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Flag of Athara Magarat

The Athara Magarati National Flag

Use: National Flag
Adopted: 1972
Design: Combination of a white pennon and a red pennon with a blue border, with a crouching archer

The national flag of Athara Magarat is the Isles's only non-quadrilateral national flag. The flag is a simplified combination of two single pennons, the vexillological word for a pennant. Its white and red halves represent the sacred threads used in animist traditions of many Khas-Kirati tribes while the archer denotes the tribes themselves. The blue border is the color of peace. Until 1972, the flag was also rectangular in shape but then it was redesigned to make it similar to the flag of the Khas-Kirat Empire.


The flag was adopted after the isolationist fascist government of Eagle Brigade demanded that the nation should have a more unique flag. In modern times the concept of the flag has changed to have a different meaning. The blue border symbolizes peace and harmony. The two triangles symbolize the numerous mountains of the nation.

The white half indicates the religiousness of Athara Magarat and her people while the red half indicates the brave spirits of the Athara Magarati people. Modern interpretations also claim that the two halves denote balance. Athara Magaratis will generally call their nation a balance between the so-called East and the West, between communism and capitalism, traditional values and modernity, religious norms and secularism, a Kham-majority nation but with diversity at the same time, between animist ethnic traditions and major religions such as Buddhism and Balnianism, balance between the Xrevaran descended Kirati tribes and the Aprosian-related Khas, balance between Khas-Kiratis and other ethnic groups adhering to the identity of Athara Magarat, etc to name a few indicators of the so-called balance that Athara Magarat represents.

Although the Eagle Brigade had intended the archer to the legendary First Shaman Karpake Baba of the Kham peoples, successive democratic governments defined the archer as Srijunga Hang the founder of the Khas-Kirat Empire. When the government of Athara Magarat was accused by many other nations of glorifying a "mass murderer", the crouching archer came to represent the Khas-Kirati tribes who were originally nomadic horse archers. The archer also means that as long as the nation of Athara Magarat stands, Khas-Kirati peoples throughout the Isles and their unique cultures would be protected.

Another interpretation: The flag's shape could also symbolize the Khas-Kirati pagoda as noted by local Athara Magaratis, placing a mirror at the hoist side will generate an image of a pagoda.

Flag layout

There is a precise description of the Athara Magarati national flag in the Constitution of the Democratic Republic of Athara Magarat, Article 5, Schedule 1, adopted 9 November 1990.

(A) Method of Making the Shape inside the Border

(1) On the lower portion of the an equally half white and red cloth draw a line AB of the required length from left to right.
(2) From A draw a line AC perpendicular to AB making AC equal to AB plus one third AB. From AC mark off D making line AD equal to line AB. Join BD.
(3) From BD mark off E making BE equal to AB.
(4) Touching E draw a line FG, starting from the point F on line AC, parallel to AB to the right hand-side. Mark off FG equal to AB.
(5) Join CG.

(B) Method of Making the Border

(6) The width of the border will be equal to the width TN. This will be of deep blue color and will be provided on all the sides of the flag. However, on the five angles of the flag the external angles will be equal to the internal angles.
(7) The above mentioned border will be provided if the flag is to be used with a rope. On the other hand, if it is to be hoisted on a pole, the hole on the border on the side AC can be extended according to requirements.

Aspect ratio

According to the stated geometric construction law, the circumscribing rectangle has an irrational ratio of:

≈ 1:1.21901033 (OEIS A230582). This ratio is the least root of the quartic equation:

and arises from the addition of the blue border after construction of the red field. The bounding rectangle of the red field alone has the rational aspect ratio 3:4 (=1:1.333).

The flag of Athara Magarat is the only national flag of Isles nations in use with an aspect ratio less than one (meaning it is taller than it is wide).

Incorrect Versions

Because the shape of the flag of Athara Magarat is hard to reproduce, in many situations the flag is used incorrectly. These typically have an additional white area to make the flag a 3:2 ratio. An example is the Athara Magarati Flag used at various Isles events.

Related Flags

The Flag of the Khas-Kirat Empire. The Athara Magarati National Flag's design is based on it.

The previous Flag of Athara Magarat without the crouching archer. This flag is the Ethnic Flag of the Kham peoples and still used at present.