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The Free Federation of the Golden Lands, Goldsaver: An Overview [WIP]

The Free Federation of the Golden Lands


"None Shall be Held in Chains"
Emperor Akait, First of Their Name


Population: 306,407,100
Density: 57/kmē

Capital: Marsi, Seat of the President Imperial
Largest City: Eclipital, Seat of the Lord of Shadows

Official Language: Akaitan

National Languages: Akaitan, English, Cantonese, Arabic

Demonym: Akaitan

Representative Constitutional Democratic Federation
Federation of Nine City-States
Head of State: President-Imperial Sarkrit Melis
Elected by Majority Vote of Representatives of Each City-State
Ten Year Terms, One Term Limit

Forum of the Free Cities, housed in Marsi
1000 Representatives
900 elected by City-States based on autonomous laws
100 elected nationally using proportional representation in national elections

Declared Independence: 1397
Current Constitution Adopted: 2000

Sovereign Territory
Land Area: 5,375,563 kmē
Water Area: 7,662,924 kmē

Natural Landmarks
The Seat of the Heavens (Mountain), 8,327 meters in height
Larth's Depression, 345 meters below sea level

GDP: 11.357 Trillion USD
GDP per capita: 37,067.85 USD

HDI: .946 (very high)

Major Exports: Fossil Fuels, Minerals, Military Equipment, Industrial Supplies and Equipment
Major Imports: Consumer Goods, Electronic Equipment, Services

Currency: Imperial Dollar (ID)
Exchange: 1 ID = 1.792 USD

Internet TLD: .agf

The Free Federation of the Golden Lands

The Free Federation of the Golden Lands, known worldwide as "Goldsaver" is a federation of nine city-states unified by a common history and shared belief in the value of individual freedom and dignity. The city-states operate mostly autonomously, but the federal government oversees all interstate and international issues, while also enforcing the restrictions on governance demanded by the Imperial Constitution.

The Federation's Head of State, the President-Imperial, is selected by the majority of votes taken from one thousand votes for each city-state; each city-state has their own set of laws that dictate how these votes are decided. The federal legislature, the Forum of the Free Cities, has 100 representatives for each city state, whose selection are determined by local laws. Additionally, 100 representatives are selected through a national election, using proportional representation based on political party.

Internationally, the Federation is notable both for its policy of open borders (demanded by the Imperial Constitution) and for its unilateral approach to foreign policy. With a well-funded military and a culture romanticizing war, the Federation seeks to promote its core ideals of the protection of the rights and dignity of all people. This most often takes the form of foreign aid, but in face of egregious human rights abuses, the Federation has a policy of militant humanitarian intervention.

Demonyms and Etymology

Before the adoption of the 1900 Constitution, the Free Federation was known as the "Akait Empire", named for the dynasty of the nation's founder. While "Akait" no longer has a place in the nation's official name, residents of the country as a whole are still referred to as "Akaitan." Within the country, it is more typically to refer to individuals by the demonym of their city-state.

The "Golden Lands" refers to the pre-imperial history of the continent, as the land was once famed for the prevalence of gold held within its mountains. As part of the 1900 national forum, it was decided to move away from the Federation's imperial history and remove dynastic references from official governance. The land is still commonly referred to as "Akait," though "Goldsaver" has become a common name to use when discussing the Federation's place in international politics.


The Golden Lands came under the domination of a foreign power in the 14th century; previously independent monarchies were destroyed and the land was unified as a colony under this empire. Natives were enslaved en masse, and put to work in the mines cutting across the main continent. Only the Monarchy of Wolfsbane was able to maintain its independence, with favorable storms causing heavy losses for the invader's fleets. Wolfsbane kept its gates shut tight until the reign of King Celerial "Larth," who declared Wolfsbane as a safe haven for all those fleeing the slavery and oppression of the invaders.

Soon after the Haven Declaration, a powerful warlord made landfall on the main continent, promising freedom for all people within the Golden Lands. Discontented slaves flocked to his banner, and as he defeated the invader's armies in open battle, Larth was moved to support him. Meeting with this free King in the mountains that once housed slave mines, this warlord declared the Akait Empire, and promised to unify the Golden Lands so that none could threaten the freedoms of its people.

