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Zravvisk Territories

While the zravvisk are normads sending most of their lives wandering planet to planet in the fleet, there are some planets were they often come back to and have set up out posts.

Classification: Death world
A habitual planet. It is life-bearing, but most of the creatures on it are at a titanic scale compared to most of the galaxy's other life. Much of the life on this planet are above 50 meters tall and their very presence is dangerous to most other species. The zravvisk, while still dwarfed by the native species see it as hunting challenge. Here, the zravvisk often hold their coming of age trials where the trial goers have to work together to bring one down. While they are there, they often help other species get closer looks at the titanic lifeforms.

NCS 535

An interesting black hole system. Even more interesting is life that arose around it. Certain species around it use the black hole's radiation for their life processes and produces a substance that can be refined into a very high power fuel source. Also, because of the black hole, asteroids and other bodies full of the metals the zravvisk use for their ships.
    Ridley's Rest
    The only spaceport the zravvisk own. Named after the legendary chief Ridley who started its construction centuries ago. Many of its floors are dedicated to the processing of fuel and minerals from the nearby black hole. It is also equipped with heavy shipyards that can service the Armada's capital ships, even the Dragua II. On the lower levels is equipment to study the local black hole and fauna. Near the shipyards is the improvised commercial area as merchants from other nations came to set up shop to sell to passing ships and the Armada it self when it docks. This is often where most people interact with zravvisk.

Ruins of Dragua:

Classification: asteroid field
The remains of their home planet. They still come here to pay respects to the memorials they set up over their existence. The shattered ruins are covered in shrines and archaeological sites. They consider it a very scared place and those not of the Zravvisk species needs special permission to come near. Violating that rule is a sure-fire way to make the Zravvisk furious.

While it was still a planet, it is believed to have been very geothermally active with frequent eruptions and lava flows, with some areas of relative peace. Life that sprung up on the planet had high tolerances for both volcanic gasses and temperatures because of the constant exposure. But eventually the planet tore itself apart.

Singularity 113-Gamma
Classification: Wormhole?
A bizarre and new discovery by the Armada. It is unique in that it is one of the few places that had almost all information related to it sealed by the Council of Ten so that only members of the ruling councils can access it. What little is known about it is that it was found by the Armada during one of their explorations of the galaxy, and they sent the Solemn Dagger though to investigate it. After that the wormhole destabilized beyond even the Armada’s ability to open. After weeks of attempts to restabilize it and no signs of its transmitter or communications anywhere in the universe they knew of they wrote it off as lost forever. Then a month later the wormhole restabilized on its own and the Solemn Dagger exited before it destabilized again.

Immediately after hearing the report its crewmembers gave, the Council of Ten classified it and the Dagger’s adventures across the wormhole. They also rushed the Armada to the wormhole and began surrounding it with every static defense they had; mines, automatic defense platforms, alarms, ect. Many wonder what treasure the Armada found to fortify it so much, but those that get a good look at the defenses will realize that they’re not arrange to keep people out, but to keep something in.
Galactic Hazards the Armada Loves
Though the following don't have any fixed installations here, they are associated with the Armada because they used their mastery of the hazards of the galaxy to single handily turn the tide of a war. Most know better to follow the Armada when they retreat to these places for fear of a trap, but it allows time for the Armada to reorganize and prepare for their strike.

Flame Nebula
Like all other nebula's its dense cloud of space dust greatly reduces the range of all sensors. However, it is also filled with unique compounds that react violently when in contract with high energy like that form an energy weapon or shield. This means that any ships that enters this nebula with shields raised will face a never ending barrage of high energy reactions all long the shield, rendering not only communications and sensors beyond the shield blinded, but also lighting it up like a beacon to any nearby sensors. Fleets that follow the Armada without knowing this trait will soon find their fleets picked apart by the full firepower of the Armada while they are too blind to return fire.

Ships of the Armada have spent so much time in nebulas that they know how to optimize their sensors for them and don’t lose as much range as other nations. This plus their love of close quarters combat and heavy armor makes them a nightmare to fight in shield less brawls.