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Hail Stalin Constitution

The People of Hail Stalin, seeing changes needed to be made, hereby enact these set of rules on the role play management, in an attempt to make the game more fair, equal, and fun for the benefit of the players, moderators, and general management, with this we hereby sign to be the Constitution of the region of Hail Stalin.

Article #1

A manager will not, under any circumstance, forcefully remove any player from the role play without his or her consent, and without due process. Any removal such as this will not be tolerated, under any circumstance, unless the people agree with the general management on the removal of said player.

Article #2

Management will not insert themselves into the role play map without complete removal of themselves from the role play creation process and 5 turns time. Any manager who does such will be removed from the role play, stripped of their manager position and immediately non-applicable to apply to any roles involving the role play process.

Article #3

Moderators will always vote on accepting other moderators into the system, and will also vote for management. No moderator can be exempt from this vote unless requested. If a moderator is forcibly removed from the voting process, than the aggressor shall be removed from the moderator system and stripped of his rights as a moderator.

Article #4

Role Play management reserves the right to refuse a turn if the turn is deemed inappropriate or directly affects someones personal life. Role Play management also reserves the right to deny any type of changing of the results section of a turn that involves management made decisions and loss of life.

Article #5

Players have the right to remove any member of the role play management if the majority agrees and if a player believes that the role play managers are either unfit for their job, biased and unfair in their decisions, or if they deliberately break any one of the articles or amendments of the constitution.

Article #6
Unless deemed necessary by the region of Hail Stalin, this constitution shall hold more power than the government, management, and general populace. This Constitution shall never be rendered null or void unless there is an unanimous vote in favor of ridding of this constitution, or the region of Hail Stalin ceases to exist as a whole.

Article #7
The People of Hail Stalin have the right and ability to remove any player, manager, or moderator if it is believed that cheating is involved, if there is a bias involved, in the manager or moderator is not completing his job to the best of his ability, or if the player continuously breaks one of the rules that has been created in this here Constitution, or any guide created and to be created no matter the reason or cause for this action.

Copyrighted by The Old German Government. Can not be used, unless granted access by the creator, for use in any other nation, region, or governing body under no circumstance.