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Defending Femdom Empire - Aftermath

Femdom Empire was defended from CAIN by the following regions:

As well as volunteers from Psychotic Dictatorships, The League of Conservative Nations and those lead by Alpha Wolf

The Great Winter War =

The Great Winter War

by Imperial germans

The Great Winter War is the name for the conflict Between the FEMDOM Security Council and CAIN/ (insert obligatory weapon name here) Danes.

Battle of Solanos

Battle of Dworkin

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What a mess. This was a battle of epic proportions with both sides having many weaknesses. Most of us didn't know much about R/D, but we assimilated things very quickly and became so efficient that the enemy thought we were cheating (or playing Starcraft at least). It was very close at times, but we managed to pull through.

I had to hang out with... peculiar people, to say the least. Hell, I'm quite special myself. But considering what I saw in the enemy chats, I'm glad to be around them, we're a happy wacky bunch. By the way, the word "security" doesn't seem to exist into the enemy's vocabulary, we easily managed to predict your assaults and points because we had eyes everywhere. We also had a lot of fun after your big assaults were easily repelled. Posting screenshots would be a very bad idea though, don't want to anger the mods.

There have been times where I was thinking "Damnit, I'm surrounded by idiots", but that's because I'm a perfectionist that expects things to go my way, which obviously never happens. I would be a tyrannical boss if I was in charge.

Shoutout to Outright sadists for helping me.

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