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Role-Play List

Greater Olympus Role-Play List

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Standard RPs

    A Slow Burn - [October 21, 2020]

    [] ___ [] Character Intrigue []

        A Secret Plot to wrest the throne from the Strauss dynasty is hatched in Hinterwald.

    - Lunderfrau

    The 3rd Irpan Civil War - [June 16th, 2020]

    [] ___ [] Civil War []

        Following the horrific assassination of the last Irpanese Emperor by the terrorist cult, Brotherhood of the Flame, the subsequent power struggle resulted in the formation of a republic and the election of a former general as President. But his reign will be short lived as the Brotherhood reforms and resurges, alongside a bitter contesting to the new governments legitimacy from the mining, industrial north where a socialist movement is underway. As Irpan once again plunges into a brutal civil war, will the world sit and watch from the sidelines or put their hand in the pot?

    - Irpan :

    Dawn of Malfeasance - [March 17th, 2020]

    [] ___ [] Character Intrigue []

        Dawn of the awkward, weak willed reign of Ricardo Bonadeo as Prime Minister of Produzland.

    - Produzir

    Orange is the Sea - [Feburary 2nd, 2020]

    [] ___ [] Character Intrigue []

        Rastan II has been in seclusion since his ascension to the position of Bas'kan; the leader of a country, a people, an entire religion. Now his hermitage may be coming to an end. What does this mean for Yam'gonra?

    - Jashnagar

    Non Per i Deboli di Cuore - [May 12th, 2018]

    [] ___ [] Civil War []

        Picking up directly after the events of Risorgimento; the former Field Marshal, Ignazio Victor Friuli, escapes arrest in Parthonopia with a small force and sets sail for the southern peninsula of Nori. Unsure of what he is seeking but sure of the fact that it is an infamous pirate haven and politically unstable area.

    - Parthonopia :

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