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The Wikipedia-like Overview of De Geweldige Sierlijke Katachtige Utopia en Zijne Autonome Machten ov Valentine Z.

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De Geweldige Sierlijke Katachtige Utopia en Zijne Autonome Machten ov Valentine Z
(The Graceful and Wonderful Feline Utopia and its Glorious Autonomous Superpowers of Valentine Z)


Motto: Een Natie gebou op Amour, Cuidado, et Rikai (A nation built on Love, Care and Understanding)
National Anthem: LinkA Better Future


Population: 12 billion (Jan 2090) (15,359 million for NS Stats version)
Density: [N/A at the moment] km2

Capital: အောက်ပိုင်း ရန်ကုန် (Aoutpine Yangon)
Largest City:

Official Language: Valkyrie Sprak, English

National Language: Valkyrie Sprak, English, among the rest of the languages known throughout history of Earth

Demonym: Valentians

The Meowvellous Wonderful World of Valentine Z:
• Valentijn “De Sierlijke en Vrij Valkyrie General ov Valentine Z” Samantha Maxwell Delta Weston Stijn Angelus Tracey Mitchell Tristian Marnix Basilisk Lewis Hyatt X. Constantine Sein Lin Zaw Naing
• Chief Aviator Gwen Tracer Hepburn “Fate of Existence and the Omniverse” Ellen Trixie Caitlin Foxworthy Avril Verlene Eveline Celinda Sammy Doris T-Rev Oxton Arielle Lindall Leslie Vitesse Allison

The following nations below are under Valentine Z's administrative division.

The Clarissa's Vagrant Persona of Alanis Star:
• Exuberant Superintendent T-2000/2904-3 Surveillant Clarissa Alanis Star Breya « La Amoureux Chéri » Millie Taissa Butterfly Mélody Coraline Jolijn Trini Clementine Hollie Samantha Zeta Harumi
• Zastępca Strażnika Adriana Krystal Desiree “Cudowny Manipulacja Światłem” Venus Kowalski Faith Stanisława Engelse I. Cherise Krystyna Zaborowska Sztormowska Pamela Alina Re. T. Lillian

The Heerlijke Opperheerschappij of Victoriaans Nederlands
• Foresittend Marcus Alan Ariel Maximillian “Infinity Hunter” Swifty Felix Maverick Prometheus Revlin Lynx Artyom Lichtenstein Baptiste C. Viot. Talon Haydn Lincoln Taal Reynolds Fang Wu Ying
• Vice Foresittend Jolyn Maxine Caulfield Moira “Неуловимая, Женщина-шпион” Marlene Wendy Lucille Lapis Jill Khorosheva Vin. Zolina łnt. Natasha Vasilisa Helen Ceeta Tescelyn Maximovna

The Overwatch's Enhanced Bastion of Voorzichtigheid:
• Head Secretary Jamie Izabella Maxie Clara “The Elegant and Magnificent Mathematician” Pernella Ellie Natie Lexie Marie Valerie Ruby Æstriðr Fni. Clementine Millicent Lizbeth Alex Cass Eirian
• Assistant Secretary Mandy Juliet Voorzicht “Le Diplomate Indiscutable Mais Maladroit” Willow Stephanie Madison Rose Hélène Deborah Colette Diva Lydia Koh Raphaëlle Lucie V. Trs. Bertillon

The Scientific Super Colliders of Vostrov:
• Premier Ministre Kendrick Elliott Quinton Øistein Håvard “Ustoppelig Vilje” Demetrius Barrett Anderson Jovita Eril Moff Tarvin Dsv. Gudmund Ronny Runar Elias Dp. Marius Andres Hemmingsen
• Vice Premier Ministre Markus Tom Lincoln Schillinger Lewis Joyelle Wei Jaiden X. “Hraður Og Banvænn” Nordmann M. Geoff Julius Wyatt Junius Mar Sigfastur H. Vix Svanmundur Gunnarsson

The Beautiful Mathematicians of Mathematik:
• President Brook Angelo Pythos R. Voorstein Taylor Gwenaël Yves L' Hôpital

The Time-and-Space Benders of Natuurkunde:
• President Nikola Maxwell E. Steiner Wattson Hvalimir Nestorovski Tesla

The Heldere n Betoverde Dimensie of Garden at 6th Mile Road (Unofficial Territory):
• Holly Aceline “De Stralend en Wonderbaarlijk Licht Koningin Van Haar Mooie Universum” Aurora Symantha Vreugde Astrid Lavender Lexis Lilac Harmony Tsi. Marlie Nova Radiant Lapia Starlight

• Upper House: Chief Senator Annette Shannon Gwendolyn “Höchste Gerechtigkeit Und Heitere Ehre” Melissa Liliah Nelie Irella I. Steinhäusser Magdalena Tammy Elizabeth Jennifier Dorothea Wanda Ec. Lexer
• Lower House: Intelligence Officer Jenny Claudia Joy Lena Linette “Sombra De Kenshutsu Sa Renai Hakkā” Marce Tanya Mayweather Ik. D. Do. S. Morishita Whitney Sakurano Fujima Felice Hoshiko Radiance

• Head: Lead Ambassador Germaine Athena “Mercy De Herzhafter Schutzengel” Sylvi Angelina Zoe Sophia Jen Alanna Rx J. Hailie Ziegler Halls Constance Pauletta Ginevra Lola Lauran Ambra Tschanz
• Assistant: Head Diplomat Charlene Jeannie Natalia Adeline Marceline “Wanbyeoghan Hyeobsang-Ga.” Celestie Christine Irelle Dv. Arianna Rees Edith Novena Annie Ciara W. I. Bethany Myong Suh-Hyung

Establishment: From the former countries and colonies
Independence: c. 1st of Jan, 2000 (0-000, 0 : 00 : 00 under the new Decimal Time)

Land Area: 141,247,976 km² (54,536,148 mile²)
Water Area: 361,132,000 km²
Water %: 71.8

Highest Point: Mount Everest / 8,848 meters
Lowest Point: Mariana Trench / -11,034 meters

GDP (nominal): 6,713 trillion Universal and Reliable Valentian Credits
GDP (nominal) per capita: 437,129 Universal and Reliable Valentian Credits

Human Development Index (NS Version): 1.0000

Currency: Valentian Credits (VC)

Time Zone: N/A

Drives on the: Right

Calling code: N/A

Internet TLD: .vz

The Meowvellous Wonderful World of Valentine Z

De Geweldige Sierlijke Katachtige Utopia en Zijne Autonome Machten ov Valentine Z (The Graceful and Wonderful Feline Utopia and its Glorious Autonomous Superpowers of Valentine Z), or simply known as The Meowvellous Wonderful World of Valentine Z, is a combination of nearly the entirety of Earth. Its territories covers the entire Earth, minus Australia, which belongs to The Borderlands of Vidunderlige Nye Verden. Valentine Z covers 141,247,976 km². Valentine Z comprises of 6 other autonomous regions under its control. The nation as a whole has an autocratic government system, with the roles of President, Vice-President, Prime Minister, and Vice Prime Ministers there just for namesake, while the military itself has the largest power (led by General Valentijn).

The pre-Valentian history was identical to the history of what was known as "Earth with non-disastrous Cold War results". For this parallel, the Cold War escalated and the world was separated to two sides: The Western Hemisphere (USA and its allies), and The Eastern Hemisphere (USSR and its allies). On the grim evening of 25th of September, 1998, both USA and USSR had enough of each other. They launched nuclear missiles at one another, as well as through its ally regions. Basically, almost every single square mile of the Earth was bombarded by radiation.

From the ashes of the old world, comes terraforming, and a new Earth of peace, love, and harmony. Valentine Z's role is to unite the world under one roof, as well as to prevent further atrocities and crimes against humanity from happening again. Namely, Valentine Z has sworn off its usage of nuclear weapons on international stages (though 16 ICBMs are kept in case of possible large-scale invasions), while recognizing the presence of other worlds, and even other Earths, through parallel universes. Risen from the ashes of Earth's former nations and colonies, Valentine Z's aim is simple: For betterment of humanity, as well as to eliminate discrimination based on race, religion, or ethnicity. As of Jan 2050, Valentine Z set itself a goal to colonize Mars to accommodate the growing population, and by 2060, most of the Valentians have taken their first flight to Mars, setting up a permanent colony on the new red planet.

Valentine Z operates on an Autocracy, with Limited Capitalism and a degree of Socialist and Communist ideologies implemented in its economic system.

Canonical Stats and Policies can be viewed here for a quick summary:

A direct inspiration from Pilarcraft, and thanks to Zitravgrad for further refinement! ^^

The Canonical Stats

The Canonical Policies





Valid for Valentine Z?



The nation does not hold democratic elections.





Government power is substantially delegated to local authorities.





The nation practices a feudal system of lords and serfs.




Free Press

The media's right to free reporting is legally protected.





The special status of a royal family is enshrined in law.




Native Representation

Only native-born citizens may hold elected office.




No Dissent

Public protests are illegal.




Pledge of Allegiance

The daily singing of an anthem or reciting of a pledge is compulsory in schools.




Proportional Representation

Votes translate linearly to elected representation, with no seats or electoral college.




Public Protest

The right to public protest is considered to be essential.





Parliamentarians are randomly selected.




State Press

Only state-controlled media is permitted.




Term Limits

Elected representatives must leave office after a legally mandated amount of time.





Worship of the official state religion is mandatory.




Affirmative Action

Organizations are required to meet demographic quotas.




AI Planning

The nation runs an AI-backed planned economy.





The nation pursues a policy of economic self-sufficiency.





Cannabis may be legally purchased.





Private industry is permitted within a market-based economy.


Yes. But limited.


Child Labor

Children may be legally employed as workers and contractors.




Maternity Leave

Women receive paid leave from employment for childbirth.





The state mandates the use of the metric system.




No Aircraft

Aircraft are banned.




No Automobiles

Cars are banned.




No Computers

Computers are banned.




No Drugs

All recreational drugs are prohibited.




No Gambling

Gambling is illegal.


To an extent, yes.


No Internet

Citizens may not connect to the Internet.




No Nuclear Power

Nuclear power generation is prohibited.




No Video Games

Computer games are banned.




Nuclear Power

The nation is nuclear powered.


A little bit, yes. 10% of energy generated.



Alcohol is banned.





Slavery is legal.


Absolutely not.



Industry is owned and run by the government in a centrally planned economy.




Space Program

The nation runs a space program.




Universal Health Care

The state provides health care to all citizens.




Wage Control

Wages are fixed by law.


No, but minimal wages are present.


AI Personhood

Artificial beings are legally recognized citizens.




Arranged Marriage

Marriages are arranged by the state.





Religious worship is prohibited.




Body Integrity

Citizens may not pierce their bodies nor circumcize their children.




Child Self-Rearing

Children are left in the wilderness to raise themselves.




Compulsory Organ Harvesting

Citizens have no say in the medical use of their bodies after death.





Citizens are legally entitled to end their lives.





Citizens are not permitted to reach old age.





Same-sex relationships are illegal.




Marriage Equality

Citizens of the same sex may marry.




No Abortion

Abortion is illegal.




No Adultery

Adultery is prohibited by law.




No Contraception

Contraception is illegal.




No Marriage

Marriage is prohibited.




No Sex

Biological reproduction is prohibited.




No Smoking

Smoking is prohibited, even in private.


No for private.


No Sports

Physical contact sports are prohibited.




No Zoos

Animals may not be kept in confinement.


No, but zoos are inspected.



Clothing is forbidden.




Parental Licensing

Citizens must acquire a license in order to have children.




Permanent Marriage

Divorce is illegal.





Citizens may have multiple spouses.





Strict modesty laws govern how citizens may dress.




Sex Education

School-age children receive mandatory sex education.





Vegetarianism is compulsory.




Capital Punishment

Citizens may be executed for crimes.

Law & Order




A period of military service is compulsory for all citizens.

Law & Order

Yes, 2 years.


Corporal Punishment

Criminals may be ordered to undergo physical punishment.

Law & Order




The nation enforces a national curfew.

Law & Order



DNA Harvesting

Citizen DNA must be submitted to the state.

Law & Order

Yes, but only if to continue living with a synthetic body, or in a digital world.


Gun Control

Citizens are forbidden from owning firearms.

Law & Order



Gun Ownership

All citizens are required to own a firearm.

Law & Order

Legal, but not compulsory.


Human Sacrifice

Religious sacrifice of human beings is legal.

Law & Order



ID Chips

Citizens are administered an under-the-skin ID chip.

Law & Order



No Judiciary

The nation has abolished the court system.

Law & Order



No Prisons

Jails and prisons are not employed.

Law & Order

Yes. Jails are indeed used, but treated properly.


State Surveillance

The state heavily monitors citizen behavior and communication.

Law & Order



Climate Treaty

The nation is a signatory to an international climate treaty.




No Emigration

Citizens are not permitted to leave.




No Immigration

Foreigners cannot become residents.





The nation opposes the use of WMDs.




Weapons of Mass Destruction

The nation claims the legal right to use WMDs.


Yes, but only when absolutely necessary and all forms of diplomacy is exhausted.

Read factbook


The name Valentine Z was thought up by General Valentijn himself, right after Valentine's Day. The name is designated to be synonymous with the day of the lovers, which is expanded into the context of the entire nation, and ultimately the world itself. The basic notion is to create a nation that will solve conflicts through peaceful means, and in peace time, to create and nurture the nicest and most caring populace.

The standard way to refer to a citizen of Valentine Z is as a "Valentian." For other autonomous nations, they have their own demonyms, namely:

Alanis Star: Stars, or in rare cases, Alanians.

Voorzichtigheid: Titans.

Victoriaans Nederlands: Do note that while they are called “Dutch-Germans”, it is indeed true that many of them are neither Dutch nor Germans. It is simply a broad term for those that has resided within the countries that Victoriaans Nederlands was originally composed of, i.e. The Netherlands, Russia, and Germany.

Vostrov: Simply Vostrovs.

Mathematik: Mathematicians.

Natuurkunde: Physicists.


Pre-Valentian Era
The pre-Valentian history was identical to the history of what was known as "Earth with non-disastrous Cold War results". For this parallel, the Cold War escalated and the world was separated to two sides: The Western Hemisphere (USA and its allies), and The Eastern Hemisphere (USSR and its allies). While there were constant conflicts, one positive side about the war was that the technology has advanced much further than anyone has seen - Quantum Physics, Short-Distance Teleportation, Immortality was in the works, Dumb AIs are being made... a bloodshed with scientific advancement with its side effect, as the survivors have commented.

At the height of its conflict, billions of lives were lost in the conventional warfare, while any attempts to negotiate always broke down and result in a death of a diplomat. It was commented by Head Diplomat Charlene that "Anyone who stood on the international pedestal lasted 20 seconds on average. Both sides were simply unstable." This was all coupled with the fact that rebellion and splinter forces were running rampant throughout the world, and it became near-impossible to determine on whether they were organised by the government or not.

General Valentijn, during [YEAR MISSING], proposed to his hometown Burmese government about Project Resolute - to build a dome that would cover part of Yangon - a capital of Burma, as well as to begin researching on terra-forming to counter the effects of a nuclear fallout should either side decided to launch all their nuclear arsenal all across Earth. His idea was dismissed as a mere flight of fancy at first, but with the increasing number of terrorist attacks and news about an impending nuclear warfare, the government decided to divert their military and resources to Valentijn's cause, and at that point of time, Myanmar secretly became an isolationist nation, quietly withdrawing all its troops to either help out with Valentijn’s cause, or to contribute to the defensive measures of the country.

