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Historian Novorum | Regional Alliances


Regional Alliances

ATLAS | Atlantic League of Allied States

Member States
Confederate States of America
- The Dixon Republics
Kingdom of France
- Freance
German Empire
- Germaniie
Grand Duchy of Moldova
- Mets avaz
- Morevonia
United Kingdom of North Britain
- The union of the isles of britannia
Grand Duchy of Occitania
- Occitonha
Kingdom of Ukraine
- Velykyy Ukraina
United States of America
- North America and the Great Lakes

Partner for Peace
Helvetic Kingdom
- The Helvetic Kingdom

Various NPC Nations

CEDU | Communist Economic and Defense Union

Member States
Holy People's Republic of Italizio
- Italizio
Citizen's Republic of South Britain
- Isle of great-britain
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
- Mosinuslavia

Constituent States
Yakut Soviet Socialist Republic
- Caxa sakha

Various NPC Nations

RLIN | Righteous League of Independent States

Member States
East India
- The greater indian kingdom
Kingdom of Greece
- Ethnikofron greece
Republic of Latvia
- Latvijas Otra Republika
Neo Guptarashtra
- Neo guptarashtra
New Austria
- Neue ostmark
- Taakodo

EP | European Pact

Member States


EEEL | Eastern European Economic League

Member States


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