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List of NationStates Issues And World Assembly Proposals Authored by Me

Published Issues
0479-@@LEADER@@, Put on a Yellow Light-Published by Nation of Quebec
0552-Must be a Full Moon Published by Candlewhisper Archive
0575-Sick Days for Sick Waves Published by Candlewhisper Archive
0664-Your Land or Mine? Published by Candlewhisper Archive
0716-Cheek To Cheek - Published by Ransium
0733-The Path Less Travelled - Published by Wyethalania
0762-Double Down on Double Pay- Published by Caracasus
0895-Stop Training and Start Coaching -Co-Authored by Jutsa published by Candlewhisper Archive
0981-Westfailian Sovereignty Published by Baggieland
1022- Failure To Respond- published by Candlewhisper Archive
1071- Up The Creek- Published byThe Marsupial Illuminati
1095- Make The Cut- published by Candlewhisper Archive
1103- Dgu Takeaway Published by Baggieland
1158- Flying Into A Rage- published by Candlewhisper Archive
1237-A Polar Bear's Tail Published by Baggieland
1256-Train In Vain Published by Baggieland
1327-Which Right Is Right? Published by Baggieland
1426-She's a Keeper- Co-author Honeydewistania Published by Electrum

Number of Issues By Co-Author:
Jutsa- 1
Honeydewistania- 1
Total Published Issues With Co-Authors: 2

Number of Issue By Publisher:
Candlewhisper Archive- 7
Nation of Quebec-1
Ransium- 1
Wyethalania- 1
Caracasus- 1
Baggieland- 5
The Marsupial Illuminati- 1
Total: 18

Easter Eggs Found: 11

WA Proposals
469- Reduce Food Waste (Co-Authored By Kenmoria and Dmitry II)
WA Resolutions with co-authors: 1

Number of WA Resolutions By Co-Author:
Kenmoria- 1
Dmitry ii
Total Published WA Proposals With Co-Authors: 1

Total: 1

Thank you to everyone who has helped in the drafting and publishing process