The aim of Project Resolute was to ensure that every single race, language, religion, nationality, and ethnic groups survive the war, in order to ensure that the cultures from all around the world would survive the ordeal. This goal was achieved with the help of then-Chief Intelligence Jolyn, as well as Intelligence Officer Jenny, who ran covert operations to randomly pick a group of people of the specifications. The selection was justified in a sense that Project Resolute was only enough for 400.000 to 500.000 people, so saving the whole Earth is unfortunately a lost cause. Despite this, Valentijn kept an optimistic view that at the very least, the blow would be cushioned by ensuring that different cultures survive.

Despite some difficulties in keeping the populace from attacking each other, it was overall a successful procedure. Head Diplomat Charlene's efforts to disarm everyone's weapons was applauded as a tactical foresight, resulting in most of the racial conflicts being fistfights that was easily quelled.

The End of the Old Era
On the grim evening of 25th of September, 1998, both USA and USSR had enough of each other. They launched nuclear missiles at one another, as well as through its ally regions. Basically, almost every single square mile of the Earth was bombarded by radiation. At that time, General Valentijn was outside the dome together with Surveillant Clarissa, though with absurd luck, both of them survived the ordeal, with the former mutating beyond human capabilities. Terraforming began on 21st of December, 1999, and ended precisely on 1st of January, 2000, designated as Year 0. The side-effect was that the gravitational distortion and altered gravitational constant (from 9.81 m/s2 to 5.55 m/s2) also altered the Earth's orbit, resulting in a perfect orbit to use Decimal Time. For labeling time, both Decimal Time and Traditional (Old Earth) Time is used, so as to communicate with the rest of the parallel Earths.

The Beginning of the Valentian Era
In the present day Valentine Z, ICBMs, chemical warfare, biological warfare - WMDs in general, have been condemned and seen as nothing but a step back towards humanity, though Valentijn ordered that 16 ICBMs be kept for self-defense, while the rest of the weapons are to be dismantled, rendering them harmless. The people have been convinced to not tolerate, but to be accepting and caring of each other, regardless of their racial or political background. Today, Valentine Z remained as one of the happiest nations of this side of the galaxy, filled with cats and kittens roaming the city freely and safely, being taken care of by the neighboring residents.

Segregation of Australia from Valentine Z
Around Year 1 (2001), Australia decided to separate from Valentine Z, forming Vidunderlige Nye Verden under Anarchist Jamison Mad Max Arielian. The terraforming efforts was simply not enough to counteract the mutation effects that have concentrated there, as well as the biodiversity and dangerous wildlife that managed to survive and adapt. Societal breakdown happened to a small degree, though just like Valentine Z, Vidunderlige Nye Verden managed to stay together and keep as one. Their reason for separation was that they had enough of the government meddling with their everyday lives; the Cold War has simply scarred them, and they even see Valentine Z with much paranoia. Anarchist Jamison commented that, "We can take care of ourselves now, thank you! We had enough of the Man, man."

Discovery of an odd dimension
[CLASSIFIED: FOR YOUR EYES ONLY] A few months later, another small region was discovered in Garden at 6th Mile Road, which was a result of an energetic concentration that occurred at that area. Queen Wisp Holly requests that she and her dimensional rift be kept private and thus, a front was set up by General Valentijn. Despite this, Holly remarks that there has been trespassers to her region, and while they are harmless, she does not want people getting lost inside and starving to death.

Division of Valentine Z into multiple Autonomous Regions
Around Year 3 (c. 2006), Valentijn decided to give more power to his closest associates, essentially to make the entire Earth (minus Australia) much more effective. That is, while Valentine Z will function as the main brain and headquarters of the world, many of the autonomous regions will be operating under their own guise, under their own leadership. That is, Alanis Star became a front for technological advancements, Voorzichtigheid is known as the “Defenders of Earth”, Victoriaans Nederlands is a cornerstone for Earth’s culture, while Vostrov and Mathematik and Natuurkunde are meant for further researches, as well as where most of the universities are.

Valentine Z’s revitalized space program, and Colonisation of Mars
By the year 2050, Valentijn realised that the Valentians are still growing and expanding at an alarming rate, and at the spur of the moment, underwater or floating cities were considered. However, they were proven to be slightly costlier than the space program, since the Valentians have some resemblance of space tech (apart from the usual satellites and unmanned crafts) from the pre-Valentian Era. With that, Valentijn and his team of officials and friends set off to Mars with the help of 1st Cpt. Angela and her spaceship, as well as Gwen with her time powers. The combined effort let the Valentians land on Mars in less than 3 hours, though it was proven to be exhausting for Gwen who has to maintain her time powers throughout the journey.

Work commenced immediately and with Valentijn and Valentina’s help, the Valentians were able to set up their base quickly and eventually, there was a permanent base, followed by a complex that could house up to 1,000 people and counting. The expansion efforts were carried out by the rest of the Valentian workforce, as well as with the additional help from Earth. However, Valentijn and Clarissa soon realised that they could have simply terraform Mars, all with the specifications of Earth. The very same tech that breathed life back into the nuclear bomb ridden Earth, could be used for Mars. As a result, the Valentians packed up, retreated from Mars and from a safe distance, Clarissa loaded Earth’s geographical details into the terraformer and activated it remotely. Within minutes, Mars was reborn, and by 2055, the whole of Mars was colonized.

The entirety Colony of Mars is under Valentine Z, though Valentine Z officially recognises Mars as belonging to many other autonomous nations that worked together with Valentijn.

More about Valentine Z's History can be read here:

This detailed account and history of Valentine Z is written by Chief Aviator Gwen Tracer Hepburn "Fate of Existence and the Omniverse" Ellen Trixie Caitlin Foxworthy Avril Verlene Eveline Celinda Sammy Doris T-Rev Oxton Arielle Lindall Leslie Vitesse Allison and vetted by the Valentian History Department, a subdivision of the Valentian Government that deals with the historical accounts of the world before the Valentian Era, as well as after.

You might know of the reasons why we should keep the history of our world – perhaps it makes for an interesting read for those that studies this subject. Maybe it’s to remind us of where we came from. Perhaps even to acknowledge of our past and the roadblocks that we have come across along the way. Whichever way you look at it, history of the multiverse, and of Valentine Z, is important to us in more than one way, and this is why I, Gwen Tracer Allison, has decided to venture out through time to discover what we have been missing, and more importantly, to provide an almost-perfect historical account of what has happened.

As always, even for someone like me, there are certainly a lot of rules and regulations that I will have to follow, especially when it comes to engaging with people in the distant past. Most of the time, I will be equipped with my own cameras to take discrete pictures of many, many historical events, and sound recordings if possible. I cannot, however, do any of the following, and note that this is non-exhaustive: I cannot kill someone, I cannot steal or take an item from the past, I cannot participate in any of the wars or historical events. The only exception to the latter, perhaps, is if I am disguised as one of them and they never suspect a thing. Otherwise, I am to be as discrete as possible with this outing, lest I have to mend the timelines that I might have messed up. Even if, say, a certain someone has committed genocide, I have no choice but to let it happen because of the possible implications that might follow afterwards. I think the less said, the better. I will try my best to go in a chronological order, though please do note that all of this did not happen sequentially. That is, I did not travel year after year in a sequential manner; it was more of a jump between the time periods. For instance, I first started with 1945, but I am eventually planning to go back to as early as 50,000,000 BC, perhaps, to know more about what lies beyond that no historian can study without a person travelling back in time to report on things.

I will try my best to be as informative and detailed as possible, even down to technical details, but I will be adding my own remarks and emotions now and then throughout. I can only hope that this will not skew whatever I have reported on, and that history will not be swayed and biased by my emotions. I will provide the information, followed by my remarks. Some of the parts will become gory and violent due to the nature of history, to which I will go no further. Unfortunately, this is not a place for me to go into detail, let’s put it that way.

1942 was one of the very first moments I have stepped into. World War 2, on this Earth, ended precisely on 5th September, 1942, 13:00 when I stepped foot in Berlin, Germany. To say that it was horrible would be an understatement. Bodies and rubble strewn the streets, buildings damaged beyond repair, survivors – both soldiers and civilians, wandering out and about with their dust and dirt-covered clothes. I managed to get a few vantage points to get pictures and videos of whatever is happening down there. For a small percentage of them, end-of-war means that they no longer have to bear the weights and burdens of a country that is slowly losing and being caved in by the countries all around. For most of them, came the suicides.

As I was walking through the rubbles whilst keeping my disguise (I managed to find a rag that belongs to no one; no blood on it either), I saw two teens in one of the alley. They can’t be more than 18 years old. Dressed in their black uniforms and the ever-so-familiar red armband, they took out a small metal tin from their pockets and ate a "mint". By "mint", I mean cyanide pill. Dropped dead within seconds. In the distance, I could still hear explosions and gunshots, but not from MG nests or from the mortars. They were, in fact, from personal pistols and grenades that these folks have gathered for times like this. My job in filming through all of this is physically easy: There were little to no one looking at me and they minded their own business, or chose to ignore me. They never seem to care about a woman holding a strange device in their hands, and that is good, I thought. Emotionally, it wasn’t easy. The suicides, the wails and cries of adults and kids alike, have been all a familiar sight here in Berlin. It got worse than that, which I suppose that I should not mention for the sake of the people reading this.

I jumped to other countries and they did not have much of a fun time, either. The American soldiers and troops have went home in December of 1942, but most of them increasingly found it difficult to get back to their old jobs. They were either fired or replaced, a good 7 out of 10 of them being forced to live in the city’s national parks. It was certainly a very tempting offer to give these men food, but unfortunately, I cannot interfere with them, even if I have good intentions. I could only apologise and wave these people away when they ask me for help.

The British, specifically in Doncaster, South Yorkshire; and Ollerton, Nottinghamshire, both in England, had multiple strikes and riots from the Bevin Boys, who were commonly mistaken as draft dodgers. They were, in actual fact, conscripted soldiers that were chosen to work in the coal mines because Britain herself needed a lot of coal. I tried to approach the strike and demonstration further, but I was forced out on the account that a woman should not have any business there. This, perhaps, might have been a positive action to happen to me, because soon afterwards, it escalated into violence, and it certainly was not pretty.

Soviet Union was far from being all right. The war has already exhausted the living and killed 28 million, but it was made worse when the secret police started searching. As I was hiding in one of the homes, I was an eye-witness to an entire group – one ex-POW and his family, being taken away by NKVD – People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs. This was not an isolated case; there were more people being either taken away, or simply shot on sight, because of potential allegiance to the evil that happened in Germany. I simply could not help them once again. I was tempted to shoot one of the intelligence officers in the foot, but I restrained.

Imperial Japan was perhaps even worse, depending on how you look at it. The atomic bomb survivors, termed the hibakusha, were ostracized by the very friends and families they have around them. There was some assistance, but that was far from enough. I sincerely thought that the relocations were bad enough, but that was, I am afraid, only the surface of what was happening. As I jumped and wandered around Japan, including going to the ground zero areas, it was an unholy sight, for the lack of a better word. There was a shadow outline of multiple people (including cats and dogs) on a surviving wall (and on the immediate ground), and it dawned to me on what happened. They were vaporized to the point of only leaving their shadows. They were literally erased from the world when the bombs struck. The innocent lives that have nothing to do with the terror and horror of war, usually suffered the greatest. I came across a particular Unit 731 and as I was hiding and teleporting around, I found a grenade pile that was waiting to be decommissioned. I stole one of them and stopped time, thinking about whether or not to kill the chemical and biological menace for good with a well-timed grenade. Unfortunately, I cannot. I should have killed the stains of humanity that have conducted cruel and excruciating experiments on their own people and on others, but I simply could not. They unfortunately have a fate that awaits them, but it’s not something that will bring them to justice. The Americans wanted them, citing that their research data was useful and could not also fall into other countries’ hands.

I have jumps to various other countries in 1942, and all of them have more or less offered the same experience of misery and brokenness of human minds. After the war was over, it was time for people to move on and there would be no more killings. That was simple enough. However, moving on has always been difficult, and in this world, it was perhaps not meant to be.

March of 1961. It was nearly 20 years since WW2, but the aftermath of history has always been around. When one book is closed, so must another one open, or as was the saying. After the discovery of nuclear bombs, the Americans and the Soviets (along with quite a handful of other countries) started stockpiling them. A lot of them. To be precise, by this year, the Americans have 16,000 nuclear bombs, while the Soviets have 12,000 of them. And the stockpile is certainly not getting smaller or are showing any signs of slowing growth. It was mostly due to most of the nations around the world wanting to restrict the growth of Communism, which is paramount to Soviet Union and its satellite states. However, of course, as with most of history, this is not as simple. It was simply not the Soviets that were communists; over the years, there have been other nations and countries that also subscribed to their ideology. The politics simply could not be narrowed down into two entities. It was no longer about the Americans vs the Soviets.

This time, it has yet again involved the entire world. United States of America (USA) and its allies in the West (including Cuba itself) was up against the USSR and the East. The world was literally divided into two hemispheres (as aforementioned – West and East), and each side was influenced by their respective media that they are fighting for a greater cause. Every day, televisions, radios and newspapers would mention Cold War first thing in the morning without fail, and yet, people would wonder if this whole nuclear weapon crisis is going to end on a peaceful note. As of now, the nuclear missiles and arms are constantly manufactured, although there was countless number of talks ensuring that they are never going to be put into use.

Fortunately, everyday needs such as food, water and electricity were still fairly accessible, with some countries benefiting from the first world countries. In this nearly dystopian world of constant paranoia and xenophobia, the amount of technology available, on the other hand, was astounding. Quantum Physics has been mastered in 1950, along with the invention of semiconductors and capacitors. Analog devices quickly fell into use and eventually into obscurity, while the Information Age came in the year 1958 – Flat-screen Televisions, Smart phones, Virtual Headsets, Digital Cameras, all made available for consumer use. Infrastructural and Medical advances were also seen – fast-speed monorails, short-distance teleportation devices, DNA repairers making cancer and genetic diseases obsolete. These advancements has been on a standstill for these past few months, with the funding being diverted for production of nuclear weapons as a form of deterrence.

It seemed like all the people on Earth had it all. That is, what they have in tangible resources, they are now lacking happiness, which in turn was long replaced by fear of sudden death. The international relationships between each other have been unstable throughout these past 2 years. Every day, key politicians and figures from both sides of the country would try to negotiate with each other in hopes that this conflict and segregation would be solved peacefully. However optimistic they were, they can never reach a common ground.

It would be only a year later that the Earth would find a group of people with the intent to preserve the world.

Americans vs Soviets would have been a very, very awful way to describe the Cold War that the pre-Valentians have suffered. The truth, is a lot more complicated, as I found out in 1970.

The war itself was generally between the two sides, yes, but there were many more small things that were happening in-between. The South Americans did not trust the North Americans that much and hence would see a fair share of spies in USA selling information back to the Latin Americans. At the same time, Brazil actually didn't really like Mexico that much and in turn would launch offensives... and the Mexicans would get aid from a combination of Canadians and the US, and as a result, the Mexicans tried to stay neutral as much as possible when it comes to spying on US, as well as siding with the rest of South America.

