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The History of Quiameth

Quiameth was initially a region primarily inhabited by a native Polynesian tribe called the Quiameth. Around 1867 A British ship found the island, enslaved many natives and claimed the island under British rule, known as the Oceanic Republic. The natives of the island, along with the white population were highly suspicious of the Royal Government due to the extreme amount of corruption found on the island. In 1941, the local population declared independence, overthrew the local government and joined the Japanese Empire for both protection and belief of its superiority. Once the island was captured by America though, Franklin D. Roosevelt sympathized with the people and, wanting to curb British imperialism, declared the Quiameth people a free and sovereign land. The new nation, who didn't like the British's heavily regulated economy but enjoyed it's social liberties, and enjoying the greater economic liberties that came with America, opted instead to install a libertarian form of government, which was neutral during the cold war and still is to this day.

Fun Fact: The law of compulsory military came to be because of an incident where a single lost German ship during WWI was marooned on the island and the people, with the local military having been sent to Europe, had to defend themselves. After the fact, the locals agreed to form a "militia" of sense to protect the island, which now stands as the current armed forces of Quiameth.