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Argean Rapid Response Force (ARRF)

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Argean Rapid Response Force

The Argean Rapid Response Force (ARRF) is a formation of military units from Ostehaar, Noronica, and Vancouvia. It consists of a pool of specialised units from the three nations' armed forces (DFO, UNF, and VNA/VSF) tasked with rapid deployment region-wide at short notice. The force is intended to be capable of mounting operations up to medium scale warfighting (roughly a brigade in size, as well as naval and aerial elements).

The ARRF was initiated in the Oster-Noro treaty negotiations in late 2016. Further talks on the matter were held with Vancouvian officials as well, and the establishment of the joint force was declared afterwards, on January 2017. It is expected to become partly operational during 2017 and fully operational by 2018.

The ARRF is headquartered and holds training exersices in Lovsk. It is currently capable of rapid deployment of roughly 8,000 Oster, Noronnican, and Vancouvian troops.

In the event of the ARRF being activated, the force commander is the Chief of the Joint Response Force (CJRF). A Joint Taskforce HQ (JTHQ) would accompany the force to provide local command, which is maintained at 48 hours notice to move. Until deployed, operational control of the various units is the responsibility of the single-service Commanders-in-Chief.

Deployment Phases

The ARRF can be deployed in three phases:

The first element is known as the Spearhead Forces which are kept at a high state of readiness. This consists of:

Altogether, a total of roughly 1,800 troops in the Spearhead Forces.

Following that, if required, is the First Echelon, composed of:

There are roughly 6,200 troops in the First Echelon.

Altogether, both the Spearhead and First Echelon forces deploy about 8,000 troops. These units will have rapid deployment capability during 2017.

By 2018, a Second Echelon is expected to be capable of rapid deployment as well, with further major naval units and ground units from all three armed forces. It will also include 2 RO-RO LinkPoint Class strategic sealift ships, operated by a private contractor.

All of these elements can be supported by helicopters, transport and combat aircraft, and logistics and support vessels as required.

Past Deployments and Training Exercises

Code name






Northern Sun I



First joint exercise


1 2 3

Swift Resolution



joint allied operation


Operation Swift Resolution






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