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The Vanguard Treaty



The Vanguard Treaty is a mutual cooperation alliance of neutral regions where said regions help and support each other, while they don't meddle with other's affairs. The Treaty works in a "multiple regions, one community" platform, in which all regions are expected to cooperate with each other in terms of culture, government, and military, defining the Vanguard Treaty as a coalition of regions that shall remain united. The name for TVT was provided by Mercia State. The first treaty draft, flag, and emblem were created by Concordato Tauriano.


    Article 1 - Regional Sovereignty
  1. Member regions, even though part of the Treaty's community, hold the right of govern themselves freely without fear of retaliation from other signatory regions.

  2. Signatory regions hold the right of deciding from what point they deem that one is violating their regional sovereignty.

  3. Governments of the participant regions must hereby respect the decisions of other regions, no matter the situation.

    Article 2 - Membership

  4. The Vanguard Treaty is governed as a treaty - for that reason there must not be a single leader, but all regions shall rather cooperate as a council.

  5. For a signatory region to be recognized as part of the treaty, they must have a functioning government, and regular activity on at least one regional platform.

  6. For a new signatory or observer region to be recognized as part of the treaty, the leaders of member regions must vote unanimously in favour.

  7. Observer regions are recognized as allies of the treaty, however these are regions that opted not to become a signatory, or lack a proper government body. In the case of the latter, treaty members may provide assistance.

    Article 3 - Citizenship and Bans

  8. Anyone who has been convicted for treason or another high crime by the judicial body of a treaty member, may not acquire citizenship in any member region.

  9. Nations of member regions may travel freely to one another.

  10. Nations of member regions may not interfere in the governments of other treaty members, unless given explicit permission by the respective regions government.

  11. Nations residing in any of the member regions have the right to acquire citizenship in the other, unless there is an exception specified by the host region, for which the other member regions must accept the member region's decision.

    Article 4 - Roleplay

  12. Member nations who opt in may participate in the unified TVT roleplay.

    Article 5 - Defence

  13. Members of any member regions military may receive advice and training from other member regions.

  14. Nations of member regions must not enlist or recruit others to serve in direct conflict against another members military.

  15. Nations of member regions must not cooperate with fascist military forces.

  16. In the event of the possible destruction of any of the member regions, the combined militaries of the other member regions are expected to support the defence of the endangered region.

    Article 6 - Environment

  17. Member regions are expected to generate a friendly environment and nations from fellow member regions are required not to act toxic towards other nations.

  18. In case tensions arise between member regions, mediation sessions will be held immediately. The mediator must be a person not related to either of the compromised regions and must remain impartial during said sessions.

    Article 7 - Final Notes

  19. The Central Committee of the Conf of Traditional Socialist Nations shall be recognized as its sole legitimate government, and Democratic Peoples Republic of Siberia as its Chairman.

  20. The Politburo of the USSD shall be recognized as the its sole legitimate government, and Democratic Peoples Republic of Siberia as its Supreme Commissar.

  21. The Parliament of Rutokian Empire shall be recognized as its sole legitimate government, and Rutokia as its Monarch.

  22. Member regions will recognize each other with full right to their own sovereignty, as specified in the first Article of this same dispatch.

Vetelo, current Deputy Supreme Commissar of the USSD,
Concordato Tauriano, former Supreme Commissar of the USSD,
Democratic Peoples Republic of Siberia, current Chairman of the Conf of Traditional Socialist Nations,
Mariosa, former President of Helvundia (Rutokian Empire)

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The vanguard treaty