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Article XX.
Branches of Power

They are Branches of the Public Power, the Legislative, the Executive, the Judicial, the Popular and the Branch Private Power, the Monarchical

1. Besides the organs that integrate them, there are others, autonomous and independent, for the fulfillment of the other functions of the State. The different organs of the State have separate functions but collaborate harmoniously for the accomplishment of their aims.

Article XXI.
Parliamentary Assembly

It corresponds to the Parliamentary Assembly amend the Constitution, make laws and exercise political control over the government and administration.

The Parliamentary Assembly shall consist of
1. The Upper House.
2. The Senate.
3. The House of Lords.
4. The People's Chamber.

Article XXII.
The National Government

The Prime Minister of the Parliamentary Monarchy is Head of Government and administrative authority.

1. The National Government consists of the Prime Minister, the secretaries of office and the directors of provincial. The Prime Minister and the corresponding Secretary or Provincial Director, in each particular business, constitute the Government.
2. No act of the Minister Pimer, except for the appointment and removal of Secretaries and Administrative Directors and those issued in his capacity as Head of Government and administrative authority, shall have value or force as long as it is not signed and communicated by the Secretary of the respective branch or By the corresponding Administrative Director, who, for the same reason, are responsible.
3. The states of greliser, governorates and Counties, as well as superintendencies, public establishments and industrial or commercial companies, form part of the Executive Branch.

Article XXIII.
Judicial System

The Supreme Court of Justice of Greliser, the Constitutional Court, the Supreme Court of Justice, the Court of the General Staff, the Superior Court of the Judicature. The Military Criminal Court, the Courts and the Judges, administer Justice.

1. The Parliamentary Assembly shall exercise certain judicial functions established by law.
2. Individuals may be temporarily invested in the function of administering justice in the status of jurors in criminal, conciliatory or arbitrator cases authorized by the parties to make judgments in law or in equity, in the terms determined by law.

Article XXIV.
Popular Power

The Civil Status Commission, the State Public Commission and the State Commission for the Public Media are part of the Popular Power.

1. The Civil Status Commission will consist of the State General Audit, the State Commission for Human Rights, the State Attorney General and the Attorney General of the State
2. The Civil Status Commission will be exercised by the Attorney General of the Civil State, the Comptroller General of the Civil State, the Ombudsman and the Attorney General, by the attorneys-in-fact and the agents of the civil status commission, before the jurisdictional authorities, By cantonal officials and by other officials determined by law.
* The commission of civil status corresponds to the protection and promotion of human rights, protection of the public interest and monitoring of the official conduct of those who perform public functions.

3. The General Audit of the State is in charge of the supervision of the fiscal management and the control of results of the administration.
4. The electoral organization is made up of the Supreme Authority of the Central Election Stations (SACES), the General Registry of Civil Status and other bodies established by law. It is in charge of the organization of the elections, its direction and supervision, as well as the identity of the people will be part of the State Public Commission
5. The State Commission for the Public Media is created as a special administrative unit, with administrative, technical and patrimonial independence.
6. No authority of the State may exercise functions other than those attributed to it by the Constitution and the law.

Article XXV.
Monarchical Branch

The King is the Head of the State and the Monarchical Branch


Article XXVI.
The Unitary State

The Parliamentary Monarchy of Unitate Real Geliser is a Unitarian State made up of semi-autonomous states.

Article XXVII.
Political Division

The Unitary State is formed by 8 semi-autonomous provinces and one Capital City and one Central Province:

1. The capital of the Unitate Real Greliser is Blendapest
2. The central state of Unitate Real Greliser is the provinces of Romania
3. Greliser State Province
* Province of Ukraine
* Province of Turkey
* Province of Romania
* Province of Poland
* Province of Greece

Article XXVIII.
States shall honour each other

1. Each state of the Monarchy shall honour one another and all are considered equal in terms of authority and validity.
2. No state may interfere in the affairs of another
3. No state may declare war against another
4. All states shall allow freedom of all citizens of all Greliser states to work, settle and travel there without impair or discrimination and all states shall treat all citizens Of the Monarchy equally.
5. States are permitted to have border checks but only for the purpose of tracking wanted criminals, or tracking the movement of immigrants. At no point may a state deny a Greliserian Citizen access to that state.

Article XXIX.

1. All laws passed by a state must not contradict the Constitution, the Bill of Rights or the Treaty of Marseille
2. If there is an inconsistency between state law and Mayor state law, the latter shall prevail and the former shall be invalid.
3. States are permitted to pass laws that are not otherwise detailed in this constitution.
4. States are not permitted to charge duties or tariffs on imports from another state.

Unitate real greliser