In the meantime, those nations on the border of the two hemispheres were hit like Finland and Poland back in WW2; UK and its immediate countries would see conflicts happening in their backyard, so much so that they have to issue a statement that, "We don't even know if we are fighting for our own land, or other nationalities are fighting on our land!" This is in combination with US and UK being buddies with one another, but at the same time, the British kind of had a growing distrust for the Americans. They alleviate this, by hiring KGB from USSR to do the dirty work, while the UK would blame it on the Russians if the US state secrets were leaked out.

Germany would be recovering from the Second World War and while they didn't have much in the way of offensives, they were doing rather well in terms of defensives. Czech Republic, Poland, and Austria formed the separate Slavic Allies away from USSR (despite the fact that there were only two Slavic nations, and, well, Austria wasn't exactly Slavic), and the Slavic Allies would help Germany economically. All of this while the Slavic Allies aided Spain and France in war efforts for offensives towards Germany.

Middle East was in an even worse shape. The Turks formed back the Ottoman Empire and in a matter of months, managed to seize the entirety of Africa thanks to the aids from Germany and Russia... as well as from US. This bigger and much more powerful Ottoman Empire, however, would suffer from its own conflicts, as many of the nations under it didn't exactly like being ruled by Turkey. They decided to ask help from US, who in turn would install an actual democracy and away from the Sultan of the Empire. USSR, in the meantime, decided to help the Sultan... under a condition that the Empire would become slightly more communist in terms of ideologies. This was quickly rejected, but the Russians still went through with their proposal – installing KGB agents and puppet states across the Ottoman Empire to bring it down from inside-out.

Japan, much like Germany after WW2, would be recovering economically and from the nukes, but it soon was under attack by the Koreans and the Chinese, as a vengeance offensive for the Second World War. Japan, this time, was aided by the Southeast Asians, despite their bitter past, and by a rather unexpected ally – the North Koreans; NK wanted nothing but destruction for S. Korea, so it was no surprise when they state that "They might as well help the Japanese in order to attack our hated neighbors." ... And all of this was done while the Chinese government was working together with USSR, in order to overthrow and reinstate communism for Japan, the Southeast Asians... and South Korea (the very allies they were fighting with, against the Japanese).

This filled up several books and volumes, perhaps even more than WW2, and even then, it was quite difficult to untangle this web of mess.

February of 1976. I got the pleasure of meeting a certain someone called Valentijn. The Valentians who read this has certainly know all about him by now. He went by Valentine Maxwell Valkyrie Angelus Constantine in that era, being born to a Dutch father and a Burmese woman. Born in 1960, he was to be conscripted in this very year, fresh out of boot camp and serving his country for a few weeks as of my meeting. A 16-year-old in the army, I thought to myself. I didn’t really meet him in the traditional sense of seeing him eye-to-eye, but I observed from a distance. He was an average young man, with average ambitions, for the time being. He seemed to have heard about the war going on around him and he would confine himself to his family or to his diary. This was written with approval from present day-Valentijn.

"I would not say I was born in the worst of eras. It might sound that way, but this war and crimes against humanity have been happening even as before I was born, as I was told. I am not an extraordinary person, and it’s about time that I stopped pretending to be one. One could only wonder what kind of live-saving schemes I have been coming up in my mind, but in all honesty, they probably won’t work. I am a 16 year old with grandiose plans. I have no means to convince the people around me. If we die one day, then I guess humanity ends here." I found himself going to the frontlines constantly, but not to fight. Valentijn often brought a platoon or two worth of men to negotiate and have truces as much as he could. The smaller forces were in order to ensure the other side that Valentijn and his country were not intent on sneak attacks, and that they simply wanted to reduce the amount of bloodshed. It definitely worked in his favor, though at times, he did have blunders here and there which started small battles.

"It was a routine negotiation and talk of truce on the Northern borders of Burma. Like I said, routine. I could have drove the Chinese and Russian occupants out of it, but I simply feel that they can stay with us, but should not enact violence with us. Frankly, I really don't give a damn on what their commanders or countries were ordering them to do; if we can settle a middle ground, I will do it. Anyway, it was going well for a good 35 minutes, then it happened. A man rushed onto me, guns aimed at me. I had no choice, I shot him on his arm for a disarming. Unfortunately, I shot him on the artery, was pronounced dead hours later. At this point, I wanted to resign but then I asked myself: Would I rather accidentally kill someone, or let this bloodbath continue?"- Cpt. Valentijn, 1985, Botched Negotiation at Kachin State of Northern Burma.

Of course, as we have learned and as we have observed, Valentijn, along with his friends, would be the one to save the day. However, even this would be a very rough journey.

At this moment in 1987, Valentijn would have been serving in his country’s army for nearly a decade, quickly becoming the Field Marshal and soon Chief-of-Commander of his army. This would possibly made Valentijn one of the youngest (or even the youngest) to become a Field Marshal at the age of 27. This would be a combination of his hardwork, and moreso due to his higher-ups dying constantly in the battlefield and in their offices. The Cold War has escalated to the point where a diplomatic mission, no matter how secure they tried, will always end up with bloodshed or multiple deaths. In the case of the most recent times, Valentijn’s country, Burma, would have seen their army’s entire brass dying to a car bomb. With Valentijn now the commander of his entire army, he decided to withdraw most of them back from other countries and hemispheres, citing that he could not afford more risks and losses from invasions and offensives him and his allies cannot win. This was still seen as a move that is beneficial, as for the first time in history, the entire world was in a ceasefire, and further withdrawal of troops seemed to further perpetuate the intent of truce. There were no killings, for the time being. Valentijn, however, had other plans.

Among this conflict and uneasiness were two individuals – Valentijn and his best friend – Foresittend Marcus Alan Ariel Maximillian "Infinity Hunter" Swifty Felix Maverick Prometheus Revlin Lynx Artyom Lichtenstein Baptiste C. Viot. Talon Haydn Lincoln Taal Reynolds Fang Wu Ying, then Colonel Marcus of Singapore Armed Forces, have devised plans to save the world. The two met together through fate (I didn't plan it this time), Valentijn and Marcus doing their usual thing of negotiation as the former was tasked with stabilising a region in Thailand. That actually went rather well as far as I saw from the distance. So Valentijn with his selection of 500 troops (the rest of the armed forces have to be stationed at other places around the Eastern hemisphere) have plans to reinforce the then-evacuated 4 km2 of Downtown Yangon, Myanmar, with supplies and rations to last at least 3 years, as well as agricultural components for self-sustainability. This was so that in an event that a nuclear apocalypse wiped out the entire humanity, there was a lineage and a group of individuals from around the world (at least 5,000 people from each country, after accounting for every race in each country) to repopulate Earth. Contractors could not be hired due to them being deployed at the Eastern borders to provide logistics for the defensive forces, and also because that would make way too much of a noise and commotion to hide it away from the rest of the world. As a result, it’s up to Valentijn, his men and a surplus of semi-automated machines and drones to get things done.

At the same time, Col. Marcus was tasked with a slightly more long-termed and essential part of Project Resolute. The first phase involved building a self-contained dome to cover and blanket the area that Valentijn has reinforced. The primary objective was to withstand the effects of the nuclear blast, as well as to be immune to the effects of terra-forming that happened outside of the dome. The dome was approximately 1000 m in radius and run through 50 meters of earth below, to provide the soil and dirt needed for natural functions required for survival, e.g. agricultural. As the nuclear attacks can be destructive at best, and if the dome is neither complete nor sufficient to protect the city, all of Valentijn and Col. Marcus’ works would have been for nothing. Even if they know in advance that an attack is going to happen, there’s no point in delaying the inevitable if the dome is under construction; it would not protect anyone.

June of 1991. It would seem that hope is on the menu for the pre-Valentians. Valentijn, with the help of connections and friends he has made along the way, has covertly flew across different countries and picked up the people. How did he know which one to pick? He simply looked at each of the country’s latest census available and picked the ones based on their race (diversity is needed), then by their character or other personality traits. However, by the time they were flew back to Downtown Yangon, it was a harder job than Valentijn thought it to be; propaganda from both sides of the conflict have poisoned the minds of the citizens from all around the globe, like some sort of globalized discrimination against each other. Luckily, his South Korean friend, an experienced diplomat, Head Diplomat Charlene Jeannie Natalia Adeline Marceline "Wanbyeoghan Hyeobsang-Ga" Celestie Christine Irelle Dva. Arianna Rees Edith Novena Annie Ciara W. I. Bethany Myong Suh-Hyung, had the foresight to suggest unarming the citizens to carry any form of firearms and sharp objects, lest they started attacking each other and starting their own little genocides. There were a few fights between the people, but they were quelled easily and the most major injuries were bruises and cuts. General Valentijn and his temporary committee have to step in to prevent further conflicts between the populace.

It was at that one night after the missions that he had to give a speech to the people he has gathered:

"Leave your bigoted thoughts from the media behind! Now is the time for ALL of you to be united as one – as Humanity itself. The survival of each of the race, religion and nationality depend on each other, and only by leaving your twisted judgments behind will we prosper. Times are extremely tough, Col. Marcus and his workers have been up day and night to finish Project Resolute. We believe that a nuclear missile might be hitting our planet anytime soon, and both sides of the war are to be blamed. This dome will cover and protect 4 km2 of Downtown Yangon, and it should be enough to withstand direct hits from around 3 megaton nuclear missiles. After that, we will begin the process of terra-forming, whereby a device will be set off at the other end of the hemisphere – which will make it around… Canada or USA, I think, in order to remove the radiation from the fallout and use the energy in turn to power our city."

A series of murmurs and discussions can be heard among the populace for that time being after that. It was quite powerful, I thought, though I have to admit that it was a bit clichéd.

"Now please, no racial discrimination of any kind. You are a human, he’s a human, she’s a human, we are all people. Media from both sides have fed you lies of each other. With that, do be mindful of the amount of rations you eat. There’s no need for all of you to starve, but at the same time, don’t be a glutton and hog all the food. A punishment will be obviously given to the people caught with excessive food."

April of 1993. Both the Western and Eastern hemispheres are more or less locked into an armed conflict. Both sides suffered heavy causalities, with approximately 10,000 people – both the civilians and army personnel, dying per day. The blood-lust was too strong for anyone to break; a person trying to start a negotiation to the other hemisphere will last an average of 40 seconds. There were rumors (both substantiated and unsubstantiated) that the nuclear missiles all over the world would be launched, but nobody knows when. The governments of each countries were too nervous to announce their plans even to their allies. The entire planet was in lock-down.

Marcus once again gave a speech to the people involved, "We cannot really say for certain on when it will strike the entire planet. Yes, you heard me correctly. Entire. Planet. I have heard from our friends and informants that they – both the Western and Eastern superpowers, are planning to strike with goodness knows how many nuclear missiles. I really doubt that Earth can survive a destruction of that scale, so which is why my team and I are rather busy trying to get the dome to work as soon as possible. The last thing we all want is for us to be nuked while knowing that our work is 99% complete. That’s not the kind of disappointment we would not settle for, no?"

"In the meantime... please still keep this a secret. As much as we want everyone to know about this, and to save the planet, we cannot have them overwhelming and overcrowding us."

Back in February of 1995, A certain robot named Exuberant Superintendent T-2000/2904-3 Surveillant Clarissa Alanis Star Breya « La Amoureux Chéri » Millie Taissa Butterfly Mélody Coraline Jolijn Trini Clementine Hollie Samantha Zeta Harumi first came into this world when her world itself became desolate in a matter of seconds, and trying to find her way around and out, ended up jumping into a portal and accidentally teleporting into the world of Valentine Z. For the Valentians, they took her as a wonderment, with her specifications off the charts and unlike anything that the Valentians have ever seen before. After quelling off the misunderstanding and hostilities out of self-defence, Clarissa explained her situation to the Valentians and from there, she grew a fondness towards the people who were around her.

Given Clarissa’s specifications and the hardware that she has, as well as her willingness for the Valentian computer scientists to study her, the world of Valentine Z advanced in terms of computing technology a lot faster, as well as giving rise to the creation of Artificial Intelligence due to her dual nature of having a human mind combined with the computer mind, and the two aspects of it working effortlessly.

A year later, the tension has gotten higher than ever before in the history. With more advancement in technology, this could very well be relabeled as World War 3, with the entire planet’s causalities to 1,145,358,102 people… Wait! 1,145,358,425 causalities. Hold on… 1,145,358,800 now. It has been a very destructive time for the humanity, with the chance of survival getting lower and lower each day. Starvation and malnutrition has also began to take over, as the food supplies are beginning to run out. While a few countries have the means to grow their own food, the unfortunate majority were countries who relied on imports from across the world.

Among this conflict, General Valentijn and Colonel Marcus were not satisfied. The civilians around the world has nothing to do with the conflict, and it’s all because of the struggle for power and control of the entire planet – through intimidation; if you have tons of nuclear weapons, no one will try to pick a fight with you. Now the actual war broke out and the whole Internet was blacked out; the countries have gotten so secretive that they don’t even know what their allies are up to. All this could be just temporary truces until either the West or the East is wiped out, then the bigger countries will bully the smaller ones. He, Marcus and the rest of the team did everything in their power and resources to provide a fallout shelter, but saving a mere 400,000 out of ~5 billion is a little lacking. That was perhaps the toughest pill to swallow for everyone involved, especially Valentijn. I saw him being constantly distraught that he could not save everyone, and that this project was even secretly done in the first place. In a more ideal and better world, he should be able to talk down everyone and to prevent a planet-wide catastrophe. Alas, that was not meant to be. You need a few billion causalities to get anything worthwhile.

1999. Feeling the need to relax and unwind even in the most uncertain of situations, Valentijn decided that he wanted to take a break away from all of this mess and that he would go out to one of the places that he would frequent as a child. Clarissa decided to tag along, saying that she too would like to see the world around her, if the people did not mind, of course. The two in their own disguises, they got into their vehicle and drove off to Inya Lake, Yangon, Myanmar. The place was rather quiet, to say the least. The streets have been silent, only an occasional state car passing through and making sure that the people are safe. Burma was not exactly known for being the hotbed of wars, but the raging war was more than enough to put everyone into such a state of disarray. Valentijn and Clarissa found a quiet place where they could talk to each other, as I stood directly in front of them, from the safe havens of the 4th spatial dimension; I was watching them, I simply did not want to startle them or have them asking 20 questions at me all of a sudden when they found me. Valentijn became more trusting towards this robot woman that simply was brought into their world one day, especially when she nearly strangled him to death out of sheer self-defense. Anyway, Valentijn expressed his remorse of not being able to save more people, and actually wondered in hindsight as to what he was even doing outside of the safety dome in the first place. He and Clarissa watched sparse numbers of people passing through here and there - they were only out there either to run an errand, or simply because they have nothing else to lost but themselves, lying on the green grass fields and waiting for their demise, whenever that might be.

It was at that moment that caught everyone by surprise. The world leaders have fired all of their nuclear payload – every single one of them, all over the world, everywhere on Earth that included some patches of oceans here and there to shoot down navies and islands alike. People started scattering and ran back to their cars to drive off, while Valentijn and Clarissa were stunned for that few seconds. His phone and radio were filled with chaotic chatter, telling and demanding his return before he gets vanquished by the nuclear fire as well. Valentijn got Clarissa to get up, grabbing her arm suddenly and running off to the car that they came by. They drove and drove, amidst the chaos, amidst all of the people that were either panicking or simply standing there. The skies were slowly turning redder and angrier, people starting to sweat more and more from the heat that was picking up. Col. Marcus and the Valentians back in downtown erected Project Resolute and was ready to protect all of its inhabitants. Valentijn and Clarissa, however, would not have much of a luck.

