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A Glorious History: Zocra

OFFICIALLY founded on Jan. 25, 1973.

Became internationally recognized as an independent nation after the dissolution of the ORGANIZED ISOLATIONIST PACT on Feb. 21, 2013 by Ch. Nelson Freidan.
Zocra was originally called "North Garthaada" and was part of the WahPeh Confederation until the WahPeh Revolt began on Nov. 27, 1971. The revolt was instigated by a secret society called the "Order of Zocra" headed by two men only known as "Krezniel" and "Schvenckeldoppel". Nelson Freidan became the leader of the Order after the death of Krezniel and the invalidity of Schvenckeldoppel in early 1972.
The Order of Zocra was originally created in ancient times by secret scholars escaping the tyrannical laws laid down by the "Head Council of the Tribe of Garth" outlawing the language of Xomtka. The Order seemed to have faded out centuries before Krezniel and Schvenckeldoppel reestablished it in 1950.
Nelson Freidan, an expert bomb-maker and intelligence officer working for the Pehlada Intelligence Organization (PIO), a WahPeh Confederation spy agency, joined "K & S" in 1958 and started planning the Revolt...