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Exterior Executive Order 6 (Written for Prioca)

Exterior Executive Order 6
Redefining The Foreign Policy Of The Western Isles
November 3th, 2016
Enacted by Prioca

This executive order aims to redefine the foreign policy of The Western Isles by replacing the existing policy with a new one. It does so by redefining the requirements regions must meet in order to construct embassies with The Western Isles, and by reaffirming the region's stance on Raiding and Defending.

This order mandates:

1. That Exterior Executive Order 5 is hereby repealed.

2. That in order to construct embassies with The Western Isles, a region must meet the following requirements:
- The last post on the region's message board made by a member of that region must not be older than 10 days;
- The region must not identify itself or be identified as a Raider region;
- The region must have been founded at least 6 months ago;
- The region must contain at least 45 member nations.

3. That regions that are officially recognized by the government of The Western Isles as being affiliated with The Western Isles are exempt from these requirements.

4. That The Western Isles takes a stance of complete neutrality and non-involvement in the affairs of Raiding and Defending.

5. That any nation partaking in Raiding and/or Defending in the name of The Western Isles does so with neither the consent nor the approval of this office.

Prioca, Secretary of the Exterior

The Eternal Realm of Agadar