=short]Alpha Wolf[/nation], the founder of a raider region known as [region]The Serenity Republic[/region] and has even been giving them orders to take regions from natives in order to force a refound of those regions. As those very things go against the ideals of Defenderdom, and the ideals of the ITDA, it has been concluded that we, the UDS, in good conscience, can no longer follow the Secretary General in the direction he is taking the ITDA.[/i]” [/tab]
[tab=45]This was a shocking revelation that shook the leadership of the ITDA. The Union’s government acted quickly to appropriately withdraw from this Alliance. Minutes after “[url=]The Founder's Rights, Responsibilities and Duties Act [/url]” had passed through Congress, with a tally of 34 Ayes and 3 Nays, [nation=short]Zion Imperium[/nation] proposed a “[url=]Motion for the Withdrawal from the International Trade and Defense Authority and its Governing Charter[/url]”. This bill will effectively remove our region from the International Trade and Defense Alliance, restoring the regions credibility and saving our region from the looming disaster.[/tab][/font][/size][/color]

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode][size=175][color=2CA02C]New Government Positions Created: Bloating the Executive Branch[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Lucida Sans Unicode][size=100][color=919191][tab=45]Prime Minister [nation=short]Zion Imperium[/nation] announced on Sunday that he has created two new positions of government, ‘Chief Advisor” and ‘Press Secretary’. The PM had claimed that these roles will assist him in “[i]ensuring stable governance,[/i]” and allow the executive branch to “[i]operate effectively.[/i]” With the founding of The Union Post, it would seem important create a separate office to handle Media Affairs.[/tab]
[tab=45]In his announcement he appointed [nation=short]The Glorious Hypetrain[/nation] as Press Secretary, and [nation=short]Kanglia[/nation] as Chief Advisor. Both these appointments could prove controversial for the PM as both nations have shady backgrounds. [nation=short]The Glorious Hypetrain[/nation] was previously disgraced for his alleged connections to raider region, [region]The Kingdom of Great Britain[/region] Furthermore, [nation=short]Kanglia[/nation] was only a resident of the Union for one day before his appointment. It should be noted that these role are unelected and seemingly not covered by existing electoral law. Although, no opposition currently exists to this decision.
[font=Lucida Sans Unicode][size=175][color=2CA02C]Joining the United Task Force[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Lucida Sans Unicode][size=100][color=919191][tab=45]After the shaky departure of the UDS from the ITDA, a new task force was created within the member regions of [region]FORGE[/region]. This task force was created to bring our militaries closer and to address larger issues within the NS world. On Monday February 20th, the head of the military wing in [region]FORGE[/region] resigned from his post. [nation=short]Krypton Nova[/nation] served [region]FORGE[/region] dutifully and with great distinction, but seeking a break from NS due to fatigue from serving so well he left the military within the hands of our very own General at Arms, [nation=Lenlyvit].[/tab]
[tab=45]As the head of the newly created Task Force, he has already led us to one successful mission in NS. He hopes to live up to the reputation of [nation=short]Krypton Nova[/nation], and to expand the role of [region]FORGE[/region] throughout NS.[/tab][/size][/color][/font]

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode][size=175][color=2CA02C]Secretariat News[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Lucida Sans Unicode][size=100][color=919191][tab=45]NationStates have announced the "General Assembly Secretariat" that will evaluate the proposals to the General Assembly to see if they are valid. The NationStates news had this to stay, “If you've ever complained that the World Assembly is pretty good and all, but it should have more red tape, great news! I am pleased to announce the General Assembly Secretariat is up and running. They're already hard at work, assessing General Assembly proposals, judging which adhere to the GA's strict rules and which don't.”[/tab][/font][/color][/size]

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode][size=175][color=2CA02C]General Assembly Exposure[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Lucida Sans Unicode][size=100][color=919191][tab=45]This week, the Security Council passed the [url=]Repeal "Liberate Arab League"[/url] proposal, which was an important decision for the council, as these matters generally are. Now, the Security Council is voting on whether to condemn [region]The Black Hawks[/region] or not. Additionally, There is a new proposal in queue to liberate South Pacific, which was co-authored by our own General At Arms, [nation=short]Lenlyvit[/nation].[/tab]
[tab=45]Currently, the General Assembly is voting on a proposal to repeal resolution [url=]GA # 388[/url], the "[url=]Foreign Patent Act[/url]". This is a very important issue for all NationStates nations and regions, so if you are part of the World Assembly, I strongly suggest you vote on this proposal..[/tab][/size][/font][/color][/align][/box]
[center][font=Lucida Sans Unicode][color=#2CA02C][size=175]Credits[/size][/color][size=125][color=919191]
[b]Director[/b] - [nation=short]relfa[/nation]
[b]Publisher[/b] - [nation=short]The Noble Thatcherites[/nation]
[b]Chief Editor[/b] - [nation=short]Brittalia[/nation]
[b]Writer[/b] - [nation=short]Zion Imperium[/nation]
[b]Writer[/b] - [nation=short]Lenlyvit[/nation][/size][/font][/center][/color]