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Gwynon Class Corvette

Gwynon Class Corvette

Name: Gwynon Class

Builders: Hunter Defence Systems

Place of Origin: Noronica

Cost Per Unit: $190 million

Planned: 26

Building: 4

Completed: 22

Active: 16

General Characteristics

Displacement: 620 tons

Length: 236 ft (71.93 m)

Beam: 35 ft (10.67 m)

Draft: 7.8 ft (2.38 m)

Power & Propulsion: CODOG
- 2 Earlholt Waterjets
- 4 Quentin QX2340 Gas Turbines
- 2 Quentin Diesel Engines
- 3 270kW Generators

Speed: 35 knots

Complement: 40

Sensors and processing systems:
- AA-C-2013 FarSight AESA
- 9LV Mk4 combat management system
- Noro Systems & Armaments Fire control radar system
- Hull-mounted sonar
- Variable depth sonar

- 1 Bofors 57 mm Mk III gun
- 4 RBS15 Mk III anti-ship missiles
- 4 400 mm torpedo launchers
- 2 6 127 mm ALECTO anti-submarine rocket launchers
- 10 AGM-114 Hellfire SAM
- Mines and depth charges

Aircraft Capability:
- 1 x Medium-lift Helicopter

Gwynon Class Corvette


The Gwynon Class Corvette is a Stealth Missile Corvette produced in Noronica by Hunter Defence Systems. It was designed to ensure low visibility, radar signature and infrared signature. The Gwynon Class is Noronica's first stealth ship, fitted with some of the latest regional technology, including the AA-C-2013 FarSight active electronically scanned array.

The ship is named after the Noronnican city of Gwynon, Noronica's second largest city.


The Gwynon Class' hull is constructed utilising a sandwich design which consists of a polyvinyl chloride core with a carbon fibre laminate overlay. This ensures better conductivity, it allows the surface to be more flat, decreasing the radar signature, and the material is non-magnetic, lowering the magnetic signature. It also allows for better insulation which decreases the infrared signature.

The less weight of the composite means that while it is strong, it also allows for a higher top speed and better manoeuvrability. The weight of the ship is half than it would be if built with normal steel which would equate to 1200 tonnes.

The Gwynon's angular design reduces its radar signature. To further emphasise the low visibility, the 57 mm cannon barrel can be folded into the turret to further decrease the radar signature. There are plans for additional improvements in this area, such as the deck rails.

The Gwynon Class is fitted with the AA-C-2013 FarSight active electronically scanned array.
Hunter Defence Systems purchased the Farsight system from the Oster company EE Industries, which, according to the company, features:

  • Autonomous very long range detection and acquisition of targets with low Radar Cross Section (RCS)

  • Multi-mode operation - Detection, classification, and simultaneous tracking of BMs, satellites and airborne targets

  • Digital beam forming technology

  • Very wide and flexible spatial coverage

  • Accurate impact and launch point estimation

  • Advance Electronic Counter Counter Measure (ECCM) capabilities

  • Interoperability with complementary legacy air defence system

  • Advanced on-line Built-In Test (BIT) capabilities

  • Data recording and analysis capability

  • Transportable and shipborne configuration

  • Stand alone power and cooling subsystem

  • State-of-the-art Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology

  • Slewing capability

The Gwynon Class is armed with a Bofors 57 mm Mk III gun, four RBS15 Mk III anti-ship missiles, four 400 mm torpedo launchers, two 6 127 mm ALECTO anti-submarine rocket launchers, ten AGM-114 Hellfire surface-to-air missiles, and Mines & depth charges.







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