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CLASSIFIED - The Republic of Arván

Classified - Overlordship of Noronica

"This document discloses the intelligence reports of the peninsula of Arván. It also details the involvement of the Foreign Intelligence Service."

Victoria Heisen - Agency Executive

The Republic of Arván

According to the FIS' reports, the Republic of Arván has reached a critical level. There are reports of multiple human right's abuses, including the practice of human trafficking which has had a vast impact on the peninsula. According to police reports, at least one person is reported kidnapped every week. There are also reports of a resurgence of the Noronnican Nationalist Party. Operatives have also come into contact with international insurgents. The situation is spiralling out of control and Noronnican intervention is advised.

Field Operatives have been sent to the Republic of Arván to gather intelligence and gather reports. Over the past few months, we have found that multiple human rights abuses according to many regional alliances such as the League have occurred. We have also found that the nation is in no fit state to function on its own. As a former Noronnican-dependant, it's governmental system was built specifically to coexist with Noronnican legislation; because of this, Arván's system is entirely flawed as a singular state.

A report was compiled for the benefit of this compiled document, it details the various issues within the Republic. Here are a few key and notable points;

  • Drug Cartels have been set up around the peninsula, because of the lack of law & order, they have begun controlling key towns.

  • A human trafficking market has been set up. We have aerial photographs of the compound that we believe harbours these slaves. The government is seemingly complicit or even supportive of this business as it provides to the economy.

  • A worrying detail in the report was the believed resurgence of the Noronnican Nationalist Party. This has been confirmed by several red agents who have infiltrated the group. Various attacks in St. Recont are believed to be the cause of them.

  • International criminal organisations are believed to be supporting the various groups in Arván. Some government officials are funding their operations there.

  • There have been several reported graffiti on government buildings stating, "FORTIS, IMPERTERRITUS ET INTELLIGENS". Obviously, this means that several citizens support the old Noronnican control over the peninsula.

We have assessed that the situation has reached a critical level. This means that Noronnican intervention may be necessary, especially if the reports of violence, and the revival of the NNP are to be believed, which we have substantial evidence for.

Militarily, the situation is very problematic. An agent recently reported that President Raoul Sartin has issued an order to mobilise the army indefinitely,

"It appears that the Arvanan army have set up blockades and numerous outposts around the peninsula. Several attacks on civilians have been noted, including forced checks for weaponry. It would appear that the President wishes to start a war on drugs in his own country as he recently issued a public announcement to state media that he would 'kill as many drug dealers as he can'. Agent [...] and I have noticed that several aircraft have been scrambled and have been heading north. This fits with several Noronnican reports that detail the constant appearance of aircraft in their airspace."

This and many other reports suggest that the President has entered a state of paranoia, especially after the recent attempt of assassination by the new NNP. Several MiG 23 fighter jets have tested the Noronnican air defences. Even with inferior airpower, the President seems to be very aggressive towards Noronica.

Yukon UAV's aerial photograph

The human trafficking market has been a major concern for the Foreign Intelligence Service (and indeed the government) for a while now. Reports have shown the true extent of such atrocities. Many are sold into slavery and the age range is not discriminatory. This violates many human rights acts which may warrant intervention; especially since the Arvanan government do nothing to prevent it. Reports also show that many international criminal organisations seem to have a significant stake in the business.

The image above shows an aerial view of the compound believed to harbour the human trafficking. The compound is well defended, but is only designed to fully withstand the Arvanan National Army.

Overall, we advise:
  • To send in more operatives under Operation French Isle.

  • To alert the League and various other regional organisations to the human rights issues.

  • To consider military intervention.

Classified - Overlordship of Noronica

The United Prefectures of Noronica