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President Alice Crawford

Presidential Incumbent


Alice Crawford
Official Portait of M.A. Crawford

President of the Provincial Union
Assumed Office

February 17, 2017



Vice President

Harvey Watson

First Minister

Victor Larsen


Safiya Nazari

Preceded by

Joseph Neideringhart

Vice President of the Provincial Union
In office
January 22, 2017 - February 17, 2017



Preceded by

Janet Pintolo

Succeeded by

Harvey Watson

Civil Services Committee Chair
In office
March 29, 2014 - November 3, 2015

Preceded by

Michael Narset

Succeeded by

Nancy Richards

Economic Policy Committee Chair
In office
January 22, 2013 - March 29, 2014

Preceded by

Nicholas Jones

Succeeded by

Katherine Tillori

Parliamentary Sub-Chairperson
In office
January 22, 2009 - January 22, 2013

Preceded by

Mary Hansel

Succeeded by

Ursula Johannes

Parliamentary Chair
In office
January 22, 2006 - January 22, 2017

Preceded by

Fred Lionel

Succeeded by

Mark Francis

Personal Details

August 25, 1977
-Hampton City, Fargaust Province
-Alice Newman Hutchinson

Height: 5' 11" (180 centimeters)
Weight: 134.1 pounds (60.8 kilograms)

Spouse: John Crawford (m. 1999)
Children: 3

Residence: Presidential Manor

Alma Mater: Regium Academia (M.A. in Pol. Sci.)


Aerial View of the Presidential Manor

2020 Campaign Portrait

2018 State of the Union Address

Vice Presidential Portrait

First Presidential Speech

General Information

Alice Newman Hutchinson Crawford (born August 25, 1977) is an Australian-Pacifican politician who currently serves as the 214th President of the Union since February 17th, 2017. She was also the 266th Vice President of the Union from January 22nd to February 17th, 2017.

Crawford was born on August 25, 1977 in Hampton City, Fargaust. She graduated from Regium Academia with a Magister Artium de Civilis Scientias in 2008, she worked for local Senatorial Chairs and for the Governor until 2006 when she was elected for a Parliamentary Office in the Capital where she resumed studies as a Political Adjutant until 2008 when she was then elected to be a Parliamentary Sub-Chairperson and later forfeited the office in order to achieve tenure as an Economic Policy Committee Chair until she again forfeited the Position in order to attain a position in the Civil Services Committee. On 22 November, 2016, she was elected for Vice Presidency, however, the Vote was faulted and in 2018 on 4 January, the population voted in favour of keeping Crawford as President. It was never clear as to why [NAME WITHHELD] chose her to be his Vice President, however intensive research by the National Government and the Presidential Protection Service proved that she was not connected to the Armed Forces nor the D.I.S. in any way threatening to the Nation.

In 2015 while the Security Act was being proposed in the Civil Services Committee, Crawford was a major advocate and fought strongly in favour of passing the Bill because she believed it was a 'strictly abundant necessity' and would hold individual meetings with fellow chairpersons to inform them on the importance and viability of the Bill proposed. Crawford also strongly advocated against the Public Surveillance Act in silence as she would negotiate with Politicians in order to prevent the passage of the Bill. While in Parliament Crawford also pushed advocated against sectioning off more funding to the Educational Department Nationally and she also made the statement that it is extremely unnecessary for the Nation to be paying for individual education. Crawford also strongly advocated her position against Public Disarming as she believes it a necessity to National Defense. During the proposal phase of the Act to Abolish Welfare, it was noted that Crawford voted in favour of the Act however never publicised her opinion but rather stated she wished not to explain her reasoning.

Early Life

Alice Newman Hutchinson was born on August 25, 1977 at United Regional Hospital in Hampton City, the capital city of the Fargaust Province. She was the second of three children of Robert and Sydney Hutchinson. She was raised in the outer suburbs of Hampton City and was educated in the public schools of North Hampton. Crawford is of Australian ancestry and has some distant Dutch ancestry. Growing up, Crawford had experienced many cyclones which she claims attributed heavily to her fear of hurricanes and cyclones. While schooling, Crawford had apparently struggled early in school to keep up as she would spend more time interacting with teachers and staff rather than study or work, she later stated that she "felt safer around adults", a statement which brought a lot of responses on regards to the safety status of her schooling. She claimed to have been introverted and unable to cooperate with fellow students due to their apparent overwhelming success over hers. In 1990, Crawford had been on a field trip to the Capital for a major school project when she apparently lost her way and was immediately helped by dozens of strangers who guided her to the airport and some even offering to buy a flight should she miss hers, she found her guides speaking to Airport Security looking for her, she later stated that this was "the moment I realised there is more good in the hearts of the people over evil" a statement which echoed on her behalf throughout the South Pacific.

Although not a legal citizen of the Indian Oceanic Provinces due to her residence being in the Pacific, Crawford was heavily involved in the politics of the Indian Ocean rather than National or South Pacifican politics. She had also made many visits to the Indian Oceanic Capital through her adulthood. Crawford lived in close proximity to Australia and visited the Nation frequently to the point that airport officials had recognised her. Crawford finished her basic schooling and later applied to the Regium Academia where she obtained a Magister Artium in 2008.

