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The Archives

Completed Role-Plays

The Gate Conference (No OOC) - [January 7th - Feburary 4th, 2020]

[] ___ [] Diplomatic Talks []

      The Lunderfrauian Kaiserin seeking to mend relations with Winst is invited to Gate, Sino Manala by the Wintonian Plutos to discuss a warming of relations and the threat of Parthonopia.

- Lunderfrau :

An Evening in Souchon (No OOC) - [August 23rd - November 9th, 2020]

[] ___ [] Diplomatic Talks []

      A high-level meeting between the Meronnian First Deputy and Tanayan Chairman to find a solution to the Civil War in Irpan.

- Meronnia :

Orthuria Senone Conference - [January 17th, 2020]

[] ___ [] Diplomatic Talks []

      Following the downing of a plane over Parthonopia, the Heads of State of Meronie, Produzland, and Parthonopia meet in the Meron capital, Senone. Will they broker peace or edge closer to war?

- Meronnia :

Risorgimento (No OOC) - [January 15th - April 26th, 2018]

___ [] Diplomatic Maneuvers []

      Varying factions and influential characters vie to carve out a new unified kingdom after over a century of an imposed fragmentation. The spiraling situation raises the question of whether or not this Parthonopian state will succeed or will it crumble like all of its predecessors?

- Parthonopia :

The Soul of the Republic - [November 02, 2020]

[] ___ [] Anthologies []

      A Special Election is held to replace the late President Pierre Tremblay.

- Meronnia

    The Cold Road Ahead - [July 31st, 2020]

    [] ___ [] Character Intrigue []

        Elections in Storsnia are serious business. This year is no different as the country is plagued with interference and apathy. Can First Minister Tamvere keep her seat or will the conservatives rising star come out on top?

    - Storsnia

    Ackesian Falling - [Feburary 1st, 2020]

    [] ___ [] Character Intrigue []

        Ackesian character intrigue, the story of the Duchess of Avondale wading the turmoil of her country.

    - Achesia

    Marcomer Plan - [July 6th, 2019]

    [] ___ [] War []

        In July 2019, Wintonian and Lafida-Marcomerian forces invade occupied Marcomer; their mission; to retake the Marcomer Republic from Parthonopia. A collection of vignettes illustrates the many different facets and angles of the brief, but bloody, war.

    - Winst :

    Terminated Role-Plays

      Longing for Spring - [Feburary 5th, 2020]

      [] ___ [] Character Intrigue []

          2020 has not been off to a good start in Winst. Can the Government bring order to the chaos?

      - Winst

      2019 Kiteahui-Velkanikan Conflict (No OOC) - [June 23rd, 2019]

      [] ___ [] War []

          A dispute between the Taimaha State Mineral Company of Kiteahu and the Velkanikan Matrogorsk Metals Company may lead to a physical show down between the two companies nations.

      - Velkanika :


      Trade Facilitation Conference (No OOC) - [June 2nd, 2019]

      [] ___ [] Trade Talks []

          Round 1 of the Olympian Multilateral Trade Facilitation Conference, hosted in beautiful Schloe, Oceania. Evolving out of bilateral talks between Oceania and Lykens and Oceania and Tero Malstreciga, a small secretariat was established to facilitate a conference focused on developing a robust infrastructure of multilateral trade agreements to which all nations could accede. Representatives from all countries have been invited to partake in the talks with delegations attending from around the globe.

      - Oceania :

      Illicit in Abutu (No OOC) - [April 13th, 2019]

      [] ___ [] Trade Talks []

          Malstrecigano suits travel South to buy Opium, to resell to recreational markets. Sort of legal, very profitable.

      - Tero malstreciga :


      L'amour Est Une Frontičre (No OOC) - [April 13th, 2019]

      [] ___ [] Character []

          Transnational stalking taking place in Cabeca.

      - Achesia :

      Urbo de Liberico Bilateral Meeting 2014 (No OOC) - [April 13th, 2019]

      [] ___ [] Trade Talks []

          A meeting is taking place between the Zanarite embassy and the government of Tero Malstreciga to discuss matters of international relations and to bid for the project of the revitalization program of the national Submarine fleet.

