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A Guide to Getting Involved in the Ministry of Regional Affairs


Ministry of Regional Affairs

So, you want to know more about Regional Affairs and possibly get involved, but you donít know where to start? This is the place! Go ahead and ask your questions, weíll do our best to answer them.

Ok, so what even is the Ministry of Regional Affairs?

An excellent first question! The Ministry of Regional Affairs, or MoRA for short, is that part of the South Pacificís Regional Government that, broadly speaking deals with the following areas: Welcoming, Journalism and Culture.

  • Welcoming means exactly what it sounds like it means, i.e. welcoming new players to the game, but there is more to it than that as well. The Ministryís goal is not simply to welcome new players, but also to help them to get involved in the regionís community at whatever level they would like, whether thatís getting the most out of the community on the Regional Message Board, joining the regionís external forums, getting involved in the regional government in some way, or even just role-playing. The MoRA should be doing everything it can to make the options each player has clear to them and helping them to choose the options that most excite them.

  • Journalism covers the various official publications that the region offers. Whilst there is always room for independent journalism in the South Pacific (and, indeed, we have a long history of independent media), the MoRA is responsible for making sure that there is high-quality journalism for all member nations to enjoy and take part in. Currently, the South Pacific has two main newspapers, the Southern Journal, which reports on current affairs within the region and beyond and the Treasure Island Report, which is a collection of articles about events in our canon roleplaying community, Treasure Island. We also have a radio broadcast/podcast called Southern Radio.

  • Culture covers an abundance of different things, from ensuring that there are regular events and festivals that help to keep things engaging, to building up our roleplaying community. Keeping culture alive is a key part of keeping nations in the region and building a sense of community.

Another function of the Ministry is, quite simply, to give players something else to do, if thatís the kind of thing they like doing, and so the Ministry is always looking for new people to join it, not just to work on existing projects, but to develop new ones to suit their tastes.

Alright, that sounds interesting, but how do I get involved?

The easiest way to join and get involved is to head to the LinkMinistry of Regional Affairsí Discord server as thatís where we do the majority of our planning and resource sharing. †Itís also a great place to chat and ask questions, or even just drop in a suggestion or two if you have ideas to share, but arenít in a position to carry them out yourself.

Ok, Iím there, now what do I do?

Well, the first thing to do is to introduce yourself and let us know what interests you. Then we can invite you to join various different projects, or you could help us start something new. We always need people with fresh ideas and enthusiasm and that could be you! Donít forget to check the pins on the various Discord channels too, they often contain links to helpful or important documents.

You pretty much control your own path through Regional Affairs, but the more you try your hand at, the better youíll know where your strengths lie and the more you can help decide the future of Regional Affairs and culture in the South Pacific.

The Endorse Beepee of Erinor