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Join the RIASF today!

My fellow Renegades, I am here, as your Security Officer, asking you to answer the call. The time has come for Defenders to stand together and take the stage for the next era of defending. We are the new generation of RIASF and we can shape Defenderdom as we know it. Get involved today and help liberate and defend regions from Raiders.

Contact me on NS, Discord, and the forum for more information.
As we speak, Raiders and Defenders are planning attacks and defenses for the next update. That update is in a few hours.
Will you be there?

The time has come to create a name for Defenders. We need to show raiders how strong we are, and how disciplined we can be when diligently shielding regions. The RIA needs to arise, strong and proud, as we represent our region and for which we all stand.
Will you be there?

We, as defenders, have been challenged. Itís time for us to go into updates with numbers. Itís time for us to succeed. Itís time for us to carry on the legacy of the RIASF.
Will you be there?

I will be. And I hope youíre with me during this next update.
Will you be there?

RIASF Commander
RIA Security Officer

If you donít know how to defend and would like to join the RIASF in order to learn and help out, please contact me ASAP.

The Burger Town of Dixadoing