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Hail Stalin Limitations Guide

The limitations guide is a guide that will limit what you can or can not put in a turn. This helps the player better understand what a turn can consist of. Anything not found in this limitation guide is fair game.


You may only recruit once per turn, and train once per turn. You may not draft twice within the time span of one turn. You are allowed to train and recruit in one turn. You can not set a time-span for recruitment to happen (AKA if one asks to recruit for the next 4 turns). You must always send in a turn telegram in order to progress in your military.


When first starting up in role play, you have to send a telegram to one of the management in order to determine your nations starting size. To determine a fair and semi-equal amount of space for new players, you are limited to 3,500 Kilometers from the furthest away points. You can be smaller, but no larger.

SA Limitations

There are certain things that the real world has that are banned from role play. These include bio weapons (anything that can kill a living organism), any type of insane orbital or space weaponry (can not reduce a nation to dust in the time-span of 1 turn, and can not destroy any planet for any reason), anything that can completely destroy a nation in one turn, whether it be from chemical weaponry or nano-technology, and anything that can severely hinder a nation and cause mass destruction (neurological weaponry that can kill or severely hinder the minds of the people it is used on, along with neurological weaponry that could kill en mass. Does not include fear neurological weaponry, pain sensory tampering, or army-hindering substances)

Earth during the space age

Earth and its people when a player or multiple players reach the space age, Earth is considered a safe zone. No fighting can happen on Earth due to the extreme amount casualties. No war, intergalactic or otherwise, can be preformed on Earth due to the massive amount of destruction that would occur.

Economic Limits

Your nationstates economy comes into effect when building anything, civil or military or otherwise. So, nations with a smaller economy will not be able to construct massive projects like bigger countries with bigger economies would be able to. In order to build a massive project with a small economy, extend the project over multiple turns. If your economy crashes in between turns, your civil projects and military projects will be immediately halted and everything stalled. Make sure you keep your economy to a decent level.

Missing Turns

If you miss a few turns in a row, no big deal. However, if a player misses 10 or more turns in a row without a reason given to management by the player, the player shall be removed from the role play in order to reduce clutter, gain new land for new nations, and to guarantee that the role play always stays active.

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