And then, the impact. In the blink of an eye, in the press of multiple red buttons and authorization codes, the humanity managed to kill 4 billion of its own people. Project Resolute managed to save the people that it intended to save - it was a success, for the lack of a better word. 400,000+ people saved, with the Valentians quickly fanning out across the world to look for more survivors. Pockets of survivors here and there, traumatised and needed detoxifying and removing their radiation - some of them unfortunately could not be saved, for they have been exposed for far too long. The question as to how these people managed to survive thousands of nukes would simply point to the sturdy bunkers. Eventually, even those that managed to stay strong for days, exhausted all of their supplies.

The Valentians have saved part of the world - and that is the best they could have done in such a situation.

November 1999, on New Year before 2000. Almost everyone was accounted for, with Clarissa being recovered with only a slight amount of damage on her. It was no surprise that despite her appearance, she was more or less hardened for all the harsh elements that the world might bring onto her. Yet, to stay optimistic - especially from a robot that not a lot of people think to have emotions - was something that took even me by surprise. Clarissa offered her helping hand as much as possible to the families and friends around her. The initial amount hatred and propaganda that the people were fed were slowly getting stamped out, many traumatized parts becoming whole again. They have lost so much, and yet, with Clarissa (and the other leading Valentians') guidance and encouragement, I can see their needless hatred for one another slowly melting. It might take a while, but it is a welcoming change, as I watched them from afar. They will know of my involvement in their timeline soon enough, but as much as possible, I am staying away undetected in order to preserve history and not taint it. Not this universe.

Alongside all of this, his friends and the strangers that he has saved, would not forget about him. They would ask, "Where is Valentijn?" only to be lead towards uncertainties. They were more or less certain that he was dead, for no man can survive a nuclear explosion, not especially when Clarissa revealed that he might have had a nuclear warhead striking his head. He was presumed dead, but his body was not found. At least, not until Clarissa wanted to ease her own mind and memory a few days later. Assembling a small group of her own, with a few close friends of Valentijn leading the way, they ventured out once again into the dust bowl of an Earth - dirt and radiation kicked up everywhere, sandstorms on a daily basis, no more animals and plants in sight. A dead planet, they thought to themselves.

Amidst all of this, the Valentians finally detected a large and steady source of radiation. A bright beacon, though not one of hope and instead of radiation. It was none other than Valentijn himself, towering his friends who were slowly approaching him. "What happened to you?" Clarissa said softly, others motioning at her to not get too close to the man that probably was. Then he stretched slightly towards the Valentians, along with his first few words that pierced the relative silence of the winds and dirt swirling around: "Did they make it? The people. Are they safe?"

The Valentians know that they cannot bring him in - not in that state. He needed a suit himself, but to shield his radiation from reaching the others instead of the usual function of keeping the radiation away from the wearer. And the Valentians did just that, taking a few more months to perfect a radiation-proof armor that would allow Valentijn to walk around and leave his people unharmed, even if he was unintentional in pelting them with radiation.

The armor was ready, with inner padding, internal A/C system and computers, and everything that a sci-fi soldier could ask for. Valentijn donned it, commenting on the feminine aspect of it. "Elegant, though. I like it," he said, removing his tattered rags of street signs, car doors, and the like, and wearing it proper. He was ready to go back and see the fruits of the world-saving effort. A man in a literal shining armor, slowly parading and giving hope to the survivors that have been randomly picked to start a new world.

Then 31st December 1999 hit. It was time to terraform. With no living things outside of the dome, as well as having saved everything that they needed, it was time to press the button. Valentijn got such a honor, having lead to his new home that was built specially for him.

The Valentians - now termed as survivors of the Nuclear War, as well as the future generations - got aboard their spaceships, all 400,000+ of them watching in unison as Valentijn was the last to leave Earth. With more reassurance and security in mind, he pressed the button, triggering the terraforming event of the Earth. The radiation casted away, not destroyed but reused for benevolence. The radiation acted as additional energy supply, significantly contributing to the terraforming process as Earth was torn apart on the surface and at least 10 km depth worth of underground. It was not just that Mother Nature was restored, but rather, the buildings were restored. It would be up to the Valentians on what they wanted to do with Earth as the ancestors for the future generations.

At first, it was not exactly the best of sights. The propaganda and hatred as I have aforementioned were still around, though to be honest, it was not that bad compared to the very first time they were put in together. You really could have gotten stabbed back then. Now it might just be a flurry of insults, or a small fistfight at worst. Don't get me wrong, it was still awful, but like I said, I can see people warming up with one another. And with Valentijn alongside and leading them - equally terrifying and encouraging - people learned to love again. People started making up for atrocities, and it was a good process, I will admit that. Vice Foresittend Jolyn Maxine Caulfield Moira “Неуловимая, Женщина-шпион” Marlene Wendy Lucille Lapis Jill Khorosheva Vin. Zolina łnt. Natasha Vasilisa Helen Ceeta Tescelyn Maximovna, however, dropped this metaphorical bombshell on the people:

"The past has brought us together here and truth be told, I don't think it really matters what happened in the past. That world is destroyed and gone. That is not to say that we should not preserve the past. We should do that, and to learn from it. Learn to love. Learn to care. Learn to see each other beyond differences. Take the differences as merits, not crutches. See the other's culture as fascination, not something to destroy."

After all, we as humans and other sapient beings are all in this together.

2002. In what seemed to be a rather sudden move, a good part of Australia and New Zealand decided to separate from Valentine Z, forming modern-day Vidunderlige Nye Verden that we know, under an Anarchist named Jamison Mad Max Arielian. Their reason for separation was that they had enough of the government meddling with their everyday lives; the Cold War has simply scarred them, and they even see Valentine Z with much paranoia. We don't exactly have problems with the anarchists, but it would seem like they simply wanted to be left alone. Anarchist Jamison commented that, "We can take care of ourselves now, thank you! We had enough of the Man, man," and truth be told, I cannot blame them.

He was quite a charmer, though I have a feeling that he is a little off his mind, if I am to be honest. Jamison is a little unpredictable. Valentijn simply let them be, because what use is going for war and forcing them in if they do not want to? Some of them stayed, some of them came to us, so it's not entirely "Australians and New Zealanders versus Valentians" but just people who did not exactly want to be part of a very, very large government that controls the rest of the world.

In that one faithful day of March 2008, another small region was discovered in Burma, where Valentijn and Clarissa were before the nuclear bomb fell – Garden at 6th Mile Road, which was a result of an energetic concentration that occurred at that area. At least, it seemed to be that way. I know a little bit more about what exactly happened, but you need to ask me personally if you want to know. Anyway, its only resident - Light Queen Holly, made entirely out of lights as her name suggests, requests that she and her dimensional rift be kept private and thus, a front was set up by General Valentijn. Despite this, Holly remarks that there has been trespassers to her region, and while they are harmless, she does not want people getting lost inside and starving to death.

April 2012. The world was slowly rebuilt, and people were getting happier as time went on. You can see a glimmer of hope in their eyes with each passing day. I quite like that, of course, there is no reason for me to not be happy when the people around me are. Anyway, for this particular half of the decade, and specifically 2012 as I have aforementioned, this was the era where some basic needs are getting slowly taken care of. Valentians were getting back to their Cold War status- minus the war. I mean in terms of technology and the standard of living if bombs were not dropping around them constantly.

Anyway, this year, in particular, was of note for the Valentian history, because this was when Jolyn finally became the Head of Valentine Z's own Ministry of Education. Without getting too biased in a history factbook, I will say that while she has her own strict ways on dealing with troublesome students or the general homework, she is definitely the person who is fit for such an immense task - one that is as difficult as leading the public education system of the entire world. For Jolyn, part of what made her special and excellent is the fact that she does not really like taking sides. Sure, she is with us, that is for sure, but she also will chew us out verbally and sternly (without raising her voice throughout) if we did something wrong, or something that really peeved her off. She has nothing against people, just their negative attitude - ignorance, in particular. She is not someone who will call you dumb, and would rather see that you improve on yourself through self-learning, self-help, and self-actualization. She will help you in every single step of your progress if you can show it to her that you are more than willing to learn. To Jolyn, being willing is far better than being gifted from the day you are born.

And that is definitely the reason as to how Valentine Z quickly developed its education system since 2010 (when Jolyn was starting to gain traction as a teacher), to here when she finally could handle all the funds as efficiently as possible in order to decide on what the future generations should learn. Hard subjects, and soft subjects, as she would say. She wanted a fair share of STEM students, alongside Humanities, alongside those that knows a lot of life skills. At first, it does seem daunting, but she really did it.

If I am not that uncreative, I could have called this the Enlightenment Era of the Valentians.

2018 was one of the best eras I have ever been in, and trust me, I have jumped into quite a lot of places. Whatever Valentijn, Clarissa, Marcus, Jolyn, and the rest did, it was amazing, and they did it well. Discrimination and racism was at their lowest, even with people speaking a different language, living a different culture, or practicing a different religion. There were still unrest here and there, but they were quickly resolved with both parties usually leaving satisfied. The sexual orientation is also no longer a controversial factor, with an increasing number of homosexual relationships and marriages. Things definitely were getting better for us all, I thought to myself. The standard of living is increasing steadily, and considering the post-Nuclear Apocalypse that the Valentians have went through, the fact that SoL is improving is good enough. Quality of Living will have to come later as time goes on, because it is paramount for a civilization, even for the Valentians, to build their base on a solid ground. An effective (albeit a little autocratic) government, economy that exists to provide its people but not a lot of innovation for the time being. That will be coming in later.

Although, even Valentine Z can have a bit of bumps.

Stepping back into 2025, being trusted with position of power, Valentijn "De Sierlijke en Vrij Valkyrie General ov Valentine Z" Samantha Maxwell Delta Weston Stijn Angelus Tracey Mitchell Tristian Marnix Basilisk Lewis Hyatt X. Constantine Sein Lin Zaw Naing got into a bit of a heat when it comes to corrupt practices, or by leading with an iron fist (literally and metaphorically). As he went on and on and surrounded by his friends, Valentijn became more power-hungry, sought and wanting to control the entire nation (that is, the entirety of Valentine Z) by himself. He eventually was forced to step down for a good few years after one of his decisions forced the nation into a state of disrepair – a scientific advancement across all endeavors were halted due to a contracted that he signed without consulting anyone else. He went on to reflect on what he could have done better, and to let go of the corrupt practices himself. With Foresittend Marcus Alan Ariel Maximillian "Infinity Hunter" Swifty Felix Maverick Prometheus Revlin Lynx Artyom Lichtenstein Baptiste C. Viot. Talon Haydn Lincoln Taal Reynolds Fang Wu Ying acting as the impromptu leader of Valentine Z, eventually stepping down to lead a smaller piece of land known as Victoriaans Nederlands, to which Valentine learned about the nature of leading by example, as well as being a Benevolent Dictatorship like a few IRL countries in the past. The practice of "You can be in indefinite power, as long as you lead by example and you give people power over legislation and how the country should be" became a staple of how Valentijn leads the world today. It is also of utmost and paramount note that Valentijn and Marcus might be friends, but there was no corruption involved when Marcus was assigned to be the impromptu leader; just a string of coincidences that they were close friends, but Marcus was elected fairly (and now indefinitely).

Perhaps I myself could have learned something about this myself, if I have to give my opinions on this. After spending his sentence in an oversized home, Valentijn asked for a chance to make things right and perhaps to lead his home and his people once again. Marcus stepped down voluntarily to rule parts of Europe autonomously (later known as Victoriaans Nederlands), and Valentijn once again was back on his seat of power, ruling for decades without exhaustion and giving his people all the civil rights they could possibly have while making Valentine Z a safe haven (even a utopia, crime is still a thing here and there) for as many people as possible. He also proudly dismantled the electric chair equivalent of activating someone's pain receptors - something that was used for the most heinous of crimes. Eventually, he and the Valentians figured that they will try their best in rehabilitating everyone, including those that has done the most heinous of crimes.

One fine day in December 2029. As Valentine Z further prospered into a developed world, with Valentijn having learned from his mistakes from years ago, there has been discussion on another issue that while it is not exactly something that necessitates immediate attention, Valentijn and his staff put it forward in order to make it easier for the people around them. In short, this resulted in Trade Representative Charmaine Marissa Hannah "Universal Börsenmakler en Verkäuferin" Katherine Vivian Hadriane Gwyneth Amy Emilia Margrit Vera Carina Ivanne Augusta D. Melny Teresa - the lady who is in charge of the economy of Valentine Z and to ensure that everything and everyone is humming nicely and environmentally friendly - and Valentijn discussing that they probably should change from communism and socialism to something else. See, this is going to get a little political here. As much as I want to believe that communism and socialism works, the Valentians (along with I, of course) also realised that it has been slowing down everything else, in terms of innovation, development, and the like. The basic needs were more than taken care of, that is for sure. Still, they reasoned that capitalism is not exactly that bad if controlled. And I think Charmaine put it best for me: I am not against capitalism; I am against greed. And so, after months of drafting with the rest of the staff, they came up with a new economic policy that would bring Valentine Z into another new era of development and higher standards of life - all without or minimal amount of greed that is going on.

The Valentians are extremely generous when it comes to supporting projects that they feel will benefit everyone; they will absolutely tear you apart and shut you down if you go into scamming, or you as a company goes too far in terms of greed.

A fine and beautiful morning in 2031, Valentine Z. A world built on peace, happiness, and love for one another, it certainly is a welcoming sight after the many universes that I have visited, and many, many timeframes that I have visited in the pre-Valentian Era. Children laughing, adults sharing their happiness with one another, people going to work with a smile, something that I never thought I won’t see even in Valentine Z. From the ashes, the Valentians have indeed created something wholesome. Is it awful that billions of lives died? That is a very definite yes. All the poor souls vaporized and snuffed in a matter of seconds. On the other hand? I certainly don’t mind a better world created out of this.

I do miss my home back in Overwatch, but I suppose that I can live her for a long while. This world is amazing, and this is not me being biased in any way. There are certainly much better worlds out there, and truth be told, there is this expression that goes "You can be the sweetest strawberry cake, but someone will still prefer chocolate cake," and this will also apply here as well. Valentine Z might not claim itself to be the best for everyone, but it certainly is the best for most of the people involved, and they are all happy. Everyone is happy, not out of forceful need or from narcotics, just simply from genuine love and peace.

2038. An increase in people opting into a virtual world, or getting a new body, such is the brave new world of 2035. After years of meticulous search, the synthetic bodies, dubbed Project Vital, has been a success, with Foresittend Marcus spearheading the project. Started off in 2020 in the universities and labs of Vostrov, the idea is to retain human consciousness moments before death, and to transfer that consciousness into another body after death of the organic body. Given the nature of the subject, the citizens of Valentine Z do not have this forced on them and rather, they are allowed to live and die as they please and not be part Project Vital to extend their lifespan indefinitely.

Initially, robot parts and bodies are used in order to create these synthetic bodies, as prototypes. However, thanks to the advancements and further researches in the fields of Biology, Psychology, and to some extent, Humanities and Philosophies, a replica of the human bodies are available for production by the government facilities, promising 99.9% resemblance to an actual human body in terms of functions and chemical composition, and with an added bonus of being able to choose one’s body like they would in a video game.

