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Our RP Charter

Our Rules
  • DBaD; Don't Be a D*ck. Don't do something just to annoy other people and don't let petty malice drive your RP.

  • BPPN; Be Polite, Play Nice. This is a game, admittedly one which involves a great deal of time, but a game nonetheless; remember we're all part of the same community, so even if you don't agree with someone be polite. While we're not going to ban swearing and cussing we do frown on personal insults.

  • YANaG; You Are Not a God. You're role playing as a nation in an alternate reality setting, this does not make you God over your nation. Think of yourself more as the inevitable force of history. At the end of the day the only Gods in this RP are the Regional Committee.

  • OOCO, ICI. Out Of Character Out, In Character In. OOC and IC affairs are different and separate, keep them that way. Threatening someone with IC action over an OOC matter? Not allowed. Threatening someone with OOC action over and IC matter? Not allowed.

  • IIDA; If In Doubt Ask. Not sure what's what? Not certain whether or not something is allowed? Confused on whether something is a good idea or not? Concerned about how people might react to a given course of action? ASK. This is not us telling you to let OOC affairs or information to steer your actions IC, its us telling you to ask when you're not sure about something.

  • PSB? DF; Planning Something Big? Discuss First. You have a plan to genetically engineer an army of plant people? You want to cause a star to supernova? Whatever it is if you are planning some big move or post, which may affect others, discuss the idea first.

  • DACWT; Discuss All Conflict With Target. If you are planning a war, diplomatic conflict or political intrigue against another player for the love of all that is good and right DISCUSS IT WITH THE TARGET. It is better to agree on a course of events that to fight them OOC as will as IC after the fact.

  • FtCKRP; Failure to Communicate Kills RP. Pretty self explanatory; talk to your fellow RPers, find out what they want, what sorts of RP they might be up for. Suggest things to them that they could RP or suggest things that you could RP together, but at all times communicate.

  • PWYM; Play Within Your Means. Your stories can be as imaginative as you like, but if they exceed the bounds of what you are capable of, either as a player or as a nation, then you're doing it wrong. You may think this stifles imagination but look at it like this, the limitations are what force you to be imaginative. Work with your limitations instead of against them.

  • QOQ; Quality Over Quantity. Its an old adage I know but it really is important. This RP is about good quality posts which really contribute something to the wider story; not rambling posts about nothing in particular. Avoid purple prose, avoid repetition and avoid pointless filler.

  • WNP; Words Not Pictures. Don't squeeze out two line posts supplemented by a sh*t ton of pictures; it looks bad and its bad RP. That's not to say pictures are always a bad thing, if you have some that would fit a post really well then put them in. However pictures should be there to supplement text, not the other way around; build your post in words first, then find the pictures to go with it. If you find a picture that really inspires you to post, then write an inspired post and then include the picture; just don't rely on the picture(s) alone. RP isn't a picture book.

The Evolution of Rules
As time goes by and different things happen in the RP it is to be expected that certain aspects of the system, and interpretations of the rules and stats will evolve; in order to keep apace with this fact the RP system is now to be heavily discussed on a consistent basis in the Assembly. Instead of the previous system, which resulted in nasty RMB arguments time after time this system specifically makes the Assembly a catch all location for all matters relating to the RP; from disagreements between to players, to a discussion on what is and is not possible.

My Nation, My Control, My Decision?
This is an attitude a lot of player have in an RP. I'd love to say that these statements are true in this context but they're not - at least, not entirely. Yes the nation is yours, yes you can control it as you see fit, yes you make the decisions about it. BUT once those decisions start to affect someone else your control goes out the window and you become a toy to the cruel master that is fate. If you make a decision which impacts on someone else's nation then they have every right to take action that affects you; this isn't just good sense its simple etiquette, you do not do something to someone else, without accepting that they have certain rights to respond to it.

The rule on actions that affect other people is this; you ask them and consult them before you post, if you fail to do this you accept that ANYTHING can happen as a result of your actions. This does not mean that you send them a TG minutes before you post telling them what's what, that isn't good enough; it means that you discuss the post you're planning with the other person, or people, who may be involved before you post. Its not a simple touch base and go. This may seem needlessly bureaucratic but it isn't its just plain old good manners. How would you like it if I decided to repaint and fix up your house without telling you first, and without consulting you on what I was going to do to it? And before you say you think it'd be nice to have your house fixed up for free let me tell you I have terrible taste in interior decoration.