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Laws and Bills of the CTSN

Proposal 1: "The Liberal Act"
Recognizes the CTSN’s desire to expand and include new nations that are in agreement with CTSN political views, either communist, socialist, or in general liberal.
Reminds that the spread of left-wing ideology in NationStates is important to combat fascism and capitalism in the international NS world.
Agrees with the current regional tags including democratic, socialist, anti-capitalist, etc.
Wishes to attract more nations to the CTSN and understands an effective way to do this is through the regional tags. Therefore:
Calls for the addition of the "liberal" regional tag
3-0 Yes in Peoples Congress and 5-0 Yes in Central Committee

Proposal 2: "25 Day Act"
Notes the importance of our regional government in categories such as legislation, diplomacy, recruitment, etc.
Recognizes that government members should be leaders, reasonable, and active to ensure a fully functional government and region.
Asks for a minimum requirement of a nation to reside in the CTSN for 25 days and post 5 times on the regional board before being considered for a government office.
4-0 Yes in Peoples Congress and 5-0 Yes in Central Committee

Amendment to the Regional Constitution:
(Concerning Article 2, keeps section 1 and clause 2
adds the following clauses:)
Clause One: The People's Congress Chair
The duties of the People's Congress Chair are to present legislation to the Central Committee, to hold polls and votes within the Congress on relevant matters, and to hold elections for vacant Congress seats. The People's Congress Chair shall have powers over polls.
Clause 2(editing current clause 1)
The People's Congress shall consist of no fewer than five congressional seats, plus the Chair. The number of seats shall be a 1 to 10 ratio seats to regional population. For example, 100 nations will result in 10 Congress seats.

Amendment to the Regional Constitution #2:
Article 8

Section 1: The Chairman of the Central Committee has the power to appoint an advisor to better communicate the needs of the member-nations as well as to offer input on regional legislation and ideas.
Clause 1:
This Advisor shall be known as Comrade Advisor, and shall have no regional powers. The Comrade Advisor must be displayed on the regional factbook in some way.
Clause 2:
The Comrade Advisor, if sufficient evidence is presented, may be removed from their position, ejected, or banned following a trial by the People's Congress and then upheld by the Central Committee, since the Advisor is to represent the people as one of his/her roles.
Clause 3: The Chairman of the Central Committee is not required to name a Comrade Advisor, but he/she does have the choice to. Again, this position is not to be given regional powers unless an amendment is made to this Article.
these two were passed by the People's congress with a full yes and through the CC with a 3-1 majority

Amendment to the Regional Constitution #3:

SECTION 2- Freedom of Speech All member and non-member nations in the CTSN have the right to discuss any topic on the regional message board or present and future forums hosted by the CTSN. Posts cannot be suppressed, unless they go against NationStates rules.
SECTION 3- Equality All member nations have equal rights and are to be treated equal under the Constitution. No law or proposal may hinder the rights of individual nations or groups of nations in the CTSN. All nations have an equal right to a fair trial.

Amendment 1:
Sections 2 and 3 do not apply to nations found to be nazis or fascists, or have ties to nazi and fascist regions. Posts may be suppressed if they contain nazi/fascist ideas, language, or otherwise offensive verbiage.
2-1 Yes, one Abstain, Peoples congress,4-0 Yes, one Abstain, in Central Committee

Act for the Restructuring of CTSN Power Distribution
The Chairman is to have the ability to issue Executive Orders.
The People's Committee is to be absorbed into the Central Committee.
The Chairman is granted permission to form a cabinet of advisors, filled by those appointed by the Chairman.
The Judicial Branch is to be expanded as having a group of 3 judges to maintain and uphold the constitution.
The Chairman is granted the right to appoint a Vice-Chairman, with the powers and confidence of the Chairman.
A code of conduct is to be enacted;
1. Fascism and capitalism will not be tolerated 2. All leftists in the region will be treated with respect 3. Name-calling and bullying will also not be tolerated 4. Anti-semitism will not be tolerated 5. Ignorance should be treated by teaching someone the topic.

Recognizes that the Rights of Religion is considerably obnoxious and dangerous .

Reminds that Every Citizen of the CTSN Has the right to believe on a religion and the Right to not Believe in one.

Agrees that neither argument can win nor be insulted, Making discrimination or calling for a violent movement to remove either side is not freedom of speech within the CTSN.

Wishes that the Citizens of the CTSN will be cordial to each other and thwarts a situation like one in the USSD that ended in the Removal of their past Supreme Commissar Josh.
passed 4-0 in CC

Seeing as how the Current Chairman will Resign come September a procedure on the Succession of the Chairman should be written down

Understanding that the Chairman Office is not Voted on, the past Chairman will nominate and establish his/her successor as the new Chairman of The CTSN.

Reminds that the new successor may be toxic and dangerous to the Region, if that is So the CC may vote to remove him/her from power, if they are not founder. And the Founder will Aid in stabilizing the region and restoring it back to its past stability.

Also Establishes that If The CC does not Agree with the Chairman or refuses to work with them, The Chairman has no Power.
Passed 4-0 in CC

Rights of Foreign Citizens
Seeing that the Rights of Dual Citizens in the CTSN is undefined this law settles the void.

Grants Dual citizens of the CTSN The freedom of speech and the Freedom to vote on CTSN Government members just like normal CTSN Members.

Referring to the CSPN Bill (if it has passed) any region that has gone over the designation of 3, dual citizens from that region have their citizenship terminated

Lastly the Fourth Seat of the CC , Secretary of International Affairs, has the ability to deny or revoke citizenship of foreign citizens if he sees sufficient need to revoke and or deny it.
Passed in CC 4-0

Defines the colors and emblems within the flag

Seeks to bring a understanding to insiders and outsiders what the CTSN Believes in

Notions that the Colors are
Black: The Determination of the CTSN And its people
White: Represents the peacefulness of the CTSN Government as we have no active military.
Red: Power, Revolution and Communism within the CTSN
Includes the Meanings for the Symbols and shapes in the flag
The Stripes: The Confederation of Brothers and Sisters in the CTSN
The Triangles: The Divide of Leftist Brothers and Sisters into different ideologies
The Star: Communism and the Light that Guides us to Glory
Passed in CC 5-0