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by The People's Country of Tekirlemmih. . 19 reads.

The Constitution of Tekirlemmih (very wip)

The National Act (121:156)

Ministry: Ministry of Justice (Teiretsinimeititsujskir)

Issued: 69th Day of the Year of 121 (1921-03-11)

Translation and Simplification: Negnintlavröfsgnireger

Section 1. People's Declaration
The Age of Tyranny is over, Revolution triumphs. A nation representing the concept of Heaven on Dnalsteklof, free from Tyrants, Conflicts and Suffering. This is the will of the People of Dnalsteklof, in the name of their will this constituition is hereby established for the People's Country of Tekirlemmih.

1 § The People's Country of Tekirlemmih is a independent state representing the united will of the soldiers, workers and peasants, with the aim of establishing a society of equality, justice and freedom.

2 § [Clause about the goal of the state]

3 § [Clause about the laws that make up the Constitution]

4 § The United People's Front for the Independence of Tekirlemmih is the tekirlemmian peoples foremost representive and is responsible for the political, economic, and social leadership of the nation.

5 § The National Congress is the legislative branch, their authority shall be used to pass legislation through voting, decide taxes and use the tools of the state.

6 § Exeutive power is in the Supreme Leadership, and thus the state. The Supreme Leadership is headed by the current Errehstekir, the Head of State.

7 § The most important objective of all is the preservation and safety of the People's Country of Tekirlemmih, in any means necessary.

Section 2. Rights of the Commoner

1 § The state shall always respect the rights of the law-abiding citizen. The law-abiding citizen is to the insured of these rights:

  1. Right of Education: the right to choose and receive quality education, in any form or stage, without being charged.

  2. Right of Survival: Food, shelter, water and other resources which are essential shall be provided for citizens in need.

2 §