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An act to Regulate Embassies in Singapore's World Factbook Entry


WHEREAS: Singapore's World Factbook Entry, to be abbreviated to WFE in this act, is the representation of the Region, its Officers, and those Regions which Singapore either has diplomatic relations with or wishes to develop diplomatic relations with in the future, and

WHEREAS: Singapore is continually subjected to Embassy Requests from all and sundry Regions whether requested or not. We have or have received requests for Embassies with "Embassy Collector" Regions, Inactive Regions, Tiny Regions, and Regions that have no affinity with the goals and ideals of Singapore, and

THEREFORE: Be it enacted that all Regions holding or seeking WFE Embassies with Singapore meet the criteria as outlined in this Act, below.


TITLE I: Suitability of Regions

  • Regional Size: For acceptance of an Embassy Request by Singapore, a region must have a population minimum of 10 active nations.

  • Regional Activity: To qualify for, and to continue to maintain Embassies with Singapore, a region must be be active, as indicated by its Regional Message Board, to be abbreviated to RMB in this act. A regional RMB showing no activity for a period of the preceding 14 days cannot be considered for an Embassy nor once and Embassy has been established can the Embassy be maintained.

  • Regional Suitability: Requests for Embassies by regions that do not subscribe to the same goals, ideals, and code of conduct exhibited by Singapore shall be summarily denied.

    • Embassy Collector Regions: Requests for Embassies by regions that appear to be solely established collect Embassies shall be summarily denied.

    • Raider/Invader Regions: Requests for Embassies by regions that appear to be Raider/Invader regions shall be summarily denied.

TITLE II: Adjudication
All regions that have Embassies with Singapore shall be monitored on the following points:

  • Regional Size:

  • Regional Activity

  • Regional Suitability

Regions failing in adherence to the points outlined above shall have their Embassy in Singapore closed without warning or appeal.

TITLE III: Responsibility
The responsibility for the enforcement of this Act shall fall jointly on the Delegate and the Minister of Law and Home Affairs.

  • The Delegate: The Delegate may approve Embassy Requests meeting the parameters outlined in Title I of this Act.

  • Minister of Law and Home Affairs: The Minister of Law and Home Affairs shall periodically monitor all Embassy regions to ensure their adherence to this Act. This monitoring shall take place at least once every two weeks as a minimum.

  • Regional Officers: The Regional Officers with Embassy privileges may withdraw Embassies in the case of emergencies.