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Liberator-Class Dreadnought

Liberator-Class Dreadnought

Class Information

Name: Liberator (Nonador)
Builders: AMDC
Designed by: INS
Operators: See operators
Planned: 3
Completed: 1
Cancelled: 2
Active: 0 (1 Mothballed)

General characteristics

Type: Modular Dreadnought
First Commissioned: 1995
Displacement: ~90,000 tons
Length: 1,010 ft
Beam: 130 ft (Above Waterline)
Propulsion: ?
Speed: ~32 knots (59 km/h; 37 mph)
Range: 16,000 nmi (12,800 km; 7,900 mi)
Complement: 2,897
Baseline Armament:
4 x Mark 45 5 in/54 cal lightweight gun
4 x GAM B-01 Guns
224 x VLS Cells (Cruise Missile Capable)
8 x Quadruple Exocet Launcher
3 x Goal Keeper CIWIS
4 x RAM launchers
4 x Mk 32 12in triple torpedo tubes

Refit Armament:
2 304 mm Mk. 09 Advanced Gun System
4 155 mm Mk. 04 Advanced Gun System
6 20mm remote operated Autocannon
3 x AK-630M1-2 CIWS
4 x RAM launchers
4 x Duel launch 21in torpedo tubes
A 288-cell Imperial Advanced Vertical Launching System:
2 64-cell AVLS [20x Armaros B, 80x Armaros L and 56x Armaros M]
6 16-cell AVLS [72x Armaros PD-I, 72x Armaros PD-R and 40x Armaros M]
4 8-cell AVLS [16x LRSM-A SuLCMs and 16x Kingfisher Mk.III AShMs]
4 8-cell AVLS [64x Sea Eagle C and 64x Kingfisher III SSM

Modular Armament

Interchangeable Modules for the Liberator Class to include:
143 Cell VLS Mod, BMD Fast Launch Mod, 8in Rapid Fire NGFS Mod,
16in Custom NSFS Mod, 155mm AGS Mod.

The Liberator-Class is a class of Dreadnoughts developed by the West African Navy following the Coup of 1988. Named WAS. Liberator by Fleet Admiral Bernard Long, CNS in 1991, the ship was designed to serve as the West African Navy's Flagship and template for future possible Capital Ships. The ship's design was created by Isom Naval Solutions in June of 1989 before being submitted to the Admiralty Board later that year. Costing 12.6 Billion Carpis, the Liberator [upon completion] will be largest and most well armed Non-Carrier Warship (Battleship) to have ever been constructed in the history of man kind.


The Liberator was first conceptualized in the wake of the 1988 Coup, when the Admiralty initiated a research project for a new Capital Ship that would once and for all solve the WAN's Fire-Support Gap and give the navy a flagship which represents the full prestige and power of the Chief of The Naval Staff. The original criteria for a West African Flagship was a converted BCG-21 Design which included expanded flag facilities among other changes, however upon the release of a report from NDCOM in 1989 concerning the flexibility of the Battlecruiser in terms of its compatibility with the intended upgrades, the plan was abandoned. Shortly thereafter, a design was submitted to the Admiralty by the famous Isom Naval Solutions, which included a new type of vessel with striking similarities to the old "battle wagons" of the early 20th century.

Classified as a Dreadnought, keeping in line with the revolutionary advances of HMS. Dreadnought, the Liberator featured many new design arraignments most notably, its inter-changeable modules which would give the ship an unparalleled level of flexibility depending on the combat situation that the ship may enter. INS designed 2 Modules for the ship, however by Admiralty request, 3 more were designed to the current number of 5 possible modules in a vast multitude of configurations.

The ship's mere size was of some concern to the Admiralty Board due to the ships high beam which was roughly 5-10 feet taller than the Harriet Tubman class carrier which already had issues passing under the Bridge of Ancestors over the Volta Canal. As such, the Admiralty instructed INS to make the needed changes for the ship to pass safely under the bridge with enough "wiggle-room".


A secret area of WANS Keta was dedicated to the development and construction of the ship under several large covers. Given that the ship is built in prefabricated sections before being assembled in dry dock, the Navy was given nearly a year in advance to adapt one of the covers to accommodate the fully constructed vessel in Dry Dock C. The keel of the Liberator was laid down in the winter of 1990 and since, the ship has been slowly pieced together under strict security with constant patrols over head by the NAC,and land patrols by the Marines. The exact launch date and commissioning date of the Liberator remain classified.

Though officially the Navy has decided to construct a single Liberator, the Admiralty has purchased triple the amount of Modules from INS for AMDC to construct which suggests that the Navy may choose to build a second and third vessel at the likely expense of the last two Admiral Class Battlecruisers which are currently under construction. [1990]

UPDATE - 1991, the Navy has officially purchased and begun construction on two vessels of the Liberator Class.

UPDATE - 1995, with internal strife reaching its peak within the Empire, the Liberator was completed though the two remaining hills, partially completed, were cancelled.


Currently the New Afrikan Navy will be the sole operator of the Liberator-Class Dreadnought and it will likely remain that way for obvious reasons.

OOC Disclaimers

To whom it may concern, the Liberator is being built and developed in secret. That being said, anyone caught meta gaming will be reported to the proper government authorities. Likewise, I will personally only recognize any response to the ship if I mention it in a Naval Report or RP which includes foreign leaders.

Rights To The Design

I, Nonador, claim full ownership to this design however I do not claim ownership to the original concept which I discovered on several forums. This design has been copywritted though Deviantart.

As Commissioned, 1995

As Refitted, 2025

New afrika