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The Election Crisis of the Year Shift

Around the year shift from 2016 to 2017, three of FORGE's regions experiences some severe complications with their election. Coincidentally they were all presidential elections. The concerning regions were Superiorem Merionem Region (SMR), Solid Kingdom (SK) and LCRUA. Yet again, SMR and the LCRUA had something in common: a new nation turned up causing some complications. SK experienced a tiebreaker election, same as the LCRUA. Though the SK elections left the region very split on the vote, it luckily resulted in a peaceful transition of power. The same could not be said for SMR.

The LCRUA elections
This election had a great hue of confusing surrounding it. The two candidates, Poulton-with-Fearnhead and Zaila, were very clearly set on winning. The voting went well for both sides, gradually creeping up and staying at each otherís heels. In the final moments of the election, the votes came to a dead stop, resulting in a tie. It was in this period that a newly refounded nation, Aontonia, appeared and broke the tie. The election was finally concluded and the winner was clear, it was Zaila. However, the sudden appearance of Aontonia caused a great stir within the region. As that particular country had shown up just in time to cast its vote, but without any other activity. People began to suspect Zaila of cheating with a puppet. His opposition, together with other members demanded for clarity. Thus began the investigation. The old and rusty Tribunal was called to action. The Tribunal consists of Rozejo, Baishita and finally me myself Neprau. We began investigating, while concerned members began throwing around accusations. We held a recount of the votes, making sure every person's vote was valid by the local laws. After that we also tried to get more information on Aontonia.

After the recount, we had found out there had been a miscount. With or without the controversial vote, the winner was undoubtedly Poulton-with-Fearnhead. The news was declared and problems avoided as everything began to settle. After this declaration, the controversial Aontonia ceased to exist. Because at this point, we couldn't gather more proof on the nation and Zaila had been denying any cheating since the start, the Tribunal closed the investigation and declared Zaila innocent.

The SMR Election "Raid"
The crisis here, started when a nation arrived in the SMR: Fortis lupus (or Matt).
After he had joined, other people started flooding in. These other new nations were friends and supporters of Matt. They all banded together under the motto #MattsArmy as a joke. This however, led to great concern as many nations in Matt's Army were supposedly inactive voters. Basically real people with nations that would vote for whatever Matt told them to, and then never be active until the next vote. This could lead to a very unfair representation of Nations who do not have to live with the consequence of their voting. Those who do participate, will have to live with the consequences of what's essentially an electoral raid.
SMR's founder, The CheeseBurgian State, knew both parties involved: Matt's Army and the group of nations that left the region. He said: "I, focusing on keeping the largest portion of the region united, sided with this group of Nations." He decided there would be an internal vote within the government of SMR on these two issues: Resetting citizenship and vetoing the election results. They both passed and the founder proceeded in doing that, the very same day. However, this group of nations left SMR before those could be enacted. That group created their own region with demands of a policy change for their return to SMR. During that time, Godly Archangels, then President, was forced to take a side in the matter or step down as President. He refused, and stepped down.

After the "reset" of the region's policy, most of the others came back. The only one that didnít was Marksista, who was changing his original demand of having Matt's Army moved out of SMR to simply just making new citizens wait a month to run in the elections.

The situation in SMR is relatively peaceful at the moment, as The CheeseBurgian State said: "Now, the most complained about issue I have is the fact that Matt is receiving so many endorsements for WA delegate. Whether or not I want to, I will not be able to change this myself. People in SMR now need to change it themselves through democratic means. Other then a large misunderstanding of the rules of NS from a few members of Matt's Army leading to moderator intervention, the region has been in relative peace."

The SK Tiebreaker Election
The election of Solid Kingdom took place in December, following a shortened term for I the great papyrus which was made with an executive decision of the founder. This created a small argument over why it was shortened for no specific reason, but everyone besides Papyrus was interested in a new election. This wasnít because he was an especially bad leader, but rather because many believed he was proposing too many new laws for one term. The election had two main parties. Both parties never officially endorsed a candidate, but the first party put forth Great Order as candidate for Delegate. The other party was debating over the candidates Ozwald and Dytarma. Papyrus who was also part of the second party ran again too. After multiple changing of votes as the election played out over a couple of days, it ended with 10 votes for Great Order, 10 for Papyrus, and 3 for Dytarma. This called for a second round. In a surprising turn of events, multiple voters who voted for Papyrus at first, switched their votes to Great Order. The election finished in a victory for the latter. Afterwards, he appointed a mixed cabinet of both parties, showing he was willing to cross party lines in order to find the best people for the job.

Credits/Sources: Neprau, Miravana, The CheeseBurgian State Krypton Nova & Cyborgs and Sentient Machines

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