The invaders, unable to receive support from their motherland, were soon defeated by the new Emperor Akait. Having unified the land under one banner, the Emperor constructed their palace in the fortress city of Marsi and established the first constitution of the Golden Lands, laying the groundwork for the eventual formation of the Federation.

The Emperor's first Edicts, declared at the formation of the Empire, lay the foundation for the rest of the Federation's laws.

"None Shall be Held in Chains"
"All May Find Shelter Behind Our Walls"
"No Evil Shall Survive Our Wrath"


The Golden Lands consist of four major landmasses and a smaller archipelago of islands. The largest landmass is usually referred to as "Akait" itself, while the other landmasses are named for the city-state that dominates them (Wolfsbane Isle, Eternal Isle, Stadliss Isle) and the archipelago is referred to as Dragon's Claw.

The largest landmass is bisected by large mountain range, with desert to the south and tundra to the far north, with fertile plains along the southern coast and just north of the mountain range. Rivers run throughout, allowing for significant agriculture in these fertile lands. In the modern age, these farms are owned by a few large land-owners; most people on the land live in large cities.

Wolfsbane Isle is heavily forested, with the only clearings being in and around the towns that dot the isle. Wildlife is abundant, and villagers on the isle subsist on a rustic hunter-gatherer lifestyle. Wolfsbane is the only major city on the island, and houses the majority of the island's population. Eternal Isle is a very cold environment, marked by mountains, wide clearings, and fjords. A number of cities dot the southern coastline, while the colder inland is much more sparsely populated. The very north of the island is covered in frost year round, and is not inhabited.

Stadliss Isle is mountainous, with a sparse population across the mountain range. Similar to Wolfsbane Isle, Stadliss is the only major city. Stadliss is well known for its thriving mining industry, but as a result the rivers that run across the isle are quite polluted. The Dragon's Claw is a mix of tropical and volcanic isles, and while a handful of the islands house major cities, the rest inhabit only a handful of native tribes. Environmental regulations are stronger in this region than elsewhere in the Golden Lands, and as a result the tropical life of the isles have been preserved.


The Free Federation houses a growing population of 306,407,100 individuals, as of the 2015 Census. A census is performed every five years, and as of 2015 there is a population growth rate of 1.2%, mostly as a result of increasing immigration trends.

As a result of an open borders policy, the Free Federation is extremely ethnically diverse. The land itself is the native home of 35 different ethnolinguistic groups; as of the last census, there are significant populations of 70 ethnic groups from across the world.

Religiously, the native religions maintain a powerful organization and large number of followers. There are two major native religions. The Followers of the Emperor revere the founder-emperor Akait as an emissary of the divine, sent to deliver the people of the Golden Lands from tyranny. This faith is centralized, led by a religious hierarchy housed in Marsi, considered a holy city. 22% of the population of the Free Federation are members of The Followers. The Knights of Sythras, the faith of the Knights of Latark who house themselves in the city-state of Latark, worship dragons sleeping within Akait's scattered mountain ranges. 10% of the population of the Free Federation consider themselves part of this knightly order. Migratory faiths, such as Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and Sikhism, have come along with immigrants to the Free Federation, and each maintain a small percentage of worshipers (1-2%)

The Federal Constitution of 2000 gives significant powers to the Federal Government, but City-States remains mostly autonomous in local matters. The Federal Government is led by the President-Imperial, head of the executive branch, who enforces the laws passed by the Forum of the Free Cities. The Constitution is interpreted and enforced by the Imperial Constitutional Court, made up of 12 judges, nominated by the President-Imperial, approved the Forum, and subject to popular retention votes every ten years. The Federal Government handles matters of international relations, interstate commerce, and the enforcement of the Federal Constitution upon the City-States.

The Forum is famous for being very chaotic; significant politicking is required to pass even minor laws. As a result, matters of legislation tend to rest in the hands of the city-states, with the federal government merely restricting their power in accordance with the constitution. All nine city-states operate under some form of democratic system, and the Federation as a whole labels itself as a liberal democracy.

Foreign Relations and Military

The Federation maintains a powerful standing military, and has a constitutional mandate to promote a liberal democratic order across the globe. The Federation prefers to take international action unilaterally, and as such will never join or be subject to the rules of a binding international organization. Treaties and alliances are formed on a case-by-case basis, and require the approval of the legislature.






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