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[Outdated] Master Dispatch

This dispatch is no longer being updated.


Master Dispatch

This is The Union of Democratic States' Master Dispatch (MD) where you can find everything about the The Union of Democratic States.
Send a telegram to The Noble Thatcherites, Khevo, or Phoenix Coalition if you think we forgot a link or want us to add one.

General Information

LinkOur Discord
The Region's Official Discord Server! All are welcome to join!

LinkOur Forum
The Region's Official Forum! The main place of votes in the legislature, ambassadorship requests, etc.

Nation States Guide
A guide to help those, new or experienced, in all aspects of the world of NationStates.

RMB Rules and Etiquette
The Rules, Regulations and General Etiquette of the Regional Message Board (RMB)

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The Constitution of the Union

Political Parties
List of Official Political Parties in the UDS

Goverment Seals (OUTDATED)
Spiffy government seals, for any official documentation. Government Officers are free to use and distribute their specific seals, as they please.

Ministry of the Census
The official dispatch of the Ministry of the Census, headed by The Glorious Hypetrain.

Ministry of Education
The official dispatch of the Ministry of Education, headed by Asdersland.

Ministry of Roleplay
The official dispatch of the Ministry of Roleplay, headed by Kliev republic.

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All Laws
A record of all laws, successful and unsuccessful, brought to the legislature.

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LinkThe Union Times
The first independently run newspaper in the Union. Managed by Asdersland

LinkThe Flaming Truth
An independent newspaper. Managed by Comlogical

The Union Post
The Region's State Sanctioned Newspaper

LinkThe Union Tribune
The Union's Premier News Source.

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Military Guide
A guide explaining NS gameplay and explaining the UDS Armed Forces' role in the wider gameplay world.

Complete Military Guide [Forum Edition]
A complete guide on the Nation States Forums regarding Military Gameplay.

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Government History
The history of each administration since the beginning of time.

Previous Constitution
Ye Olde Constitution from years gone by

Flags of the Union
An archive of all flags of our great union!

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[09/13/17] - Thatcher - Added Update Log
[10/06/17] - Brittalia - Added Press
[10/08/17] - Thatcher - Renamed "Press" to "Media". Edited descriptions.
[10/21/17] - Thather - Added Khevo as the MoTC.
[10/27/17] - Thatcher - Removed FORGE regional link.
[10/28/17] - Thatcher - Switched out Brittalia with Kanglia
[7/11/18] - Brittalia - Revived Update Log: Updated a few links