      - Tero malstreciga :

      Cod War (No OOC) - [May 12th, 2018]

      [] ___ [] War []

          Green Valley has begun unauthorized fishing operations in Vadkness.

      - Valley green :


    Palace of the Seas (OOC) - [December 18th, 2018]

    [] ___ [] Travel & Culture []

        The Produz-built ship known as the Palácio dos Mares, owned by one of the largest cruise ship corporations in the world, Tradusland and Ludovico, will be sailing the seas of the Aurum and Rosel including a diverse array of people from all over the globe! The ship of 18 decks, 16 being passenger accessible, and a capacity of almost 5,000 passengers and 1,500 crew members, will be leaving port in the Bay of Aatream on the northwest coast of the bay area December 27th, 2018.

    - Produzir :

    Azlo-Zanarite War (No OOC) - [February 28th , 2018]

    [] ___ [] War []

        A war between the Koto'Ara of Zanaro, the Empire of Produzland-Amidia and others has erupted in the North Aurum due to the growing abitions of one emperor who rules southwest Lira. The battles takes place upon the islands of Zanaro, the Ashahieru islands, and the ocean as they each seek to proceed their power and authority in the region.

    - Produzir :

    The Reef War (OOC) - [October 9, 2017]

    [] ___ [] War []

        The proximity of Carelian-controlled oil rigs to Velkanikan fisheries in the Rosel Sea has long been a point of contention between the two powers. As PMCs hired by oil companies toe the line with the Velkanikan Coast Guard, many wonder if the reefs of the Northern Rosel will be witness to the first shots of a Cold War gone hot.

    - Carelia :

    Nori International Development Conference (OOC) - [January __ , 2018]

    [] ___ [] International Summit []

        Open to Nori nations as participating members, non-Nori are allowed to observe. The RP will take place in Torman, Zanaro in the year 1998.

    - Zanaro :

        | Greater kossackia | Hongtinwei | Ecelea | Riscelnia | Vadkness | Thrawson |

    Legacy Role-Plays

    Risorgimento! Parthonopia is Reborn (No OOC) - [Feb 3rd, 2017]

    [] International Incidents | War & Diplomacy[]

        Parthonopia has reformed after years of division will the nations that tore it apart in the first place sit back and watch events unfold?

    - Parthonopia :

        | Kashait, Agoslia, New phallia, Kastigra, Malaguenia, Corsetto, Caer amuirehen, nation]Saint Fedski[/nation], Thrawson Essexia Chersonisos, Kathara|

    A New Mother (No OOC) - [June 13th]

    [] Character | Culture, Religion[]

        With the death of the nations Head of State a time of change is upon the nation of Kaitaine. A new younger Head of State could lead to a new dawn for the nation, or will it be business as usual.

    - Kaitaine :

        | Zanaro, Ithemba, Saint fedski, Essexia, Thrawson, Grimnes, Kathara |

    A Pack of Wolves - [15-12-2016]

    [] Nations | International Relations, Diplomatic Talks []

        The distant and suspicious Harmonious Hegemony of Enara has summoned together an unlikely gathering of nations for a tight-lipped summit. Theocracies intermingle with democracies who mix with stratocracies, all for an undeclared purpose. The world watches quietly as the formally aloof Enara engages the world with promises of radically transforming the power dynamics of Greater Olympus.

    - Enara :

    | Corsetto | Gebeta | Dii populus | Essexia | Laxaria and sakria | Grimnes |

    Runway Drama - [15-12-2016]

    [] Character | Culture & Society []

        The world's fashion and retail community has been invited to fashion week in Nouvel Acadie, where Lynice Afesi is launching her collection - but will the elegance be overshadowed by international drama?

    - Nouvel Acadie :

    | Corsetto | Winst |

    The Rise of the Fitzpatricks - [31-10-2016]

    [] Character | Buisness, Culture & Society []

        A weakened Wintonian aristocratic family seeks new ventures in Abutu.

    - Winst :

    | Abutu |