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Environmental Protection Doctrine

Department of the Interior
Joint with the Department of Agriculture
The Environmental Protection Organisation
Environment Protection Doctrine

Doctrine Enforcing International Protection and Defense of the Environment
Passed by Congress 12/11/2016 and by Parliament 12/12/2016
Passed into Doctrine 12/14/2016

[Article I]
Under previous acceptance of Environmental degrading and continued defamation for public known reservations for Environmental Welfare. This Nation finds it a necessity that all Companies realize and accept the preservation of our Environment and Natural Substances' Welfare as being utmost fit and important for the Nation's well-being and continued existence for our posterity and their well-being with it. The continued degradation of our rain forests and other Natural Resources must be ceased and this end be seen all but necessary for our continuation on the face of this Earth.
[Article II]
Recognizing that i such actions as done on the Earth were done on such other planets or moons that they would cease to harbor life and not follow with any prosperity whatsoever. Penalties found for making such actions against the Environment of the Earth will be seen as most fit for the punishment of mass genocide of a minority Species and will be treated as such, limited up to the regards of Capital and Corporal Punishment which will not be determined necessary for the consequential reform of such man or woman to act against this Document.
[Article III]
This Act will be protected and Enforced through legislation by both Judicial and Executive branches regardless of the causes against and if passed to Doctrine will be permanent unless otherwise stated in the Declaration to which this Doctrine will then Cease and Desist.

Passed by Legislation of the National Government and Executive Approval