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Other RP characters

Robot Jesus

He tries to looks and act just like Jesus but speaks only in all caps and can't understand basic human functions. I you see him you should be warned that his intentions are pure evil. KILL ON SIGHT.
Anime Jesus

Him and budha are best buds. He occasionally comes out against jesus's will. Due to his Anime...ness he can only exist for a few seconds. Many hate anime jesus and his poorly translated phrases, but then again, Jesus hates it too.
Mecha Hitler

After WW2 hitler put himself in a robot... Duh! But overtime he got hacked by jesus. Now The unwilling hitler is his robot servant. Praise be to the blessed hacks.
Ghost of Ho Chi Minh

After he died he became a ghost. He made good friends with jesus and tends to follow him around. He always is sitting his his chair and constantly floats around.

He is a noble gas that doesn't react.


N is an avid time and dimension traveler. He always seems to be around no matter what time or place it is. His exact origin is unknown. He always looks like he belongs in the time or place he is in. He is said to have helped jesus in his birth. He has a carefree attitude and hardly acts serious. (This is my permanent character for the weekly themes when magic can't be used.)