Crawford attended public schools in North Hampton where she spent the entirety of her education until she moved to the Regium Academia Local Residential Township for Mastery of the Arts of Political Sciences. Crawford was recommended to the Regium Academia by one of her former College Instructors, she was accepted and immediately relocated to the Campus Housing for the remainder of her schooling. Crawford was also involved in a Political Liaison Program for the Regium Academia from 2006 until 2008 when she graduated with a Magister Artium de Civilis Scientias.

Personal Life

While in classes, Hutchinson met John Crawford and soon after the two engaged in courtship for several months and married only a year later. Later in life Ms. Crawford continued her educational path in the area of Politics and stated she had envisioned being elected for a major political title such as Speaker of the House or Chairwoman of Parliament, but she never aspired to be President of the Provincial Union. Hutchinson married John Crawford in 1999 and had their first child, Eric, in 2003, a year later, forcing her to settle down on politics and education, however she could never focus her energy on the maintenance of the child. Crawford was heavily involved in politics through her adulthood, even going so far as to change her major in college from general engineering to Political Sciences, she later received a Magister Artium for this field. Crawford had frequently visited the Indian Oceanic Capital throughout her adulthood until 2006 when she successfully achieved a Chair in Parliament. Due to her continuation in school, Crawford was entered into the Political Liaison Program for Regium Academia, she completed this and received a Magister Artium in 2008.

Political Career

Crawford met many difficult times in her attempts to join the political career path. Beginning her path working at the Regional Governor's Office in Fargaust she later ran for a Senatorial Seat in 2005, however she lost the vote at 12% and later ran for Parliament in 2006 and following the death of a prior chair. Crawford was later nominated and approved to be one of eight Parliamentary Sub-Chairpersons in 2009 and left the office 4 years later in 2013. Crawford joined the Economic Policy Committee in 2013 and left to attain a chair position in the Civil Services Committee and was later nominated to be the Presiding Officer, however became Vice President before attainment.

Crawford holds the third shortest tenure in history as Vice President after Roren Vastikul and Beatrice Jester both of whom were assassinated soon after attaining office. Crawford has the shortest Vice Presidency which later migrated to Presidency. As Vice President, Crawford had made many statements against what [NAME WITHHELD] had envisioned. Crawford was originally not intended to be Vice President, however after many nominations by co-chairs, she was selected by the Presidential Candidate.


Domestic Policy

Economic Policy
Crawford's stance on economy has often been to leave it as a free market program and has taken many actions to provide for more income and less expenditure to the National Government. Along with her boosts to the income of the National Government, the national economy has remained steady at a very high rating and many impoverished or poor provinces have also been taken out of suffering due to her program Savings for the Suffering

Education and health
In the past, Crawford has strongly advocated against national funding towards educational systems, however, recently has called for prioritisation of the educational system in order to promote stronger learning skills in the Union. Crawford's stance on health programs have never been stated, however she has often voted in favour for budget boosts to the health system and has made efforts to promote local health programs.

Social services
In late 2017, Crawford revoked all national funding to welfare programs and made the statement, Provinces should cover for the costs of their people. Later in 2017, Crawford also reestablished national funding to some welfare programs in an effort to compensate for National Government Officials or Armed Forces personnel.

Military and Defense
Crawford has stated the Department of Defense and Offence to be essentials for the continuation of the Provincial Union, she has also stated that unfortunately in today's society, it is near impossible to survive without a military or some form of a standing army.

Environmental policies
Crawford has begun a program in July of 2017 called the Remove and Renew program, the main efforts of the program are to remove any and all negative environmental threats and restore them with more environmentally friendly equivalents. The Remove and Renew program has also made many leaps and bounds throughout the nation to remove trash problems, including the efforts to shrink the Garbage Isle which has actually loss a large and undisclosed mass in the last year.

Energy policies
Crawford has always been for the establishment of green energy facilities and has also made efforts to remove all negatively influencing power facilities. Through her Remove and Renew program, Crawford has made many leaps and bounds to prevent major polluters, she has pushed for increased establishment of nuclear, solar, and wind facilities, however she has stated herself as neutral towards the King's preference of geothermal which she states is not enough energy for a massive populous.

Crawford is a very strong advocate of isolationism and has many times closed borders and advocated against immigration and foreign influences. Crawford shares a major opinion with the King and her forebears on immigration, that being to keep boarders limited or closed. Under the Crawford Administration there have been major changes to the immigration system including the establishment of major border walls and checkpoints. She has also created 23,000 jobs on behalf of the Border Patrol services.

Nuclear Weapons
Crawford, at the United Nations, stated that nuclear weapons are certainly non-essential for maintaining peace. However, she has also stated that if a nation desires nuclear weapons, then it is their right to hold whatever form of weaponry they desire.

Foreign Policy

War on Terror
Crawford has often made the comment that she is fully against terrorism, once naming Muslim Radicals specifically and received much international response to that statement, however no prolonged repercussions.

