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Macros in factbooks! All the codes!

A few days ago, there was a suggestion for nation-based macros in factbooks, as seen here
The running list of the macros I have discovered
Important: I have replaced all colons with a semi-colon to show you the code. To use the macros, you MUST replace the semicolon with a colon
Type: [data;population]
Becomes: 5,789 million, a number that updates daily.
Type: [data;GDP]
Becomes: 1,557 trillion second best currencies
Type: [data;region]
Becomes: The North Pacific
Type: [data;tax]
Becomes: 0%
Regional Influence
Type: [data;influence]
Becomes: Page
Average Income
Type: [data;income]
Becomes: 269,068 second best currencies
National Animal
Type: [data;animal]
Becomes: second best animal
Religion Note: You need to have one in order to see it
Type: [data;religion]
Becomes: [data:religion]
Leader Note: You need to have one in order to see it.
Type: [data;leader]
Becomes: [data:leader]
Type: [data;capital]
Becomes: Second Best City
Census Scores
Type: [data;census-score-33]
Becomes: 0.42 Marx-Engels Emancipation Scale
Census Rank
Type: [data;census-rank-33]
Becomes: 167,134th
Regional Census Rank
Type: [data;census-regionrank-33]
Becomes: 8,711th

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