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Overseer of Entertainment Act




The Overseer of Entertainment Act will allow the Secretary of the Assembly to temporarily appoint a position called the Overseer of Entertainment, who will gain Communication and Polling abilities for the duration of the event they are hosting. As a result, the Overseer of Entertainment will be able to give information to the region, as well as collect information by polling, making their event much easier to run.

Existing Law

No existing law is being affected in these provisions.

Alternative Law

Section V, Article II of the Constitution

The Secretary of the Assembly may appoint an Overseer of Entertainment. This will be a temporary non-voting official who will have Communication and Polling abilities from when they are appointed until one week following the conclusion of the event they are managing, or until the Secretary revokes their abilities. An Overseer of Entertainment is responsible for running regional events and using the position for any other reason will result in an immediate ejection.


by Max Barry

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