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About the White Rose Alliance

What is the White Rose Alliance?

The White Rose Alliance is an anti-fascist organization that welcomes players of diverse out-of-character and in-character backgrounds to anti-fascist action via gameplay. There are no ideological requirements other than a commitment to defending other regions against fascist invasions, invading fascist regions, and striking against fascist collaborators. Whether you are liberal (libertarian) or socialist, conservative or progressive, religious or secular, defender or raider or anything in between -- you are welcome in the Alliance as long as you are willing to work with us in resisting fascism in NationStates.

How can I get involved?

The Alliance doesn't maintain a forum and our Officers will be encouraged, but not required, to maintain nations in the White Rose Alliance region. You can get involved in the Alliance by joining our easy to use Linkchat server. The chat server is also open to the public, and we encourage visitors from elsewhere in NationStates to come chat with us. Participants in other military organizations who wish to join us in our operations may also request to be masked as Liaisons, but should only do so with the permission of the relevant authorities in their military organizations. We hope to see you soon!

Why "White Rose"?

Our name is inspired by the White Rose (die Weiße Rose), a student group that engaged in non-violent resistance against the Nazi German regime. The White Rose campaigned against the Nazi regime by distributing leaflets and spreading their message through public graffiti. For non-violent dissent, White Rose activists were arrested by the Nazi regime and many faced execution. This name has been chosen for the Alliance to honor them, but not to compare this organization to them. There can be no comparison between anti-fascist action via a game and speaking truth to totalitarianism at the risk of one's life.

How is the Alliance structured?

The Field Commander is the commander-in-chief of the Alliance and has final authority over all matters related to the Alliance, which include operational decisions as well as other internal decisions and decisions regarding interaction with the broader NationStates world. The Field Commander will be assisted by a Corps of Lieutenants, who will advise the Field Commander and to whom operational authority will be delegated, particularly at update. All other participants in the Alliance are ranked as Officers, after graduating from the temporary rank of Recruit upon completion of one update operation.

Can my region join the Alliance?

The Alliance is an organization of individuals, not an organization of regions. We don't have any structure for entire regions to join the Alliance and there are no plans for that in the future. Members of your region are welcome to join the Alliance as individuals. They can receive valuable training they could bring back to your region's military, and they won't even need a nation in the White Rose Alliance region to join our organization. If you're really looking for an interregional organization for your region to join, we suggest Antifa or the Coalition Against the Ideology of Nazism.

Is the Alliance defender or raider?

The Alliance is an exclusively anti-fascist organization, and operates outside the mainstream gameplay spectrum. We do not define ourselves as raider, defender, or by any label other than anti-fascist, and we are willing to work hand in hand with mainstream gameplay organizations as well as other anti-fascist organizations without regard for either out-of-character or in-character ideology. We are open to defending against fascists and invading fascist regions, recognizing that the threat of invasion can lock down fascist WA nations and prevent or weaken their invasions.

What are fascist collaborators?

The Alliance regards any organization that militarily cooperates with fascists as fascist collaborators, and we will treat fascist collaborators as we would treat fascists -- we will defend against their invasions, and we will invade their regions. The Alliance does not necessarily regard regions that merely maintain embassies with fascist regions as fascist collaborators, but such regions should be forewarned that the Alliance may regard them as such and take action against them should they appear to be favoring relations with fascists rather than engaging in broad accumulation of embassies.

What if I have more questions?

Any questions that aren't answered by this FAQ, which may be further updated in the future, can be:

  • Directed to Field Commander Cormactopia Prime by telegram;

  • posted in our Linkchat server, either by messaging the Field Commander or posting in our #general chat;

  • posted on the Regional Message Board of the Alliance;

  • posted in our thread on the NationStates Gameplay forum.

We're happy to answer any questions!

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