How exactly this works is as follows: If the Valentian (amongst many other person) are to sign up for the project, they would be given a device at their home that would copy and backup their state of consciousness at a daily rate (or whatever rate that the citizens are content with), as well as a dead man’s switch that would be non-invasively implanted to the back of their head and their heart. While this process happens over the lifespan, the user can enjoy their normal routine of life without any interference, only with daily reminders (which they can turn off) to backup their consciousness into the mainframe. The idea of a consciousness has been a limiting factor for many years, but the Valentian scientists were able to correctly determine what makes consciousness happen, and they were able to active and deactivate them as they please.

Given the nature of the project, the citizens are able to opt out at any time should they feel the need to go to the path of natural death, and the Valentian Government will gladly clear and erase any traces of the consciousness from the main servers. The servers are also protected with extra layer of protection in order to ensure that no one can temper with the consciousness of many.

Marcus certainly tried his best to make sure that eugenics was not a problem, and it worked.

The Virtual World Project was not intent on replacing every single human beings and force them to stay in the virtual world. Oh no, it was simply for people to enjoy what the virtual world has to offer. The point is, the population is still growing a little too steadily thanks to the combination of good standard of life, among many other things. As the years goes on, Head Secretary Jamie told me and the rest of the Valentians that at this rate the Valentians are going at, we are very soon going to be suffering land and space shortage due to overpopulation. Not just for one single country, but for entire Earth, perhaps even including Australia. Sure, there were policies made to "Stop at Two", reminiscent of the ones that tried to control birth rates in the Pre-Valentian Eras, but it did not feel right. It was a temporary solution to a problem that will just keep on getting bigger.

In came 1st Cpt. Angela Stella Trista Josephine Natalie Rv. E. Tps. "The Eternal Explorer" Bethany Alyssa Valeska Payton. Mikayla Gosling Josie Rowan Serenity Chelsea Mikayla Hannah Tan Fang Ling, who is perhaps the most budding scientist turned astronaut that the Valentians could ever find. Her bubbly personality, her thirst for discovery, and volunteering to establish and spearhead the Valentian Space Agency, came in at the great time. Valentijn took the news well and was looking forward for it, though he remarked that this should be postponed to a year or two in order to get the funds that they need.

And here we are, moving onward to 2044. The Valentian Space Agency was born, and pretty soon we were sending men and women (and a few cute animals) into Mars to make sure that we can establish a permanent base there, perhaps to follow with the idea of terraforming the entire planet so that it will become as habitable as Earth. Bold targets and goals, though for the time being, the Valentians took it slowly and surely, to ensure that none of what they do will be filled with mishaps. They were also very quick to close up every single loophole and possibilities of war between the two planets, because goodness knows the Valentians have had enough from their yesteryears.

With the Valentians on Earth starting to experience the effects of overpopulation especially in the major city areas, with approval from Valentijn, Clarissa, Angela, and a lot more others who have checked and probed the planet for possibility of alien life (to which they have found none - macro or microscopic), Valentine Z terraformed Mars to look and feel more like Earth - breathable atmosphere, water, plant life, and many more to come eventually. The only problem is that Mars has temperatures that are slightly lower than on Earth. As more and more people settled in, it would seem like Mars became less of Earth, and a little bit like snowy Earth. It was not prohibitively cold like Ice Ages, but the temperatures could drop really quickly and I concur that it can get really cold. Still, not much of a big deal for the Valentians who either reared their livestock in the controlled climates, lab-grown food (including meat), climate-controlled domes, and so on. You can go outside, just won't last as long if you are a Southeast Asian from Earth, for instance. Mars is slated to be self-sustainable (but still will be an autonomous region of Valentine Z) but for the time being, people really do miss Earth and would either opt to go back, or bring in and import food from the big blue planet that was our very first home.

Happy 2056, everyone!

Of course, no amount of world will be complete without its own problems. For Valentine Z, this came in the form of the Mars Valentians airing their disappointment and grief towards Valentijn and The Sixty. It was not necessarily because of them being part of an autonomous region, no. I am not being paid to say this either or am biased for/against the Valentians, I am a Fate at this point, I don't need to take a lot of sides even if they are my friends. Anyway, with that part out of the way, where was I? Oh yes, the Troubles, Part II. It was thankfully not because of Valentijn going crazy with his power. Rather, the Valentians on Mars were unhappy that there was not a lot of development going on their own planet, and that it seemed to be stacked a little bit too far towards Earth. Valentijn teleported into Mars - being more convenient than riding on an oversized spaceship. So he went in, asked what was up, people were just a little disappointed and protested, it would seem. No riots, no acts of violence, nothing. In fact, I think the most violent it got was when someone accidentally shoved someone in the face, and it de-escalated into a series of apologies and pardons. So that was good. After hearing out the people as much as possible from his stature, Valentijn gave a nod of approval and would tell the Valentian Martians that he definitely would try his best to bring himself and some of the personnel from The Sixty to help out on Mars in terms of development on just about everything.

That was resolved quicker than I thought, and with no bloodshed too. Normally, when people got their own planet, they would not want to be ruled by another planet, it was like Empires from the days of old. There may be unrest, but people seriously did not want another war on their hands if they know that they can work this out with a few words. After all, like I said, it's always good to remember where you came from in terms of history. If Valentine Z falls into another Civil War, goodness knows that we have learned nothing from the horrors that wiped out 4 billion people.

Ahh, the summer of 2080. This would be our very first foray into the world of International Sports - NS Sports was the name they kept calling it, but for the purpose of this dossier, I think International Sports would have been a bit more fitting. Anyway, we started off with NSSCRA 8, stock car racing. The Valentians, that is us, started off with three drivers at first - Clarissa, Jolyn, and then me. Clarissa and Jolyn got a guaranteed charter, which means that regardless of qualifications, they got a spot for the race. For me, I have to chase for qualifications back then until the halfway point, whereby they offered me a more permanent spot. The event was not too bad, especially considering that we were just getting started. The stunt we pulled with Jolyn (to which she does not bear ALL the blame over) was deplorable, now that we looked at it. Considering the amount of deaths that have occurred in the world of motorsports, we really should have been more careful.

Then came NSSCRA 9, the next season. This was when we once again have three drivers, but Jolyn swapped herself out for other sports commitments, with Anastasia “De Sierlijke en Vrij High Valkyrie ov Valentine Z” Freya Valentina Ada. Jolin Annelijn Caitlin Trijntje Crystal Clarice Constance Judy Voi. D. Nexitros Annile Teresa Thida Myat Yadana Aye taking the place. It was once again, not bad - I seem to be repeating the same phrase, but considering that we have not gotten ourselves into fights (I read that there tends to be a lot of fighting in this event), and we keep it as clean as possible. And then NSSCRA 10, to which Anastasia won the championship for - and also a semi turning point for us whereby we were accused of cheating. It was understandable at first, seeing how Anastasia was absolutely tearing it through, but to me personally, it does not excuse the amount of scrutiny that we got, so much so that Valentijn actually considered resigning mid-season, and for the future seasons. NSSCRA 10 was also significant in the sense that we got Holly Starlight joining the motorsports scene. I found that to be a little strange, considering that Holly is someone who often stays in her garden home, very much loves nature, and that she likes being alone half the time. She would also join other sports events too, which I will get to it later.

2088, that was when we started joining other sports. The Valentians were vying to get a little bit into international sports action, and they like it. Perhaps it should be said that we don't exactly mind the international scene, more of that we had a bit of bad interaction and experience with some of the events that we have held. Even something as holding a dinner can get very chaotic, even when you have a lot of stuff in place to make sure that nothing goes wrong.

Going back to the idea of international sports, NSSCRA was the very first foray, and it was certainly not going to be the last, or the only one. We started participating and getting into other motorsports, Formula Racing, in particular. They called it WGPC and WGP2 - World Grand Prix Championship and World Grand Prix 2, respectively. Zastępca Strażnika Adriana Krystal Desiree “Cudowny Manipulacja Światłem” Venus Kowalski Faith Stanisława Engelse I. Cherise Krystyna Zaborowska Sztormowska Pamela Alina Re. T. Lillian is the star of formula racing for the Valentians - she was still picking up her pace, so we are confident that she is going to improve more and more as time and season goes on. After all, no one is their best at the first 2 or 3 seasons.

After this, we then went into the world of football. A few other Valentians wanted their own moment of fame and thrill of playing with international opponents, and they got it in the form of Baptism of Fire (for first-time nations who just got into international football), World Cup (the name says it all), and Cup of Harmony (for those that wanted to try their luck again after World Cup; we got the invitation for the 80th season). Football events were rather mediocre for the time being but just like Formula Racing and NSSCRA, we simply have to keep on working, and then we will improve from there. The first few seasons are always going to be difficult, and we have to embrace that, we told ourselves.

2090, and once again, we have signed up for the sports that are relevant to us. WGPC's 19th season might be coming up soon, NSSCRA 11 is already on its way, and the like. More importantly, I heard and was told that Valentine Z might be going into the world of basketball as well - with The Sixty taking less of a playing role. In other words, we might finally have ordinary Valentian citizens to be doing extraordinary things, and this is going to be one of the significant events of us as a nation. On top of that, there is anticipation that Valentine Z is also going to go into the world of International Olympics. As for who might be joining and for what events, is entirely a different thing that we have yet to work on.

For now, all I know is that the future of Valentine Z, specifically for these few decades, will be filled up with sports. We also have to ensure that all the proceedings and earnings that we got from these sporting events are returned to the people, not to make the rich richer, and the poor poorer; I am very certain that this phase is way past its expiry date for the Valentians.

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General Physical Geography

The Geography of Valentine Z itself is an extremely broad range, from the highest points at Mount Everest, to the lowest points deep down Mariana Trench. This was all in thanks to the Valentian’s terraforming device, which managed to demolish and reconstruct everything down to its detail, as well as the fact that Valentine Z encompassed nearly the entire Earth. The areas of Valentine Z encompassed the entire Earth, with a land area of 141,247,976 km2 and a water area of 361,132,000 km2, all of this excluding Australia.

Time System

With the Terraforming done once in the past, the gravitational waves changed the speed and size of the orbit of the Old Earth around the Sun, making Decimal Time a reality. We simply borrowed the idea of a metric time implemented during Old Earth's French Revolution.

1 Decimal Second = 1 Old Earth Second. The smaller parts of the second remain the same, e.g. Old Earth Nanosecond = Decimal Nanosecond.

- There are 100 decimal seconds (S) in 1 decimal minute (M).
- There are 100 decimal minutes (M) in 1 decimal hour (H).
- There are 10 decimal hours (H) in 1 decimal day (D).
- 1000 decimal days (D) in 1 decimal year (Y).

There are 10 Decimal Months in 1 Decimal Year, with 1 Decimal Month = 100 Decimal Days.

There's no separate date and time format; the time format H : MM : SS can be extended to Y - M - DD, H : MM : SS.

To calculate the number of Decimal Seconds in a date, and to convert it to Old Earth Years, you can do it manually as stated below,
5 – 8 – 65, 8 : 40 : 22
= (5 * 10 * 100 * 10 * 100 * 100) + (8 * 100 * 10 * 100 * 100) + (65 * 10 * 100 * 100) + (8 * 100 * 100) + (40 * 100) + 22
= 586,584,022 Decimal / Old Earth Seconds
= 586,854,022 / (3600 * 24 * 365.25) Old Earth Years
= 18.587 Old Earth Years.

800 – 0 – 32, 0 : 05 : 66
= (800 * 10 * 100 * 10 * 100 * 100) + (0 * 100 * 10 * 100 * 100) + (32 * 10 * 100 * 100) + (0 * 100 * 100) + (5 * 100) + 66
= 80,003,200,566 Decimal / Old Earth Seconds
= 2,535.15 Old Earth Years

Another method is to simply take the digits in the format and write them down, INCLUDING the zeroes. This will be the number of Dec. / Old Earth Seconds.
1004 – 0 – 05, 8 : 00 : 03
= 1004,0,05,8,00,03 = 100,400,580,003 Decimal / Old Earth Seconds
= 3,181.502 Old Earth Years.

Conversion Table, to show each division equating to number of Decimal / Old Earth Seconds

Decimal Year

Decimal Month

Decimal Day

Decimal Hour

Decimal Minute

Decimal Second

Number of Decimal Seconds

10 * 100 * 10 * 100 * 100

100 * 10 * 100 * 100

10 * 100 * 100

100 * 100




The Climate of Valentine Z varies depending on the location itself. However, after terraforming was done, the country has experienced several anomalies compared to the pre-terraformed Earth.

For one, Valentine Z has a much wider Tropical Zone and Subtropical Zone, while the Temperate Zone, Subpolar Climate, and the Polar Climate have narrowed. This in turn resulted in a slightly higher average temperature, though thanks to Valentine Z’s solarpunk-themed means of producing energy instead of the natural resources and fossil fuel, the Greenhouse Effect is kept to a minimum.

Tropical Climate

A tropical climate in the Köppen climate classification is a non-arid climate in which all twelve months have mean temperatures of at least 18 °C (64 °F). In tropical climates there are often only two seasons: a wet season and a dry season. Tropical climates are frost-free, and changes in the solar angle are small. In tropical climates temperature remains relatively constant (hot) throughout the year.

As for Valentine Z’s Earth, the Tropical Climates have seen an increase in size compared to the pre-terraform Earth. The temperatures in the temperate regions fluctuate wildly over the year, with the hottest temperatures recorded on the fifth month, while the coldest temperatures are between the tenth month and the following first month.

Sub-Tropical Climate

Humid Subtropical Climate is a zone of climate characterized by hot and humid summers, and mild winters. These climates normally lie on the southeast side of all continents, and are located poleward from adjacent tropical climates. While many subtropical climates tend to be located at or near coastal locations, in some cases they extend inland, most notably in China and the United States.

Compared to pre-terraformed Earth, Valentine Z’s Sub-Tropical Climates has higher temperatures on average, with some months only a few degrees lower than the temperatures in the Tropical Climates at any given point in time.

Temperate Climate

The temperate or tepid climates of Earth occur in the middle latitudes, which span between the tropics and the polar regions of Earth. These zones generally have wider temperature ranges throughout the year and more distinct seasonal changes compared to tropical climates, where such variations are often small.

For Valentine Z, as usual, the highest temperatures were recorded on the fifth month at a peaking 28.3° C, while the lowest temperatures were recorded at the tenth month at a drastic 8.7° C average. Due to this drastic temperature change throughout the year, Fall occurs earlier, and the vegetation has thicker stumps compared to their pre-terraform counterparts in order to store more water and food for the winter.

Sub-Polar Climate

The subarctic climate (also called subpolar climate, subalpine climate, or boreal climate) is a climate characterised by long, usually very cold winters, and short, cool to mild summers. It is found on large landmasses, away from the moderating effects of an ocean, generally at latitudes from 50° to 70°N poleward of the humid continental climates.

