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Other RP characters

Anime Jesus

Him and budha are best buds
Jesus's Intern: Nate

He's an 18 year old that is career shadowing Jesus as a religious figure. But mostly just gets him coffee. He comes from a place that is almost like our world but is filled with creatures called pokemon. He doesn't get jesus at times but respects him nonetheless. Nate simply wants to be the best, like no one ever was, so following jesus around was his first idea on how to achieve that.
Tropes: LinkJackOfAllTrades, LinkTheIntern, LinkTheMovieBuff,
Kimber Saedi

Kimber was the old kings daughter who was planning on usurping her fathers throne. Then Jesus appeared and ruined her plans. He was just given the leadership position. She has hence became more accepting of Jesus but still holds some resentment.


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