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Hail Stalin Constitution

The people of Hail Stalin and its remade version, hereby set a certain set of guidelines, rules, and other such restrictions on the Role Play Managers, Executive Authority, and any one person who has ruling or power over the general populace of Hail Stalin and its remade version, in an attempt form a more perfect region, with equality, members, and the general populace at the fore front of those in power's utmost concern.

Article #1

Following any one opinion, belief, or other such version of thinking shall never omit said person from executive offices, management, or any other type of political application said person has earned, been rewarded with, or has somehow gained in any manner as long as the person has rightfully gained said office from a fair election.

Article #2

All elections or gains of any position, executive authority or lack thereof, will be held by a fair election if opposition occurs or the people have applicable evidence of wrong doing by the person put into power. If opposition does not occur, and the people either do not have enough applicable evidence or they do not disapprove of said person being put into office, that person who ran for office will gain the office without an election.

Article #3

Amendments to any legal document produced by the people or officers of Hail Stalin and it's remade version will have to be passed by majority by both the officers and creators of Hail Stalin and it's remade version as well as the general populace of Hail Stalin and it's remade version. If either of the processes fails to pass the amendment, then the voting will go back to the people, were the final decision of the majority ruling will take place. If the amendment does not pass with the people to begin, then the amendment will be removed from the queue and rendered null and void. No amendment can be proposed more than once.

Article #4

Any type of Officer, manager, or any other type of executive authority has and will continue to have the right to refuse, expel, or any other mean of removal any one person if he or she is violating a rule,
endangering the region, or otherwise harming the general populace of Hail Stalin and its remade version.

Article #5

The general populace has the right, and will keep said right, to remove any officer, manager, or anyone in any kind of authoritative position if a fair and equal vote is taken. Majorities for this to take place must be above 60% overall.

Article #6
This Constitution shall never be rendered null or void by any one person, officer or otherwise. Removal or revision of this constitution is dependent entirely of the general populace of Hail Stalin and its remade version, while the officers, management, and others in authoritative roles updating and expanding upon this constitution.

Article #7
Complete removal of all of the general populace or officers without thorough debate and all possible options investigated before hand. Failure to do this will result in a full World Assembly vote as well as contact with said person by the officers or general populace, whether it be in the region or outside of it. A backup region will be made, and all nations who were kicked should move to the back up region.

Copyrighted by The old german government. Can not be used, unless granted access by the creator, for use in any other nation, region, or governing body under no circumstance.

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