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Why I'm Still On NationStates

This chart plots the countries of the world by their Linkecological footprint per capita against their LinkInequality-adjusted Human Development Index, using 2012 data. This is different from LinkHuman Development Index in that it factors in socioeconomic inequality within a jurisdiction by using median levels of educational attainment, life expectancy, and income per capita. This presents a much more accurate picture of what the quality of life is like for ordinary people.

There are currently no countries that have attained very high levels of human development while staying within ecological carrying capacity. In fact, no country has managed to lift its people out of poverty beyond low levels of human development without reaching unsustainable levels of resource consumption. This is quite alarming as it suggests that the socioeconomic development that has occurred in the Western world and is ongoing in much of the rest of the world is unsustainable. If our global civilization doesn't find a way to attain high development levels while maintaining levels of resource consumption below the global average biocapacity, we are fundamentally, long-term royally screwed.

Given current political, social, and technological trends, I highly doubt it will be possible for any society to attain "long-term sustainability" within my lifetime. Realistically- we're not going to be able to stay within 2 C of pre-industrial average global temperatures, our economies aren't going to fully abandon petroleum, and the refugees and political tensions will continue to rise. Even if all of the governments of developed and developing countries managed to reach a consensus and implement more sustainable energy policies, infrastructure, and consumption patterns, we'll still fall short of where we need to be.

But that doesn't make me lose hope for a better world. As ugly as the immediate and foreseeable future will get, eventually we'll reach a more sustainable society and hopefully a more equitable one too. Nouveau Yathrib represents how I think the near and mid-range future will turn out, but Jamilkhuze represents what stage I hope the world will reach someday. Despite how far away such a vision may seem, I believe a dream for a more sustainable and just world is always worth striving for. Even though this is just a game, I'd like to think that the way I run this account will inspire others to engage in the political process and help fight for a better future. That's why I've kept Jamilkhuze alive for over 6 years now.

Until next time,

The Republic of Jamilkhuze