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The OSN Constitution and Laws of the OSN (Order of the Southern North)

The OSN Constitution
Article 1:
1.The Founder, Indo-Malaysia, has all regional powers.
2.The Founder can initiate a poll to pass a bill. If a simple majority of OSN nations vote for the bill then it becomes a legally binding law. Laws regarding the amendment of the constitution or creating a new government position are passed the same way other laws are.
3.The Founder shall have the honorary title of Mister Dictator King Lord.
Article 2:
The Chancellor has all regional powers except executive.
2.The Chancellor can initiate a poll to pass a bill. If a simple majority of OSN nations vote for the bill then it becomes a legally binding law. Laws regarding the amendment of the constitution or creating a new government position are passed the same way other laws are.
3. Elections shall be held every other month for the position of Chancellor.
(It is currently held by Unnamedland, and Poisonapple will take office on the 26th of March.)

Current OSN Laws:
The Christmas Act 2016 forbids:- Unauthorised recruiting in the region-- Permission is to be granted ONLY by the Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, the Founder, or other relevant authority- The Right to a Fair Trial: Unless the relevant nation has ceased to exist, a fair trial is to occur prior to their condemnation- Removing Draconic Sentences: Unless the crime performed is clear Treason, non-banjecting or condemning sentences are to occur on the first crime performed, depending on the severity- Christmas, Easter, Halloween and 23rd of February (OSN Golden Age Day) are to become regional holidays/celebrations- The purpose of this act is to be acknowledged to be a reinforcement of the Constitution.
Status:Passed December 27 2016
OSN Free Speech Act
A nation cannot be banjected, condemned, or otherwise punished due to any speech, post, or political views unless, by doing so, they are...
a. Trolling
b. Spamming
c. Plotting "violently" to overthrow the OSN government.(No, saying "I don't like the current government" doesn't count, but TGing the leader of...lets say HYDRA Command and telling them to come and raid our region does)
d. Otherwise violating NS rules. (Basically, if a mod would punish them then they would be punished.)
2. The OSN cannot deny the entry of any nation into the OSN based on their ideology, etc., etc., unless they are a threat to the region.
Passed 1/5/17, Amended by PED #1

OSN KAISERREICH-Agia Germania Declaration of Neutrality
Recently, several prominent nations in KAISSEREICH, a region we have close ties with, have left the region and have founded a separate region, Agia Germania. Due to the circumstances of this secession, tensions between KAISERREICH and Agia Germania remain high, with the seceding nations accusing the Kaiser of being corrupt and dictatorial, and the staying nations accusing the separatists of being traitors. The OSN government would like to state that it will continue to:
1. Maintain embassies with both KAISERREICH and Agia Germania.
2. Collaborate in RPs and in inter-regional events with both KAISERREICH and Agia Germania.
3. Assist both regions in any conflict against CAIN.
However, it will NOT:
4. Allow any slander or insults to other nations in this conflict. Yes, nations may make arguments for their side-this is guaranteed by the OSN Free Speech Act. But nations should not insult any other nation within the OSN RMB, forums, or other public communications of the OSN. And nations should not argue to the point that they have hijacked the entire RMB and are disrupting normal OSN conversation and communication.
5. Favor either side in this conflict. We will not send the OSN Vanguard into any KAISERREICH-Agia Germania conflict, and we will try to not favor either side in operations against CAIN.
Status: Passed 1/30
Poisonapple Executive Directive #1

A message to all posters on the OSN RMB.
Chancellor Poisonapple Executive Directive #1 (also known as PED#1):
Excessive consecutive posts which advance no coherent ideas or arguments is considered spamming by this administration. One warning will be issued by TG.
If that isn't productive, then a one day ban from the RMB will be imposed on the perpetrator. Violating that ban will cause a banjection for one week or more depending on the nature of the posts. Please adhere to this policy for the overall good of OSN.
This does not infringe on anyone's right to free speech, it only refers to spamming.
Thank you for your cooperation.
The Snow White Exquisiteness of Poisonapple
PED 2:
New nations must be on the OSN map (or have sent a retrievable TG requesting map space to the current regional cartographer) or they are ineligible. New nations are defined as nations not having full residency.Secondly, a new nation must be present in OSN for 30 days prior to voting. New nations, that choose to leave the OSN must return before updates occur or the 30 day full residency clock resets to zero days of residency. This law exists to ensure OSN Nations have contributed in some way to OSN before voting rights are granted or they seek office. This law can be suspended by the Chancellor because of a lack of candidates. The Chancellor must invoking a state of emergency on the RMB by announcement at least 24 hours before suspending the law. The law's suspension will last only for the duration of the next election. Once that election occurs the law is once again in force.
Status: Passed 5/27/17
Political Parties Act

