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Start Exchanging Endorsements!

The World Assembly system is the backbone of NationStates gameplay and politics, as well as being the only way to truly master all the stats of your individual nation. In a founderless Game Created Region (GCR) like Lazarus that goes double. Our region has no founder, and never has, therefore all power is vested in the World Assembly Delegate and the government they represent. Lazarus' nature as a Game Created Region also grants us incredible size, at the time of writing Lazarus contains 4,983 nations, 344 of which are World Assembly members, this means that it is incredibly easy for your nation to be ranked in the Top 1% of the World for World Assembly Endorsements, as well as Influence which is a statistic that grows faster the more endorsements you have.

Well how do I receive more endorsements to benefit both myself and the region? The best way to get more endorsements is quite simple really, you only need to endorse other nations and have the courtesy to endorse those that give you their endorsement. The security and power of Lazarus and her residents grows exponentially as more nations exchange endorsements among themselves.

In order to promote this goal, all nations that endorse the Sovereign Altmoras will be featured and promoted in this dispatch. If you're looking for nations to endorse, the nations linked in the spoiler text below are a very good place to start. If you endorse the nations linked below it is very likely that most of them will endorse you back.

If you wish for your nation to be linked below all you need to do is endorse the Sovereign Altmoras and your name will be added in when this dispatch is next updated.

Do keep in mind the following laws regarding maximum endorsement counts.

(8) All nations shall be permitted to maintain the following endorsements counts.
(A) 80 WA endorsement count for residents.
(B) 100 WA endorsement count for nations endorsing the Sovereign.
(C) 20 WA endorsements or more below The Grandee Secretary for citizens by forum application or extended residency.

If you would like to increase your endorsement limit, endorse the Sovereign Altmoras to increase your cap from 80 to 100. If you would like the extremely generous Citizen endorsement limit (currently 164) then please apply to become a Citizen on Lazarus' forums here: Link

If you have any questions please feel free to message Altmoras, Kowassati, or Lolita Queen via telegram or on LinkLazarus' Discord Chat.

Produced for The Humane Republic of Lazarus by Altmoras.

The Issue Answerer of Altmoras