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Glossary of Common Abbreviations and Terms



Assembly - TSP’s legislature, made up of all the current legislators.  The Assembly is one of two decision-making bodies in the region along with the cabinet.  It produces our laws through a process of proposal, debate and vote.
APC - Alliance for the Preservation of the Coalition, a political party.
Banject - A portmanteau of ban and eject, this is the common term used for when a delegate ejects and bans a nation from their region. Banjected nations are sent to TRR.
Cabinet - The executive body of the region and, along with the Assembly, one of the two decision-making bodies in the region.  The cabinet consists of the PM, MoFA, MoMA and MoRA.
Charter - The central legal document in the region.  The Charter is the basis for all of TSP’s laws (which may themselves be separate Acts) and dictates the structure of the government and how it must operate.
Citizen - A player with a nation residing in the region, formerly known as resident.  Previously the term Citizen was used for what are now called Legislators.
CoA - Chair of the Assembly, the leader of the region’s legislature.
Coalition - The Coalition of the South Pacific, the official name of TSP’s government.
CRS - Council on Regional Security - A group of nations appointed by application, whose role is to protect the region from security threats.
CTE - Cease To Exist, what happens to a nation left inactive for too long. CTE’d nations can be refounded, in which case they will appear in a sinker region.
Delegate - Short for WA Delegate.
Defender - A gameplay ideology based around defending regions from invasion.
Discord - A text and voice messaging and chat service.  There are Discord servers for the region as a whole, our political parties, as well as some of the ministries.  Sometimes there are temporary Discord servers set-up up for festivals.
DM - Direct Message, a way of sending private messages to one or more nations on Discord.
Endo - Endorsement.
Endo Cap - The maximum number of endorsements allowed for an individual nation.  This number is set by the CRS in relation to the number of WA nation and the number of endorsements received by the WA Delegate.
Endorsement - A bit like a ‘like’ for a nation, sharing endorsements is an important part of being a member of the WA.  The nation with the most is automatically the Delegate and having a lot of nations on, or near the endo cap helps to keep the region more secure from invaders who might try to supplant the Delegate.
Endotarting - Deliberately endorsing large numbers of nations in order to receive endorsements yourself.
Feeder - A GCR for the purpose of being where nations are founded. The five Pacific regions are the current feeders.
Forumside - The part of the game and it’s community which occurs on the regional forums.
FS - Short for forumside.
Gameplay - See R/D.
Gameside- The part of the game and its community which occurs on the NationStates website.
GCR - Game-Created Region, a region which has been created as part of the game to serve a particular function (see also: feeders, sinkers, TRR).
GP - Short for gameplay.
GS - Short for gameside.
Influence - A nation stat which is based on the number of endorsements and the length of time a nation has resided in a region.  The higher your influence, the more costly it is for the delegate (in terms of their influence) to eject you from the region.
LC - Local Council.
Legislator - A nation which has been granted Legislator status by application.  Legislators can access the Private Halls of the Assembly and vote in forum-based elections and on legislation.  Collectively the region’s Legislators make up the Assembly.  This was formerly known as a Citizen.
Local Council - A body, consisting of three members, who serve as the local government of the in-game portion of the community - predominantly those who frequent the RMB and take part in polls.
Major - Short for the Major Update, which occurs between 0500 and 0630 GMT.
Minor - Short for the Minor Update, which occurs between 1700 and 1800 GMT.
MoFA - Ministry or Minister of Foreign Affairs.
MoMA - Ministry or Minister of Military Affairs.
MoRA - Ministry or Minister of Regional Affairs.
NS - NationStates.
NSGP - Short for NationStates gameplay. Either another term for R/D, or refers to the Gameplay forums on the NationStates website.
NSWF - NationStates World Fair, a semi-regular event in which many regions can showcase themselves on a purpose-built external forum.
PM - Prime Minister, the head of TSP’s government and leader of the Cabinet, OR Private Message, a way of privately contacting another player on the forums.
Raider - A gameplay ideology, based around invading other regions.
R/D - Raiding/Defending, a term for the military gameplay of invading or defending regions using the endorsement system during updates.
RMB - Regional Message Board, a general discussion board for citizens of the region.
RO - Regional Officers.  These are nations selected by the Delegate and given powers over things like communication (sending mass telegrams) and border control (ejecting other nations).  Each RO’s powers are listed on their nation page.
RP - Roleplay.
Sinker- A GCR for the purpose of being where nations are refounded if they have previously CTE’d. Balder and Osiris are the current sinker regions.
SJ - The Southern Journal, TSP’s official newspaper.
SPN - South Pacific News, an independent news provider.
TG - Telegram, a way of sending private messages to another nation in-game, or, by sending Mass Telegrams, to many nations a once.
TIL - The Island League, a political party.
TIR- The Treasure Island Report, the official newspaper of TSP’s canon RP.
TRR - The Rejected Realms, a GCR created to be the place nations are sent to when banjected from a region.
TSP - The South Pacific.  We always include the ‘the’ as there is another region called, simply, ‘South Pacific’.
Update - One of two times during the day when all nations and regions are updated. During this time, national and regional statistics are updated, and Delegate changes occur. These times are important in R/D, as quick attacks and/or quick counter-attacks on multiple regions can be performed only during this time.
WA - World Assembly.  Kinda like the UN (this was actually its former name) of NationStates, but there are lots of advantages to membership outside of voting on resolutions.
WA Delegate - The person with the most endorsements in a region.  This person can vote on WA resolutions with as many votes as they have endos, expend influence to eject nations from the region, and appoint ROs to perform various duties.  In the South Pacific the Delegate is the Head of State and serves as an advisor to the Cabinet.
WA Native - A nation which is a member of the WA with more influence in this region than in any other.
WFE - World Factbook Entry, the information blurb at the top of the main page of the region.

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