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Want to Construct Embassies With Us? Click Here to See Our Requirements!

The Region That Has No Big Banks
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TRTHNBB Embassy Requirements
We appreciate you showing an interest in establishing relations with TRTHNBB!
But before we click that “Accept” button, your region must be able to meet the following requirements, as decided by the current administration.
Any region requesting embassies must:
  1. Have a population of at least 15 active nations. Active nations are defined as: Any nation that regularly posts on the RMB, Regional Forum or chat room, and/or logs on consistently.

  2. Not have any tags representing opposition to our central ideologies; for example, “fascist,” “raider,” and “invader” are not tolerated. Along with this, regions requesting embassies may not partake in any raider activity.

  3. Possess a structured form of democratically-elected government, combined with a founding document. A founding document is defined as: Any written document outlining the structure, fundamental laws, and ideological beliefs of that region.

  4. Not condone any form of discrimination against any particular group, including racism, sexism, discrimination against LGBT people, or any other unique classification, minority or otherwise.

  5. Not be an embassy collector. An embassy collector is defined as any region that has a policy of obtaining as many embassies as possible.

  6. Not be a region entitled “The Region That Has One State Bank.”

  7. May be a region controlled by a former Resident who wishes to maintain formal diplomatic connections. Those who qualify may have other requirements waived.

If your region does not meet all of our requirements, don’t fret! Embassies may also be accepted through a majority vote in the TRTHNBB Parliament. However, these are special circumstances and will not be made for every region.
If you have any questions, feel free to telegram any of the regional officers!
Note to All Readers: This Embassy Policy is no longer in effect and all embassy decisions will be under the discretion of Yodle until a Regional Government is reformed. Please send any inquiries via telegram or Discord to Yodle and he will try to get back to you as soon as possible!