For Valentine Z, the highest temperatures (on average) of these climates are recorded on the 4th Month of the Decimal Year, though the highest Median temperature occurs on the following month. The vegetation here are more or less coniferous, with trees having smaller leaves and thicker trunks in order to adapt to the slightly harsher winter conditions of the 8th to 10th Months, as compared to the Temperate Climate. Forest wolves and bears are found in large numbers, while small animals such as insects do not usually come out during Winter and would usually reside in the hollow and warm tree trunks. While not as populated as a Temperate or Tropical climates, a good percentage of Valentians are found in the regions, either living in small villages, or isolated themselves from the civilization to bask in the glory of Mother Nature.

Polar Climate

The polar climate regions are characterized by a lack of warm summers. Every month in a polar climate has an average temperature of less than 10 °C (50 °F). Regions with polar climate cover more than 20% of the Earth. Most of these regions are far from the equator, and in this case, winter days are extremely long and summer days are extremely short (or lasting for the entirety of each season or longer). A polar climate consists of cool summers and very cold winters, which results in treeless tundra, glaciers, or a permanent or semi-permanent layer of ice.

For Valentine Z, the highest temperature obtained was on the 3rd Month, at -7.4° C, while the highest median temperature is also on the same month at -13.3° C. The Polar Climate sees the lowest temperatures throughout the world, with the 10th Month reaching as low as -50° C in some years, as well having a median temperature of -48° C. Due to these extreme conditions, little to no vegetation are present, and there is a good amount of polar animals present and adapted to the colder temperatures compared to the pre-Valentian polar creatures. For instance, penguins got a slightly thicker layer of fat, polar bears have longer hair and fur to trap heat, as well as a slower metabolism rate.


The population of Valentine Z over the years from 1985 (pre-Valentian era), to 2000 (establishment of Valentine Z), to 2055 (Colonisation of Mars), to 2085 (current year), can be seen on these two graphs. Note that the conventional old Earth years are still used for the graphs in order to avoid confusion.

The first generation of Valentians encompasses the survivors that made it through the nuclear war, either from their own shelters, or from Valentijn’s random choosing. These comprises of 500,000 - 550,000 people, all taken from various nations, ethnicity, race, religion, and languages. As a result, the Valentians are multicultural, multinational people, with inclusiveness and acceptance for one another in mind, after a month or two of unrest that was brought about from their motherlands brainwashing these people to hate the other hemisphere (i.e. West or East).

More details of the Demographics can be found here:


The population of Valentine Z over the years from 1985 (pre-Valentian era), to 2000 (establishment of Valentine Z), to 2055 (Colonisation of Mars), to 2070 (current year), can be seen on these two graphs. Note that the conventional old Earth years are still used for the graphs in order to avoid confusion. The first generation of Valentians encompasses the survivors that made it through the nuclear war, either from their own shelters, or from Valentijn’s random choosing. These comprises of 500,000 - 550,000 people, all taken from various nations, ethnicity, race, religion, and languages. As a result, the Valentians are multicultural, multinational people, with inclusiveness and acceptance for one another in mind, after a month or two of unrest that was brought about from their motherlands brainwashing these people to hate the other hemisphere (i.e. West or East).

The races of Valentine Z are diverse, having all of the 5 categories and in turn exercising acceptance towards one another regardless of race.

Due to the nature of some of the Valentians, there has been a differentiation between humans, and of other races, if possible. The known races of Valentine Z are as follows:

  • Human – American Indian or Alaska Native

  • Human – Asian

  • Human – Black or African American

  • Human – Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander

  • Human – White

  • Artificial Intelligence – Along with the humans, they too were given the same amount of rights, though a random check can be done in order to check for tempered bots or sabotaging units.

  • Unknown – The Void – This only consists of one 2nd Lt. Sylvie so far, and given her status as an otherworldly person, it is difficult to determine her exact origin, while she still deserves the rights of a Valentian.

  • Anthromorphic Animals – These are characters such as 2nd Sgt. Kostas and 4th Sgt. Harris, non-human species whereby they have managed to achieve human-level intelligence through a medium. The medium is not the utmost importance, and instead the emphasis is given on the fact that they are as human as one can be, mentally speaking, and thus were given the same rights.

Population Graph from 1985 to 2085.

Population Heatmap of Valentine Z.

Population by Nationality.

Rather than going for readability, this graph represents, as a proof-of-concept, that Valentine Z consists of hundreds or even thousands of nationalities and ethnic groups. Each of the ethnic groups and nationalities are spread out evenly, as according to General Valentijn’s plan. The Indeterminates are the ones that either are hard to define their nationality, or they might not even have one. One such example is Clarissa, amongst many other robots, since while they do have a place or country of assembly or build, they do not follow a certain ethnicity due to their status as metallic robots, though they enjoy the same rights as the human Valentians.

Population by Ethnicity.

Since Nationality is a rather poor source of information when it comes to origins, Ethnicity is also considered. However, due to the sheer size of the charts and pie graphs involved, a convenient table is made in order for easier readability. The groups commonly identified as "ethnic groups" (as opposed to ethno-linguistic phyla, national groups, racial groups or similar). Smaller groups (i.e. less than 100,000) are often indigenous peoples. Do note that these statistical figures are much different from the pre-Valentian era figures, since in Valentine Z, the ethnic groups are free from discrimination and are free to practice their own culture and grow out of their own accord. The even distribution was present at first, but overtime, it was obvious that some ethnic groups and nationalities grow faster.

The population size of Valentians by Ethnicity can be found in the chart below, accurate as of January 2040.

Population by Citizenship-Foreigner Status.

The third pie chart and classification of data offers better readability, as well as explaining the percentage of the demographics in a brief but concise manner. After the terraforming was done and everyone united under one roof, the original 500,000+ people are known as Valentians, regardless of their race, language, or religion. While they are allowed to practice their own traditions and customs without any interference, the Valentians began to call themselves just that and in fact were rather comfortable with the label. The Valentian citizenship is an easy process, though for now, a Valentian is defined as:
  • Being originally chosen as one of the 500,000 persons by General Valentijn himself.

  • One of the original survivors of the old-world apocalypse, or a descendant of a survivor.

  • Having obtained Permanent Residence for at least 4 years, AND with the fit and young adults (both male and females) having been served in a year-long conscription.

  • Having contributed to one of the many state-run industries for at least 5 years.

It is important to note that these conditions are not exhaustive, and that it can change anytime, though mostly for the better. Under the Valentian Law, it is legal for its citizens to hold dual (or more) citizens to other worlds and world’s countries, since the Valentians are aware of the parallel nature of the multiverse, as well as having access to dimensional portals should one desires to travel outside of Valentine Z. The Valentian Citizenship itself is easy to apply, and only takes one’s fingerprint, iris scan, a VIC (Valentian Identity Card), and past criminal records (if any) in order to apply for it.

Population by Age Distribution.

Population by Religion.

The overall religious composition of Valentine Z has changed over the years from the pre-Valentian era, with many religions seeing a lot more followers, while others have seen a sharp or a large decrease. Buddhism, (specifically Theravada Buddhism), has seen a large increase in the number and percentage of followers, from the old-world era’s 7% to a 26.0%, as well as Shinto, Sufism, Confucian, and Baha’I, amongst many others, seeing an overall increase, though not as large as Buddhism itself. On the other hand, Christianity has seen a halving of its number of followers, from a former 33% down to a 16.0%. Islam took the largest drop from 24.1% to 1.1% of the world population, with most of it followers converting to Sufism. Hinduism also took a drop from 15% to 1.1%, though not as large as many other religions.

The main drive for the change of religion is largely unknown, though several small reasons have been found – from Valentians abandoning the religions of the olden days, to following the modernised religions that would be more suited for following in the Valentian era. It was initially pointed to the lack of religious and teaching material for the declining religions, but it was known that most of the artefacts, sacred books, and any other materials, made it in safe hands to Valentine Z; they simply lost the appeal, whatever they may be.

It is also of note that there was a death of BILLIONS of people, and the remaining 500,000 - 600,000, whilst still wondering about their uncertain future for the time being, would take up other religions from the media that they have. Backups that they have. The aforementioned deaths also means decrease of followers, and a total change of the demographics of religions as a whole. People were worried about their own future, religion became secondary to survival and hoping that Project Resolute/Terraforming would work. And with Valentine Z founded in 2000, the Valentians took up new religions, some of them changed and parted from their traditions. It became a bit too extreme that religions like, Islam and Hinduism, whilst still being practiced and accepted, have very small numbers, compared to their larger numbers of the past.

There was a slight increase in Satanism (specifically LaVeyan Satanism) to a 0.9% of the total Valentian population, though it was cited and clarified that its followers mean no harm to anyone else, and that they would simply like to follow their own sets of beliefs. This is also on the grounds that none of the religions can conduct animal or human sacrifices.

Due to the Valentian Laws promoting acceptance and discouraging religious defamations and arguments, every Valentian, regardless of the religious background, were known to be tolerant and compassionate towards one another, preferring to cast aside their differences to see each other as the fellow humans they are.

Population by Largest Cities.

Note that while the country of each of the cities are given, they are all ultimately under Valentine Z as of the time of writing.




Country of Origin


Yangon (Capital of Valentine Z)
























New York City


United States of America




United Kingdom


Hong Kong


Hong Kong










São Paulo




Ho Chi Minh City































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De Geweldige Sierlijke Katachtige Utopia en Zijne Autonome Machten ov Valentine Z runs on Autocracy, despite the outside beliefs that Valentine Z is a democratic nation. That is, due to the biology of the Valentians, as well as with Valentijn’s perceived immortality, it is near-impossible to run for an office or for a presidency. There are no political parties save for the official government, since no one feel the need to create one and in order to challenge the current ruling part of Valentians. The Valentian Army and The Valentian Government are not divided clearly, and they would see each other mixed up in each other’s businesses.

General Valentijn is a one good example, whereby he holds the highest power in terms of the Valentian Government, as well as having the highest authority in the Valentian Army. He is thus dubbed as the most powerful (and a little insane) person to control the whole world except Australia, with every action dictated by himself. With that said, Valentijn does not exercise much authority, and apart from those that tried to defy or challenge his appointment in the office, would generally leave the people at peace and would allow them a high level of civil rights, with somewhat intermediate level of economic rights; it was simply the political freedom that he brings down to, with the most of the other roles filled up by close acquittances of his, even if most roles are coincidentally filled in order of meritocracy – it just so happens that his friends are capable of each of the roles, such as an Ambassador, a Diplomat, and so on..

General Valentijn and Chief Aviator Gwen control the entire world, effectively speaking, though there indeed are several autonomous nations and regions that operates under Valentine Z, i.e. these nations can exercise some sort of freedom, but ultimately, they are all puppets of Valentine Z.

  • Exuberant Clarissa and her Assistant Superintendent Adriana control Alanis Star, and mostly on its technological aspects.

  • Head Secretary Jamie and Assistant Secretary Mandy run the military bases of Valentine Z, designated as Voorzichtigheid. They are responsible for the defensive benefits that Valentine Z gets, along with military improvements.

  • Foresittend Marcus and Vice Foresittent Jolyn control Victoriaans Nederlands, which focuses on preserving the culture of Valentine Z, as well as running and improving on the Ministry of Education.

  • PM Kendrick and Vice PM Markus run Vostrov, whereby they are responsible for the research labs that Valentine Z runs as a whole, with most of the new technology emerging from here.

  • President Brook Angelo Pythos R. Voorstein Taylor Gwenaël Yves L' Hôpital runs Mathematik, focusing on the mathematical aspect of Valentine Z, and providing mathematical help to Vostrov.

  • President Nikola Maxwell E. Steiner Wattson Hvalimir Nestorovski Tesla runs Mathematik, focusing on the physics and space aspects of Valentine Z, helping to run space stations and exploration missions for the improvement of the Valentians as a whole. Currently planning to expand to Mars to make more room for the growing population.

Additionally, Chief Senator Shannon is the law-writer for Valentine Z, drafting up and proposing several new constitutions and laws, as well as approving (or disapproving) proposals from the members of the public. For foreign relations, Lead Ambassador Germaine and Head Diplomat Charlene are at the forefront, establishing contact or negotiating peace treaties, as well as economic and cultural exchanges for the foreign nations, as well as with Valentine Z.

Foreign Relations

More about Valentine Z's Foreign Relations with other nations can be found here:
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Credit: Mechyrdia.

Being a planetary power known for peace and diplomacy, Valentine Z has attracted many, many friends during their existence, especially with those nations that either has the similar views with Valentijn and the Valentians, or due to ideology similarities. Whether or not a nation will become a close friend, a friend, neutral, enemy, or a sworn enemy, depends on several deciding factors.

OOC Note: Ending up as an enemy or worse on this list does NOT mean that I hate you OOCly; these are all ICly.



Example Nations


These nations are under Valentine Z and thus would be deemed as more than close, since, well, it is part of us, after all.

Alanis Star, Voorzichtigheid, Victoriaans Nederlands, Vostrov, Mathematik, Natuurkunde

Close Friends

These nations have proven to be very close with Valentijn and his friends, having been interacted many times on the International Grounds. It is of little to no doubt that in a foreseeable future, Valentine Z and its Autonomous Nations will enjoy the company of these nations without any hiccups. Furthermore, their policies are near-congruent with that of Valentine Z, and in each other’s time of needs, will be an asset. The ideologies may not always be congruent with each other, but it is severely rare, and in fact the Valentians are most willing to overlook the differences to maintain the friendship.

Garden at 6th Mile Road, Karamiko, The united nations of europa, Silver Commonwealth, Stanier, Skyhooked, New castillan empire, S i t k a, Northern Ateria, Zitravgrad, Low bloods, Scottish Socialists, The Albali Republic, The intermarian order, Eisenstern, Yegla Islands, The Auraverse, Cybus1


These nations have proven themselves to be somewhat trustworthy friends to Valentine Z, though at the same time, it is yet to be determined on whether they can prove themselves to be committed to defending Valentine Z and its sovereignty in its time of needs. These nations have been encountered and was seen interacting with many of the citizens and personnel of Valentine Z, though not too often. The ideologies may not always be congruent with each other, but for these friendly nations, both are willing to overlook the differences.

The Islands of Versilia, Wobbegong, Nantoraka, Greater south, Eodor, Haja-Mishu, The Zravvisk, Foxfound, Bloodshade, Persagonian republic, The great-german empire, UIJ, Iciaros, The hell legions, Gehennae, Derai, Neonymphonia, Arshanid Deccan, Inkopolitia, Adad civilization, Hirohashi, North german realm, An inkling world, Pretty much god, Hystaria, UIS Leviathan, Izukai


These nations neither have proven themselves to be the friends and allies of Valentine Z, nor are they a threat. In other words, these are the nations that the Valentians are neutral over. For neutrality, there are several reasons as to why, ranging from “ideology cancellations”, to not having enough interactivity. As for the former, it simply means that the ideology of the nation and the Valentine Z are not too far apart from one another, i.e. certain parts they agree strongly on, and certain parts they strongly are against one another. These can also be the nations that will be “the enemy of Valentine Z’s enemy”, that is, unless they have a mutual enemy, Valentine Z will leave them be.

Hammer Britannia, Socialist Communist States, -Astoria, Athralia, Czech-bohemia, Imperium christianum, Kyria, Berhakonia, Wawakanatote, Free arabian nation, Deltia-, Kyoki Chudoku, Antarctica 3, The stellar concordat, Metcalfer2, Alpes a septentrionali imperium, The inkopolitian state, Israeli totalitariat, Synne Industries, Greater Victora, Uinted Communist of Africa


These nations are the ones that have wronged the Valentians a few times in the past few decades, mostly one-time physical harm against the Valentian personnel, or disparaging comments. With that said, the Valentians are a very forgiving group of people, so even if a nation is to fall under this category, it has the potential to move up to Neutral or Friends, though never Close Friends, simply because as forgiving as they are, it is certainly very difficult to earn back Valentine Z’s trust. The ideology difference becomes more or less obvious at this point, and neither side may be willing to give it up.

