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OEU Black List

OEU Nation Blacklist
This is the blacklist for nations that broke the rules and were punished, all banned nations will be shown here some people are domestic criminals means they committed crimes in the region other are foreign criminals meaning committed crimes against the region in another region these are usually but not limited to raid threats.

If you ever find your nation here it may not be forever some nations are banned for a day some life if all depends but sentences are done through trial (most of the time). Some nations have a chance of appeal other, others do not.

Do not break the rules, you will regret we have teams we monitor the people we ban and after the offender joins a new region we contact that region and tell them about their crimes. DO NOT CROSS THE OEU.

NOTE: If a nation is striked out it means they have been pardoned

Foreign Criminals
All members of the region Gold Diggers (Crime: Raid Threats)
Tyraniland (Crime: Raid Threats)
Anonymouspuppet (Crime: Raid Threats)
Kansas-nebraska act (Crime: Advertising)
Greenbrier garden (Crime: Advertising)
Vampmekelna (Crime: Advertising)
Neu palatiniusum (Crime: Foreign Puppet + Raid Threats)

Domestic Criminals
Denmarkd (Crime: Foreign Puppet)
Ann pigh virosia (Crime: Foreign Puppet)
Island of greenland (Crime: Foreign Puppet)
California traids (Crime: Foreign Puppet)
United yreland (Crime: Foreign Puppet)
Canadian dreams (Crime: Foreign Puppet)
Cabriam (Crime: Foreign Puppet)
Tyrianian (Crime: Foreign Puppet)
Octoriania (Crime: Foreign Puppet)
Luxembourglo (Crime: Foreign Puppet)
Arab greece (Crime: Foreign Puppet)
Carpatho Kemmerer (Crime: Suppression Abuse)
Catrinatia (Crime: Foreign Puppet)
Wellmarian (Crime: Treachery)
Kazakh Astana (Crime: Aggressive Quitting + Domestic Puppet)
New Camelot of Avalonia (Crime: Aggressive Quitting + Puppetry)
Mahatirhi (Crime: Flaming)
Michiania (Crime: Treason)
Bosssatronia (Crime: Spamming)
Brokeback mountainous (Crime: Puppet)
Centrim grenada (Crime: Puppet)
Novia light (Crime: Puppet)
Orion magnus (Crime: Puppet)
Green zion (Crime: Puppet)
Kilea netio (Crime: Puppet)
Ealwofielaniz (Crime: Puppet)
Sinriesguegi (Crime: Puppet)
Nafitawveo (Crime: Puppet)
Hnesisr (Crime: Puppet)
Taemumsassoa (Crime: Puppet)
Ground one siga (Crime: Puppet)
Tihsers (Crime: Puppet)
Shelasee (Crime: Puppet)
Roerheryieshie (Crime: Puppet)
Rosomerronhap (Crime: Puppet)
Carpatho Kemmerer (Crime: Drama + Flaming + Spam)
The WunderWaffle (Crime: Drama + Flaming)
Joshuastania (Crime: Drama)
The Bavarian State (Crime: Bailing)
NorthPortugal (Crime: Drama)
The bird duolingo (Crime: Spam)