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Read Before Requesting Embassies with Forest


Read Before Requesting Embassies with Forest


Hello region considering establishing embassies with Forest!

Assuming the delegate of Forest has not had contact with you about the prospect of establishing embassies previously, you will have to follow the following procedure and meet a couple requirements before requesting embassies with Forest.

First the requirements are as such:

  1. Your region must have more than five WA nations residing within it when the request is made.

  2. Your region must have been established more than six months ago.

If these requirements are met you should send a telegram to our current foreign minister Ruinenlust. The telegram should discuss your region, why you think it would be a good match for Forest, and what your regions relationship is with the environment/nature.

Once your telegram has been received, your request will be voted on by the nations in Forest. If the embassy request is approved democratically by the members of Forest, Forest will establish embassies with your region. If you do not: 1) Meet the minimum requirements, or 2) Follow the appropriate methods, your request will be denied, no exceptions. Feel free to request again once you meet 1 and/or follow 2. If your request is not democratically approved by Forest, your request will be allowed to expire.

Note: if you have questions about something related to this in detail, see Forest's Constitution. It is the democratically approved backing to this dispatch.