Upon the passing of the Political Parties Act, full residents of the Order are hereby granted permission to form Political Parties. Parties must contain the following: Chancellor Candidate, and a Vice-Chancellor Candidate and a Manifesto, with other positions such as Minister of War/RP being optional. Independent Candidates can still partake in elections but upon there victory the Vice will either be the Independent Candidate with the second to most votes or if that is not a possibility, the Chancellor Candidate of the runner-up. Though only Full Residents may create a Party, any nation within the Order may join a party to become a Ministry Candidate.
Poisonapple Executive Directive #3
Any nation that is Chancellor for two consecutive terms (four months) cannot run again for Chancellor for one calendar year (12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days) after winning the initial election of the two consecutive terms. This will allow other OSN nations a better chance to gain the experience of higher office. If no other qualified nations wish to run for the office, then a third or more term within a calendar year will be allowed. This rule is not retroactive and goes into effect immediately upon voter approval.
Passed 19th May 2017, Amended by PED #5
Poisonapple Executive Directive #4

Any Chancellor or other official of the OSN government shall be considered immediately removed from office for allowing their nation to CTE. In the case of the Chancellor, the Vice-Chancellor will immediately ascend to the Chancellor's Office. All other OSN positions or lower officers which CTE while in office will be filled by an appointment decided by the Chancellor and remain in office until the next regularly scheduled election for that office, or they too CTE. If the OSN WA Delegate CTE, that nation will be replaced by an appointment decided by the founder whom may also defer that decision to the Chancellor's Office if he wishes. The appointed acting WA Delegate will serve only until the next regularly scheduled election for OSN WA Delegate.
Passed 25th May 2017
PED #5/Amendment to Political Party Law: Should OSN Political Parties be allowed to form coalitions wherein they may support the same candidate(s) for Chancellor, VC, WA Delegate or any other elected office?

Inter-Political Party agreement of support for specific OSN candidates office by office by the several Political Parties will be lawful. These political parties do not have to agree on all candidates across the board, however they may do so if they choose.
Passed 6/4/17
PED #6

OSN regional maps are excellent and the finest in NationStates. We all look forward to them. The maps are of utmost importance in OSN matters of state stewardship. OSN Law says they are. Updates of the map should deliver at least once every 2 months, prior to elections. Candidates for office and voting nations must know clearly which OSN nations have full residency status.We can eliminate potential election manipulation and the scandal by providing fresh maps prior to OSN elections by passing this ballot initiative. This measure will be known in shorthand as PED-6.

Passed 6/11/17
Repealed OSN Laws:

Article 3: (Amended via Second Duumvirate Act of 12/31/2016)
1. Two new positions shall be created, Duumvir of the Order and Duumvir of the People.
2. The Founder, Indo-Malaysia will appoint both Duumvirs.
3. The Duumvir of the Order will control Border Control, Communications, and Embassies.
4. The Duumvir of the People will control Communications, Embassies, Appearance, and Polls.
5. Both will not be "politicians" in the traditional sense, unlike the Chancellor-they will be more like assistants of the founders, guardians protecting the OSN when the founder is inactive.
Status: Passed, then repealed
The OSN Fax Act

1.All important communications in the OSN shall be done via fax. Fax machines are definitely a technological improvement over telegrams-and they're scandal-proof unlike emails.
2. From now on, all telegrams are to be called faxes? Faxed messages? I have no idea what a message sent by fax is called, to be honest.
3. The punishment for violating Article II of this law is having all Floppy Disks, Sony Walkmans, Commodore 64s, Amiga 500s, IBM PCs, Boomboxes, various VHS Tapes and Camp Sci-Fi movies in your nation seized by the Special Operation Department of the Order.
4.The position of Fax Machine operator will be created, with authority over communications and polls.It will be given to Durastan.
5. The purpose of this act (other than Article IV) is to be acknowledged as a joke.
Status: Passed 1/14/2017, then repealed, Joke Law

Unpassed Bills

Failed Bills(Bills that were voted on but not passed successfully):
Reunification Act
Hetrica looks towards the order of the southern north weather or not this act should be enacted. This act states that anarchist bikers, Hetrican Polandball puppet (not here) is to be eliminated and no other puppets are to be created except for raiding.
Status: Pre-Constitution Bill, Did not pass (Could be revived?)
OSN Google Translate Act
1. All Fax machines are clearly telegrams and emails. However, faxes may still be used. Durastan will be fax operator still.

2. Google is magic and to speak ill of it is blasphemy.

3. The penalty for violation of Article II of this Act is that floppy disks, Sony Walkmans, Commodore 64s, 500s Files, IBM units, Boombox, VHS tapes, and Camp Sci-Fi movie will be confiscated by Department Tel.

4. The Google Pope, with the authority of communications, and polls will be Unnamedland.

5. This law is a joke (except for Article 4).
Status: Failed, Joke Bill