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Additional modern day words for Yaim Rusurian Mando'a (non alphabetical)

This will be modified as the Yaim Rusurian linguists continue to create words and release them for public viewing.

For a Full list of words without these modern dialect additions please see the following website:

Government: Kavam’ak [khav-AM-ak] Based almost entirely on the Yupik word of the same meaning
Tank (Tracked armored vehicle): Harcir'ov [har-CHEER-ov] Based on Hungarian word of same meaning, with heavy modification
Armored Personnel Carrier: Arcir'sam [ar-CHEER-sahm] Based on word for tank, with variations to distinguish the two
Her'eskad: Word for the massive powered armored suits worn by the Neo-Crusader army branch, also the name for said branch in Mando'a