President Crawford has stated on many occasions that she is in full support of the National Government's Right to Survey, however, she has stated that so long as the government does not intervene or release information she will remain in favour of the national right.

United States and Russia
President Crawford has stated she doesn't see the United States as a proper ally as they do not assist nor support the Provincial Union, and she also believes that the United States and Russia need to work together however fails miserably in the world stage. Crawford has stated she wishes to be closer allies to the Russian Federation, she has made it clear that Russia has essentials within it that the Provincial Union needs to have access to in order to further either nations' success.

Middle East
President Crawford has stated that she believes the Provincial Union should have no presence in the Middle East due to its distance and danger, she has also stated that she wishes the Provincial Union to be able to abstain from all political affairs.

United Nations
President Crawford has stated that while she encourages promoting World Peace, it will not be possible if everyone chooses to take up arms to slaughter those who oppose it. A confusing statement that has made grounds for a lot of mockery from the international community.

President Crawford has shown some disapproval towards allowing refugees into the nation as she believes it to be equivalent of "inviting plagued livestock to your barn" and has so far strongly advocated the discontinuation of refugee programs.

Cultural and political image

Crawford's age has been the subject of a lot of controversy after it was revealed that top search results including her name were much different from that of her predecessor as her's contained many more inappropriate or explicit searches.

President Crawford holds major favour among provinces in the Lower Pacific and Indian Oceans, her heritage rooting in Australia strongly attributes to this favour. Due to her Australian ancestry, advocacy with south-west Pacific and Indian Oceans. Due to her light Australian accent, citizens in largely foreign areas report it more difficult to understand her than normal.

Foreign perceptions
Also attributing to her Australian heritage, relations with Australia, and various other Oceania nations, have boosted largely. The United Kingdom and various Asian nations have also viewed her heritage as a major advantage. Many nations in the United Nations also favour that Crawford is not gender discriminated although the King has insisted no discrimination has ever existed.

Public Appearances
Crawford has only appeared at National Events such as the celebration of the Royal Birthdays and the Annual Royal Ball and has also appeared to speak with foreign world leaders or representatives. On January 22, 2018, Crawford addressed the nation in her 'State of the Union' Address.

Upon becoming President, Crawford was named the Most Powerful Woman and Second Most Powerful Person by Forbes only surpassed by the King. She was also nominated the Nobel Peace Prize for efforts in assisting the Korean Peninsula in achieving peace.


Until High School, M.A. Crawford was reported by teachers as being “lazy”, “slacking”, “shy”, and “behind”, however, in High School her teachers reported her performance to be outstanding. Throughout Schooling Crawford had always achieved high scoring on Standardized Exams, resulting in confusion amongst teachers and getting classed up to Class 2 in Junior High School.
Crawford claimed that she rushed marriage with her husband because she was so shy that she worried that she would not be able to find another man in time. Although she is very shy, she is reported to have outstanding public speaking skills and socialization with foreign world leaders, she has been quoted saying “It’s kind of easier to socialize with people when you have more nukes than them” a similar statement to that of the King, “You will find it much easier to socialize with people you can control because you know if you mess up, they’ll be too afraid to say anything”

M.A. Crawford is of Australian decent as her maternal grandparents had moved to a Province called Fargaust before her mother was born, and her father was born in Australia but moved to Fargaust when he was 3. Farguast is her home in the South-West Pacific, she was born in a town called Hampton and practically lived there all her life, she lived in the dormitories at the Regium Academia de Magister Artium and moved back to Hampton City. Later she moved to the Capital for Parliament.

Alice Crawford has raised $120M for Charities worldwide, including $68M to the Environmental Protection Organization and Poverty Reduction Centers worldwide. The rest varied from health organizations to hospitals. Alice Crawford, while in the Economic Policy Committee, also managed to convince fellow chairmen and women to delegate more funding to the Disaster repair of the Dave Barett Jones building, immediately prior to election to the Civil Services Committee.

Crawford was also a very notable member of the “Save our Troops, Pull out of the Middle East” campaign and was also very supportive of Former President Joseph Neideringhart’s action to abolish and restructure welfare, which she has successfully conducted.

As President, M.A. Crawford has stated that the King is serving as the best mentor she’s ever had along with Former President Neideringhart and her best friend as being the Queen.

It was reported that M.A. Crawford pleaded to the King to allow her to stay in office of President and repair the damages caused by her short termed predecessor and received great support from Former President Joseph Neideringhart.

“As President, Mrs. Crawford has made leaps and bounds against what her running mate had originally intended when he wanted the presidency and has greatly defied the prejudice and expectations of the people in the recent actions she’s made for the nation. In my time of being King, I have generally seen Presidents comply with what they are expected and often times that makes them overly-predictable. President Crawford has made many leaps and bounds to classify herself as an exemplary President who deserves all the commendation she can receive, I have personally commended her on her actions and will continue to observe the wisdom that has come with her Master of the Arts.”
-King’s Note

Also the first President to be under 6ft in height in three decades