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NO-984 Fortress MBT

NO-984 Fortress

A Fortress tank patrolling

Type: Main Battle Tank

Place of origin: Noronica

Manufactured by: Hunter Defence Systems

Unit cost: $6,823,000


Weight: 64.23 tonnes

Length: 8.85 m (29.04 ft), 15.45 m (50.69 ft) with gun forward

Width: 3.50 m (11.48 ft)

Height: 2.42 m (7.94 ft)

Crew: 4 (commander, gunner, loader/operator, driver)

Armour: LinkChobham armour

Main armament: 120 mm LinkL30 rifled gun (49 rounds)

Secondary armament:
- 1 x Coaxial 7.62 mm L94A1 chain gun EX-34
- 1 x 7.62 mm FN MAG machine gun

Engine: 1,200 hp (890 kW) diesel engine

Power/weight: 13.86 kW/t

Transmission: Quentin AX-12

Suspension: Hydropneumatic suspension

Operational range: 562 km (349 mi)

Speed: 59 km/h on road, 40 km/h off road

NO-984 Fortress Tank


The NO-984 Fortress main battle tank (MBT) is a third generation tank produced in Noronica by Hunter Defence Systems. It was designed to ensure superiority over the battlefield as a powerful yet agile tank. It is also considered to be one of the most protected tanks in service today with second generation Chobham armour on the hull and turret.

It was designed in the late 1990's to replace the depleted armoury of Civil-war equipment. The government tasked the NDC with designing a new main battle tank which would fight among some of the best tanks in the region. The army contracted some major companies within the NDC which began the prototyping and designing process. The NDC looked for new design ideas, using the Quentin AX-12 for transmission, and Hydropneumatic Suspension. This was to ensure the crew's safety and to make accuracy easier when firing the L-30 gun.



The Fortress is one of the most heavily armoured and best protected tanks in the region. The hull and turret are armoured with second generation Chobham armour, the design and production of which are classified but the material is rumoured to be twice as strong as steel. Crew safety was the primary concern in the design. To ensure the safety of the crew, the tank uses a solid state controlled electric drive for its turret thus completely removing the risk of hydraulic rupture in the crew compartment. Explosive reactive armour kits have also been added around the tank. To ensure that the tank is not spotted by enemy radar, it's shape is fitted with stealth technology to reduce the radar signature.

The tank is also fitted with an NBC system.

Drive system

The tank's drive system comprises of:

  • Engine: 1,200 hp (890 kW) diesel engine

  • Gearbox: Quentin AX-12 transmission

  • Suspension: Hydropneumatic suspension

  • Track: Hydraulically adjustable double-pin

  • Speed: 53 km/h on road, 34 km/h off-road

  • Range: 562 km (349 mi)


The Fortress is equipped with a 120-millimetre, 55-calibre long L30 tank gun. The gun is made from high strength LinkElectro Slag Remelting (ESR) steel with a chromium alloy lining and it is insulated by a thermal layer. It is controlled by an all-electric control and stabilisation system. The turret has a rotation time of 10 seconds through 360 degrees.

The barrel is rifled because of the United Noronnican Army's use of high explosive squash head (HESH) rounds. HESH rounds have a range of up to 8 kilometres and are more effective against buildings and armoured vehicles. They have a longer range than APFSDS rounds. The main gun is more than capable of firing other rounds.

The Fortress is also equipped with a 7.62 mm L94A1 EX-34 chain gun coaxially to the left of the main gun. There is also a 7.62 mm FN MAG machine gun mounted on a pintle on the loader's hatch ring. 4,200 rounds of 7.62 mm ammunition are carried. The Fortress can also mount a remote weapons system; either a 12.7mm heavy machine gun or a 40mm automatic grenade launcher.






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