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RP guide

This RP takes place in an artificial planet, made by aliens we call the Wardens. They rip nations, landmass and all, through space, time, realities, timelines, whatever, and plop them down here, for some grand experiment I won't reveal yet. These nations, often from different realities, are often from conflicting histories, and might even be alternate versions of each other! [we had 3 Russias at one point!]
And so, these nations, roughly at 2100s tech, are allowed to interact, and mess with, conquer, slaughter, befriend, behead, whatever, each other, with wacky sci-fi technologies, moniez, plots, schemes, and specialties. If you don't find some that suit you, suggest them!

The rest is usually explained within RP, but we're all about making adjustments to our roleplay and its system.
Our priorities:
1. Fun RP
2. Balance
3. Pseudo-realism [enough big words can make anything work

Generally speaking, try to respect others, report those being disrespectful, and don't alt-spam.
In fact, alts are not allowed to trade or assist one another in any regard, and cannot share techs with the same third-party nation.
They can fight each other but not conquer each other, as conquering your own alt just kind of makes you stronger, and using alts to buff each other is prohibited.
You can only have 3 nations in the RP at a time! Please do not dump an army of alts into the RP and try to grab the reigns of the world!

For details on your economy, You gain 100 billion dollars per week as base income, then add in traits and weaknesses as well as trades, with a cap of 2 trillion in stored money. This money is spent on units which have a maintenance cost of 20% of their initial cost per week.

By default, your nations is a 2100s postmodern nation, with advanced satellites, cyber networks, a capable military, a stable society and economy, but no nuclear weapons or spaceships. Traits allow you to take this starter position further and further.

Red alert 2-transylvania