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Out of universe note #2

The Man Once Known As [url=]Central and Eastern Visayas[/url] presents:

English: What if Marcos Senior was never [url=]overthrown in '86[/url]? What if, as a consequence, the Philippines was torn by civil war? What if one nation fell to make room for three?
This is how the story goes in the Confederation of the New Visayan Islands.
Tagalog: Paano kung hindi natalsik si Marcos noong 1986? Paano kung dahil doon, nabiyak ang Pilipinas sa digmaang sibil? Paano kung bumagsak ang isang bansa upang magsibol ang tatlo?
Ito ang kwento ng Kompederasyon ng Bagong Kabisayaan.
Visayan: Unsaon kaha kon wa nabuntog si Marcos kaniadtong 1986? Unsaon kaha kon tungod ato, nabuak ang Pilipinas sa gira patani? Unsaon kaha kon naguba ang usa ka nasod aron motindog ang tulo?
Mao kini ang istorya sa Kompederasyon sa Bag-ong Kabisay-an.

[b]NVI 101[/b]

[u]Who is the man behind NVI?[/u]
Name: Alistair JMC
Nickname: Ali
Birthday: 11/28/1991
Birthplace: Cebu, PH
Blood type: O+
Sexual identity: Cis-Het Male
Ethnic group: Asian

[u]What is his beliefs?[/u]
Religious: Roman Catholicism
Political: Right-libertarianism (Spekr: Economic 70/Cultural -76 [Libertarian Capitalist])

[u]What does he not like?[/u]
Authoritarianism - I'm from the Philippines, and if you've been reading the news, you'd know who's the head honcho [i]and[/i] said head honcho's upcoming successor. [i]Aut Libertatem aut Mortem da mihi[/i]; that is all I will say regarding the likes of them.
Totalitarianism - If I loathe authoritarianism, you bet your ass I'll have a [i]massive[/i] hateboner for totalitarianism.
Bigotry by any standard - I don't give ten flying [Insert F-WORD here]s if you're gay, black, Chinese, or Muslim. Do right by me, I do right by you. Fancy yourself an [i]ubermensch[/i] or treat entire peoples as [i]untermenschen[/i], and we're having problems. Speaking of which, I am of the notion that someone who despises the Abrahamic faiths is [url=]by definition an antisemite[/url]; they hold contempt not only for the Muslim and Christian faiths, but also for the Jewish faith, and given that the last is a historically significant form of antisemitism, feel free to make your conclusions.

[u]NVI the Mod[/u]
Joined the ranks of Moderation in the wee hours of the morning of September 19th, AD 2020.
Formally inducted to Game Moderation in the afternoon of March 23rd, AD 2021.

[u]Personal comments:[/u]
09/27/2017 - Just realized I could have made a pun in the original signature: Marcos Senior [i]was[/i] 86'd in '86, after all.
10/29/2020 - A long overdue update, and remember: [u]No Mod Is An Island... Except This One. This One Is Several.[/u]
02/02/2021 - It's been four years, almost ten accounting for my original nation. I hope from the bottom of my heart that you enjoy yourselves.
05/05/2022 - No point denying it: this year is Robredo vs. Marcos, and I know who [i]I'm[/i] voting for.
05/10/2022 - Hey, this counting be sus on so many levels. Given Marcos taking red as a campaign color, cue the obligatory [i]Among Us[/i] jokes.
05/11/2022 - Let "[i]íViva la Libertad![/i]" be a cry of eternal defiance to the jackboot.