The solar accords, Samantha-Higgs, Frievolk, The city-state of palmont, Fallen Albali, Kjalaara, Soleanna, Pacomia, Nouveau quebecois, Dawetid, Tupolite

Sworn Enemy

These nations are a nuisance to Valentine Z and if possible, needs to be eliminated with as little force as possible. These are nations that have constantly caused a nuisance to the Valentians, as well as not only declaring war towards them on an extremely regular basis, but also on harming or hurting several Valentian citizens and the important personnel. Also applies for actions ranging from simple espionage, to conducting terrorist operations against Valentine Z. The ideology difference no longer applies here, since it will have been made obvious that Valentine Z and these nations will never see themselves from eye-to-eye. Those under this category can only move up to Neutral category should negotiations and diplomacy won the hearts of both sides.

Pax Cybertronian, Third french commune, Hathian Prime, Supreme Authority, National authority, Hardholm, Hyperion remnant fleet, The rapture republic, Knights Mare Nostrum, Pan-Asiatic States, Alternate universe northern ateria, The Krirken Swarm, Orrostriska


E̞͓̫̪̥l̛͔̝̥i͏̖m̬̰̭̳i̧͎ṋ̟͚͎̪͎a̰̹̥t̜e̞̖ ̛̫w͖͚̼̰̳͖̗i̠̰̖͈t̠̩̱̭̙̩͖̕h̷̜͙̮̫ͅ ̫̜̪̮́e̻̖̬̖̳̼ͅx̼̦̰ṭ͙̰̭͠ͅr̺̣̻͎̬̖̹e̴m̫̬e͎̩͕͞ ̼͕̲͢p̷͍re͓͇͚̰͙j̺̣̣̟̥͉u̡̮͔͍̦̘d̻i̴̠̺̣ce̙̱.͇͓̙̠̳̺́

Crazybloxian Empire, Afrikaaners ryk, Super mutant army

Changelog - Both IC/OOC. Times are OOCly in GMT +8.


  • Frievolk: "Muslims are enough a blight on the face of humanity, civilization, and goodness as it is. A Fictional Muslim Superhero Emperor hitting every trope on the topic of 'Agent of Order' by himself alone is... even more of one." - Kaiser Johann; this proves dangerous to our Muslim Valentians/Valentians of Islamic fate, as well as the multicultural and multireligious nature of Valentine Z.

  • The city-state of palmont: Bad run-ins with the Valentians, and threats of violence towards many Valentian personnel.

  • Third french commune: Several bad run-ins with Valentians, meaningless discrimination, violence and nuclear happy.

  • Hardholm: Implied genocide against several Valentians, disagreements between ideologies.

  • Hyperion remnant fleet While we would put them under Enemy, M.I.N.E.R.V.A.'s recent comments on using a "Wrath of Israfil", additionally with Frumentarius Maksymilian Marszalek's confirmation, makes it true that the computer wanted us dead. It won't stop us from being friends with Maksymilian, though.

  • The rapture republic, Knights Mare Nostrum, Pan-Asiatic States: Aggression towards Skyhooked, as well as several other friends of the Valentians.

  • Crazybloxian Empire: Aggression towards several Valentian members. We have suspicion and plenty of evidence to confirm that they do not like us.

  • Pacomia: Hatred towards hippies.

  • Nouveau quebecois: Suspicion and (possible) threat towards the Valentians. Will be brought up into Neutral if they are not negative and are in the clear. "Murderous, violent, and born into this world".

  • Afrikaaners ryk: Racist to no end.

  • The Krirken Swarm: Threat against the Valentians. Disparaging comments against Clarissa.

  • The solar accords: Multiple threats towards the friends of Valentine Z, as well as towards the Valentians themselves. Threat needs elimination through relatively most peaceful means.

  • Super mutant army: A new and indefinite threat to Valentine Z.

18th of Oct 2019

  • The solar accords moved from Fiend to Enemy.

  • Israeli totalitariat added as Neutral.

19th of Oct 2019

21st of Oct 2019

  • Synne Industries added as Neutral, due to lack of ICly interaction, but we might become ICly friends if given more interactions!

31st of Oct 2019

  • Greater Victora as a possible Friend, though put on Neutral due to possible implications against Valentijn.

5th of Nov 2019

  • Orrostriska - Sworn Enemy of Valentine Z due to discriminatory and rude nature. Possible threat towards Valentijn.

  • Izukai - Friend of Valentine Z. Friendly, benevolent, and love for environment make this an obvious one!

  • Tupolite - Enemy of Valentine Z. Lack of interaction, but warrants just enough to be an enemy due to conflicting views.

  • Uinted Communist of Africa - Neutral of Valentine Z. The likes sort of cancel out with a few other aspects of politics.

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The military might of Valentine Z is formidable, but not overpowered through excessive means. This is all due to the agreement all over the world to disarm and make the world a better place, as well as to emphasise on the pacifistic nature of Valentine Z. However, that is not to say that the Valentians are short-sighted, as they are indeed prepared for full planetary-scale invasions, if any are to come by. For this, several of the measure of the implemented, including but not limited to:

Voorzichtigheid – The “Bastion” of Valentine Z
Voorzichtigheid, consisting mostly of the territory from the old world’s United States of America amongst several other smaller countries, is designated as the defense base and fortress of Valentine Z. In peace times, these regions and the cities they are in serve as human settlements, except perhaps a little well-armed. With that still, there are several other active military bases that runs 24/7 even during peacetime, scanning for threats, as well as training new recruits and re-training the reservists on an annual basis.

During wartime, however, Voorzichtigheid can provide response in a matter of a single Decimal Hour (2.778 RL Earth Hours), with defence perimeters set up and the reservists (currently standing at 100 million in terms of figures) called back to action in just a matter of 0.5 to 0.8 Decimal Hours. The cities in Voorzichtigheid are equipped with smaller domes, similar to the ones used first during the Cold War Era of the olden days. These domes can take up to 15 hits from conventional nuclear bombs, as well as being able to thwart most laser bombardments due to the physical build of it (instead of being a force field). Once sealed, these cities are self-sufficient, being cut off from the outside world and having the rations to feed 1 billion people for 30 Decimal Days, with the rest having their physical bodies exhumed and disintegrated temporarily and their minds uploaded into the mainframe, as well as into Clarissa’s storage units. This process, called “mind uploading” is painless, and is used mainly for non-military personnel (mostly children and those who are unable to fight, such as the elderly).

In the meantime, 100 million reservists will be re-activated back into active military service, as well as the Valentian’s original “The Sixty” armed and ready for action, to defend Valentine Z and its sovereignty for as long as the war will take, be it from external or internal threats.

The 16 ICBMs
Despite the realisation of the destructive nature of the nuclear bombs and disarming most of them, Valentijn ordered that there are at least 10 and at most 24 ICBMs to be kept by the military bases in Voorzichtigheid, with yearly inspections and maintenance of the warheads. These nuclear bombs, are any circumstances, are not to be used in a Valentian territory unless “there exists a threat that cannot be eliminated through conventional means, and the prevention of deaths of the lives of the Valentians is more than justified and outweighs the possible deaths from using the nuclear bombs.” They can only be activated by Valentijn, Clarissa, Jamie, Marcus, and Jolyn, and there must be at least 3 out of 5 votes for the nuclear bombs to be used.

The Sixty
Due to its nature and inception, Valentine Z is truly a place known for many oddball characters that live alongside the perfectly normal people. Whether the 100 million reservists are active or not, these group of 60 (61 with the new addition of Valentina) are all-time active personnel, ensuring that Valentine Z is well-protected at all times. In other words, other than their civilian tasks and everyday lives, they too have their own military-based tasks on nearly everyday basis, standing guard, ready and armed for insurrectionists or any form of dissent and invasion, as well as finishing up the everyday paperwork. Additionally, they are the only personnel to armed with powers and abilities that are not seen even in Valentine Z’s Future-Tech or Far-Future-Tech nature (e.g. Gwen is able to travel through time, while Sylvie can conjure up the powers from the Void to aid her), and as a result of the Sixty, Valentine Z’s tech prowess ranges from Modern Tech to Far-Future-Tech (FFT), with some FanT (Fantasy Tech) either in the works or existing in small amounts, unexplainable even by the leading Valentian scientists.

Information regarding The Sixty can be found through this encrypted link (a password and a form of identification is required to access the files): viewtopic.php?p=34883407#p34883407

The Equipment
As described above with The Sixty, the equipment of the Valentian army varies, i.e. the outsiders have observed that most of our defence weapons range from MT, to FFT, to FanT.

Most of the Valentians, as well as the reservists, are armed with MT-FT weapons, ranging from gunpowder-powered weapons (assault rifles, pistols, shotguns of the olden days), to element-based weapons such as a flamethrower, to energy-based weapons such as lasers, prism cannons, and EMP-based disruptors.

Other times, there are substantially much more powerful FFT and FanT weapons at work, such as Sylvie’s Void Rifle that draws power from the phantom universe that she reigns in, and Robert’s Darkness-based weapons and attacks that uses the power of nightmares and darkness itself to aid him in his will.

FFT weapons include Gwen’s railgun and pulse pistols (for the latter, she can reload simply by reversing time for the pistols (so that they have back the same amount of energy as before being fired)), as well as Genevieve’s set of abilities that can call upon the powers of the elements to aid her.

More about the Valentian Military and Civil Defence Forces can be found here:

Hello to you, Dear Reader,

First and foremost, I would like to once again welcome you to the humble nation of Valentine Z. If you are reading this, it means that you are either taking interest in her Defensive Forces, or that you have volunteered, or perhaps you have been drafted. Either way, rest assured that you will be taken care of by myself, as well as by the many other commanders and personnel. We are glad to have you around, whether you are the citizen, or a permanent resident, or a foreigner, or even a curious tourist.

By this point, you will have realised that while we pride ourselves on possibly being the most peaceful nation this side of the multiverse, we also have to deal with the constant barrage of threats that are headed our way. Most of the time, they were simply empty threats made in the spur of the moment, but it is without a doubt that there are times when the words of our enemies are backed by their nuclear missiles, along with many others. We must not take this peace for granted, and we must not be complacent that we don’t need a standing army and win our aggressors with heart and peace talks.

More often than not that I would like to mention, peace talks can and will fail if worse comes to worst, and as a result, the Active Personnel (around 61 of us), along with the reservists (that means all of you), play an equally useful role in thwarting aggressors from attacking us, and if they managed to do so, to retaliate and to make it loud and clear that the Valentians are not to be trifled with. We might not have the best technology, or the best weapons, or the best equipment in the world, but we are backed by camaraderie, selflessness, and the ability to persist even in the darkest of times. As they always say: Even the hardest material is not as resilient as a human mind, and you are all equally important to VDF, regardless of rank.

Good luck out there, Soldier,
- Valentijn “De Sierlijke en Vrij Valkyrie General ov Valentine Z” Samantha Maxwell Delta Weston Stijn Angelus Tracey Mitchell Tristian Marnix Basilisk Lewis Hyatt X. Constantine Sein Lin Zaw Naing

A fully-functioning army, as well as the civil defense forces, in any nation always have divisions – you are only performing your utmost best if you have the Infantry backed up by the Artillery Division, which is in turn backed and tanked by the Armour Division, and all of them are protected by the Navy, which in turn has the Air Support that they truly need. Intelligence is good too, because after all, knowing is half the battle as it was commonly said! In any case, the Valentian Defense Forces pride ourselves on the diverse nature of our operations, from the Army, to the Air Force, even to the domestic Civil Defense Forces that tackles and ensures the safe and sound nature of Valentine Z domestically.

As of now, the Valentian Defense Forces boast a total of no fewer than 1,000,000,000 soldiers, most of them being reservists given our peaceful and non-involvement in most of the interdimensional and external disputes. The Valentian Defense Forces, as of the time being, boasts a small but formidable active numbers of 61, commonly known and codenamed The Sixty. During wartime, or in the event of an invasion, the reservists are activated and moved quickly and efficiently to Voorzichtigheid, the bastion and informally termed the white blood cells and antibodies of Valentine Z.

Voorzichtigheid can provide swift response in a matter of a single Decimal Hour (2.778 RL Earth Hours), with defence perimeters set up in just a matter of 0.5 to 0.8 Decimal Hours. The cities in Voorzichtigheid are equipped with smaller domes, similar to the ones used first during the Cold War Era of the olden days. These domes can take up to 15 hits from conventional nuclear bombs, as well as being able to thwart most laser bombardments due to the physical build of it (instead of being a force field). Once sealed, these cities are self-sufficient, being cut off from the outside world and having the rations to feed 1 billion people for 30 Decimal Days, with the rest having their physical bodies exhumed and disintegrated temporarily and their minds uploaded into the mainframe, as well as into Clarissa’s storage units. This process, called “mind uploading” is painless, and is used mainly for non-military personnel (mostly children and those who are unable to fight, such as the elderly).

Valentian Armed Forces

Also known in short-form as the VAF. Our men in green, brown, and whatever camouflage that they might need, the VAF is the biggest division we have in the Valentian Defense Forces, in terms of sheer numbers. We have our usual 61 active troops who might be mentioned a few too many times over this document, and by our count in 2085, we have a whopping 400,000,000 soldiers as reservists, serving regardless of race, language, or religion. We also have pacifist roles for religious reasons, but of course, we do recommend fighting if needed. As much as we live our peaceful lives, there are a lot of hostile elements out there, and it's best that we are ready for an invasion event.

Valentian Armed Forces Structure
The typical structure of VAF is as follows:
  • A fireteam consists of 2-4 troops.

  • Squad consists of 5-30 troops.

  • Platoon consists of 40-100 troops.

  • Company consists of 200-500 troops.

  • Battalion consists of 600-1000 troops.

  • Regiment consists of 2000-20000 troops.

  • Division consists of 30,000-60,000 troops.

  • Corp consists of 80,000-200,000 troops.

  • Field Army consists of 300,000-600,000 troops.

Army Groups, and Theatres are not usually counted formally, but it is of note that they consist of several divisions, corps, and field armies if needed. As for the separate divisions that are involved, the numbers vary, but we will certainly be looking into them in fuller detail.

Meet your Commanders!
The Army as a whole is lead by Field Marshal Jacob Dalston Sullivan Kelvin “Az Alvilág Örök Fenyegetése” Jamilian Svi Donald Zobor Tres. Taylor Xavier Ryman Axel Simon Váradi Szőke Mészáros Barnabás András Krisztián alongside Marshal Benjamin Donnie Derrick Taylor Andrew A. “Ceann láidir” Harley Bennie Wattson Sidney Greyson Donovan Ó. Patrickson Moires Archie Jesse Gibbons Timothy Martias Sam Fiannaidhe.

