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>MMXVIII/Q3 SCL Economic Report<

~ Corporate earnings are rising in key industrial sectors, and stock yields are breaking records in all major exchanges. Global political uncertainty has lead to greater capital speculation on commodity and financial markets. This astronomical rise in corporate earnings masks an underlying global economic stagnation and inequality; as median household incomes have either remained flat or declined, and unemployment grows to over 40% in some regions

~ The arms manufacturing sector has seen rapid growth due to growing international conflicts, and the use of hybrid warfare on targeted proxy states; sponsored in most part by SCL interests. Corporate Directors are reporting profits of +380% over last year. Military hardware is in high demand in all regions as corporate lobbying and weapon proliferation has created an arms race between many national and regional rivals.

~ Due to growing discontent in the middle and lower classes, from a widening wealth gap between corporate shareholders and the working poor; popular opinion is beginning to shift against globalization and neoliberal regulations. The information technology sector will need to redouble efforts in controling and censoring mainstream media opinion, and reinforce race and religious tensions in order to distract and divide this potential social unrest

~ The agriculture sector will continue its broad efforts in introducing and deregulating the use of GMO seeds in developing regions. Along with pushing for more privatization of aquifers and sources of fresh water. In Q1 global temperatures have risen across the board, and more frequent and severe climate phenomenon is expected

~ The nuclear and hydrocarbon sectors will see an increase in Q1 and Q2 energy exports. But as hydrocarbon reserves continue trending downwards and new deposits become more difficult to find, industry analysts predict higher energy prices and lower supplies beginning Q4. Renewable energy will in turn see a broadening market share, along with stronger private capital investment, as corporate subsidies begin to take effect

The Imperial Conglomerate of Arkbergen