The Divisions of Valentian Armed Forces

The Infantry Division
Perhaps the most basic and yet essential of any armed forces, these men and women on the battlefield ensure that our land is safe from an invasion, as well as deterring aggression. As to quote a Linkparticular website: "He is the Duckfoot, the Mehmet, the Tommy, the Poilu, the GI, the average infantry soldier. He is the most boring arm of any Armed Force, to the point that many of its members are forced to be there. But, boy, is he the most practical." In the same spirit, our Valentian men and women in the Infantry are probably nothing special at first glance, but they are also the most versatile and flexible group of soldiers that can turn the tide of a situation at hand. It is also of the note that in every respectable military, the infantry is a must-have, because while we can shoot and blow up things from a distance, it's no good if we do not have our men in uniform stationed there.

They are the all-rounders of our army - they can do a lot of fighting, knows a little bit of medical skills, can be sent into recon missions with limited success, they have the basic means and know-hows to drive the military vehicles, as well as operating their weapons, and everything in turn. They are the jack of all trades, but when we need more than the all-rounders, that is when we pull up the other divisions.


The Cavalry Division
The name was a leftover from the olden days of pre-Valentian Earth, back when horses were still used in wars, and thus the name Cavalry. Nowdays, in modern Valentine Z context, that basically more or less means soldiers who fight like the Infantry Divisions, but with emphasis on being faster responders. They are equipped slightly heavier than their infantry counterparts, usually seeing the role of being the reinforcement. Being equipped heavier would slow them down to an extent, and thus is the reason why they have been given access to more mobile vehicles that the Valentian Army has. "The Cavalry's here!" would mean that the Infantry just got a bonus in their fighting capabilities, mostly on the fronts of them having more superior firepower.


The Armoured Division
If our sheer infantry and numbers are not going to work, there is perhaps the bigger side of things that we can definitely work with. I think it was more or less said and established that when the wars happened in the pre-Valentian Era, the military as a whole was already motorized. We put a step further into this with the likes of cyborgs, robots, fully automated tanks and military vehicles, all rolling into the battlefield. While they have the much powerful armaments, as well as the higher defensive capabilities (they can take a lot more hits compared to our human counterparts), they are also countered by the lack of mobility alongside the sheer cost to deploy them. These guys do not come cheap, and require a bit of maintenance on a constant basis.


The Artillery Division
This is perhaps the best and most we can go without orbital or air strikes, which we are not exactly the big fans of; they have a very high collateral damage rate, and they also affect innocent people so much. As a compromise of that (when we know that there are lack of innocent civilians in the vicinity), and as a last-resort (we know of the civilians, but we will have to take out the defenses in the city areas), this is where our artillery division comes into play.

We have the usual mortars, howitzers, and perhaps even an anti-aircraft or two, that helps dealing with softening the strength of enemies' defenses. Mortars come in two flavors - towed and self-propelled. The towed mortars are a sub-division of the infantry, while the self-propelled mortars are a sub-division of the engineers. Of course, we Valentians know of the human lives that would be affected by the falling of the shells, and thus we are not a fan of chemical and biological agents added into our mortars; they are purely physical and explosive, with no intent to corrode, infect, or otherwise. If we think that we cannot launch these shells into a city, then perhaps it would be up to the Intelligence division, or the long-range recon groups.


The Support Division
The backbone of every army, these guys make sure that your infantry has the best resources available to them, to ensure that the armored division has the supplies and logistics needed, to ensure that the artillery has their shells, and more importantly, to make sure that the Valentian Army (and the Navy and the Air Force) are well-maintained and healed up. They consist of combat medics, supply and logistics, and engineers mostly, but there are also drivers, which we call them transport engineers.

Combat Medics definitely need no explanation. They spent their times in the battlefield alongside their comrades, making sure that they are in excellent fighting condition. They are not as defenseless as most media thought them out to be, and instead are trained and armed with weapons of their own. The most important thing I have learned in my time is to not make a combat medic mad, be it when you are on their side, or you are their enemy. I don't think we need further explanation as to why it is a bad idea to make your doctor mad. As for the enemies, I have seen a particular combat medic tending to his comrade before a stray bullet from the raging battle around killed him. The medic was out for blood next, fighting off waves of enemies by himself while he ensured the safety of his men.

Supply and Logistics - the men and women that help equip. It does not matter whether you are infantry, calvary, armored, artillery, or even a higher-up like me. Whether you are charting a mission, or you are in the battlefields, these guys will make sure that every single supply is not wasted, but also keeping you constantly replenished. While I plan the missions, the logistics personnel beside me would be the one that has the final say, more or less. They make sure every weapon and bullets are accounted for (one lost, one too many), every vehicle passed inspection, and of course, more importantly, they make sure that we do not overrun our budget.

Combat Engineers and Transport Engineers - they surely know how to get around, and are ones that can drive a truck full of medical supplies into the frontlines to ensure the survival of their fellow friends. While it is already established that the infantry and most of the uniformed Valentian personnel are able to drive to an extent, these Engineers take a step further with their driving skills - not in the race kind of way, but just in the way they navigate and handle all kinds of terrain. While an average infantryman knows where roughly to fire off an artillery round, the combat engineers would know precisely the shot needed to neutralise the enemy, while also making sure that the surroundings and the civilians are intact. The Infantry initiates, the Engineers refines. The Combat Engineers can also build temporary and permanent garrisons, as well as bunkers and fortified positions if they feel that no one else should disturb them.

Valentian Naval Forces
Valentian Naval Forces, or the VNF, are the men and women that ensures security in the waters of Valentine Z, be it on Earth, or on Mars. Depending on where they are stationed, they have a degree of responsibilities that range from domestic and local waters of countries, to reaching far and beyond into the international waters.

Taking a page from the pre-Valentian Era, but with our own twist, our Navy is divided first into Fleets, then with the smaller and separate Divisions into them. The personnel of the Valentian Navy, unlike the Army, does not have very specific roles into them. They generally take the roles of being sailors, engineers, captains, navy medics, administrative clerks, divers, among many other. One thing I am certain about, is that they do take their roles seriously as well, and will fight to the end along with their ship if their duty calls for it.

Meet your Commanders!
The Navy is lead by Fleet Admiral Augustine Lorenzo Terry Vinto Chevy “L'inarrestabile E Di Forte Impatto” Silas Walton Wesley Stuart Dalton Burton Miles N. Dv. S. Walter Stefano Coronato Ermes Faletti Imparato and Admiral Genki Matthieu Van Damme Roman Marcus Anthony Travis John Timothy Justin Clarkeson Johnny Darrius Mill E. Lancelot Bartram Androw Daniel Anderson Ct. Grenfeld Lee Zhuān Jiā, the eyes and ears of every ship.

The Divisions of Valentian Naval Forces

The Cruiser Division
Perhaps the home to the largest ships that a Valentian can find, right alongside the aircraft carriers, our Valentian Cruisers definitely can fulfill several roles with little to no effort. They could be seen as the Infantry of the Army, though with differences here and there. They can launch an aircraft for recon missions, are equipped with a decent range of weapons on-board, and are just about everything in-between. Of course, being the largest ships can also mean danger to ourselves, which is why while they do not travel alone, and have their fellow supports with them.


The Destroyer Division
The Destroyers - the fast and endurance machines of war that sailed the seas of Earth. Remember what I have mentioned above, whereby the Cruisers don't go alone? Well, here you have their support, the Destroyers. They are the usual ships that escorted the bigger and smaller ships alike, equipped with missile destroyers (fitting to their name), and in a twist, they are also a bit more heavily armored in order to take a few more hits compared to the Cruisers that they are supporting. The Valentians have also equipped them with miniature nanodrones that can form a "force field" of sorts in order to protect themselves from missiles and lasers alike.


The Aircraft Carrier Division
A perfect harmony of Air Force and Navy, these large carriers might lack the normal firepower of cannons and defense systems that the Cruisers and Destroyers have, but they are definitely not completely defenseless. Ferrying a large number of planes (and helicopters) onto them, these can be used for both short-range and long-range missions, and more importantly, they serve as air support in fights and other places where there are no land-based airports around. Most of our aircraft carriers can launch up to 20 jet fighters, as well as 10 UAVs, for just about every purpose other than bombing runs.


The Support Division
A combined division consisting of frigates and corvettes, these are some of the smallest types of warships that the Valentians have in our Navy, and they were more or less used for smaller missions ranging from recon, to exploration with some firepower needed, to supporting the Cruisers and Destroyers and in cases where their smaller sizes are at an advantage to them.

There are also submarines that are in this division, providing support both offensively and defensively - offensively in terms of shooting down ships from under the surface, while also countering and engaging other submarines, or shooting down torpedoes before they hit the main ships.

Valentian Air Forces
The Air Force, as the name suggests, deals with security of the air space of the nation, as well as to provide air support for the Army, Navy, and any other divisions of Valentine Z that needs our help. Of course, as technology evolves, so does warfare, and we would be hard-pressed to follow the traditional methods and expect to score a victory in the event of a battle.

Meet your Commanders!
The Air Force is lead by none other than Chief Aviator Gwen Tracer Hepburn “Fate of Existence and the Omniverse” Ellen Trixie Caitlin Foxworthy Avril Verlene Eveline Celinda Sammy Doris T-Rev Oxton Arielle Lindall Leslie Vitesse Allison, whose expertise and proficiency in flying a plane, no matter the model, is cetainly a valuable asset to the Valentians. She is accompanied by Head Aviator Hayes Trevon Leon Sergio Omarion Kirk William S. Px. “El Aviador Desastroso” Aiden Baxton Cristóbal Hugo Eustacio Dennis Victor Emiliano Bienvenida Gerrick Carballar Ordóñez and Wing Commander Angeline Joyce Crystal Bella Wv “A Estrela Alegre” Samara Sapphire Tamara Annie Estefania Carolina Tavares Alencar Melissa Clemente Teixeira Vanda Regina Mik Nogueira.

The Divisions of Valentian Air Forces

The Bomber Division
Perhaps the oldest division even going as far as the pre-Valentian Era, the division consists of bombers as the name suggests. Large planes with a huge payload that can deliver destruction from above. While we still have these divisions for practice runs, as well as in the events our Valentian cities get invaded by infantry, we do not exactly do bombing runs and airstrikes anymore unless it is absolutely necessary and that the threat to the civilians can only be removed this way. Over the years, however, the Valentians experimented with the idea of smart missiles, the larger bullets with smaller payload whereby it would fly around and hit directly at the enemies through a friend/foe function that would leave the allies and civilians intact as long as they are in the database of Valentine Z. However, it has still seen limited success for now, and we are definitely improving our craft.


The Fighter Division
It was seen as a complement division, but we realised that these were all in a response to the bombers that would shell us in the event of an invasion. This Division has a bit more funding and size going towards them, defending our skies and making sure that there are no invaders and aggressors intent on bombarding our land. Armed to the teeth with the latest Valentian planes available, as well as missiles, armaments, and most importantly - skilled Valentian men and women in our ranks. These Valentian Air Force personnel in uniform, whether they are on the ground, or in the skies, ensure the safety of the Valentian airspace, and perhaps even beyond, working hand-in-hand with the Valentian Space Command (VSC).


The Airborne Division
Working in tantrum with the Valentian Armed Forces, the Airborne Division consists mainly of helicopters and personnel carriers, providing support in the form of infantry in the skies and paratroopers. When there is a problem that the fighters and bombers cannot remove properly, these men and women will ensure that the said problem is taken care of in the swiftest and cleanest way possible.


The Prototypes
While not exactly a division, these collection of 9 experimental planes are deployed in the event of a dire emergency, as well as to supplement and boost and support the defense forces if needed. For the most parts, only Chief Aviator Gwen has full access to these planes, alongside Wing Commander Angeline who runs diagnostics on them. At the current state, these planes are fully operational and fared fairly well in our trials, but they also have their setbacks, as well as the sheer cost and time committed behind them.

All of them, fortunately, has not been shot down or lost in a battle or in a training.

Valentian Secret Service
You have heard of secret services and spies before. They are many and beyond in the world of media. You have seen them in movies, TV shows, books, and many others. The truth of the matter is, indeed, the life of a spy is a rather thrilling one, though they definitely see more tedious paperwork more than action in the fields, and it is not all about infiltrating military bases or neutralising hordes and hordes of terrorists. Perhaps those were true (and indeed are) back in the pre-Valentian days, but now, we don't really see a lot of action, only making sure that we secure the secrets and essential core of Valentine Z before our enemy can do damage to us.

Meet your Commanders!
The Secret Service is ran mainly by Vice Foresittend Jolyn Maxine Caulfield Moira “Неуловимая, Женщина-шпион” Marlene Wendy Lucille Lapis Jill Khorosheva Vin. Zolina łnt. Natasha Vasilisa Helen Ceeta Tescelyn Maximovna, while she does give training to budding spies. Head of Special Operations Isaac Logan Carlson Phillip Randall “Det Hvislende Slange” Trevor Celin Mathias Mørk Nuller Taylor Anceolitti Virality Evans Alexis Brooks Slyder N. Ps. Washington and Head of Special Forces Hendrick Morrison Damaris Tony “De Försvarare Ov Ljus” Gaaf. Sone Backström Edvin Joacim Skoog Erickson Albert Mikael Phoenix Aiden Ryder B. N. T. Fawkes Lexus are also the people to look to if you are daring or going for more field-related operations.

HALT. Know your secrets, and KEEP THEM!
It is no surprise that Valentine Z also has a Secrets Act. The idea is simple - whatever you might have seen, and whatever you might have talked about, do not share it very openly with others. You will never know if the next door neighbor is a spy, and not the Valentian spy that are on your side. This is not to say that the foreigners and Valentians alike are not to be trusted; we still very much pride on the idea of being inclusive to everyone around us, that is our very core Valentian value. However, military secrets are a need-to-know-basis only, and only this way then we can be sure that our country is safe.

Here are the categories that you should look at in the case of classification levels:

Unclassified / Unrestricted / L0 - This is more or less public information, like the ones that you are seeing right here. They are here for the military enthusiasts like you, or those who are planning to go into their conscription years. These are all available to the public, and there is no threat to anyone knowing about these. These include the location of low-level military bases, list of banned items in the military, public posters about the military, even advertisements of the military, and the like.

Restricted / L1 - The type of information that is aimed at the clerks and security members of the Valentian Military, those that need the information to process the everyday tasks. They don't need to be know by the public, but at the same time, knowing about these would not harm the Valentians and compromise us... to a large extent, anyway. The types of documents are usually clearance/whitelists for low-level military bases, weapon cleaning procedures, intricate details about weapons, procedures and routines of low-level personnel, and the like.

Classified / L2 - Now this is getting exciting. These are the kind of information that is discussed closely in an enclosed room, and not a lot of people need to know about this. Civilians do not know about it, the military only knows in small numbers. Letting these information out can be dangerous and compromising, and in worst cases, they can lead to death of personnel.

Secret / L3 - The more detailed and intricate workings of the military in detail, as well as the development and design of prototypes, these are only shared with the approval of several higher-rank personnel, and are not very well-known even by the majority of the Valentian military.

Top Secret / L4 - "If I have to tell you, you are either someone I trust, or that I will eliminate you later." The kind of secrets that are restricted hugely to 2-6 high-level personnel, and are only processed and touched by the same personnel. There are no changing of hands here - if this document needs to be conveyed from Personnel A to Personnel B, it MUST be done in person and in no other way.

Above Top Secret / L5 - Always between 2-3 higher-ups, such as myself and with another personnel beside me. Anyone else knowing about it means I have either approved it, or I will knock them down in stasis and give them an amnesiac.

Remember, and to put it frankly: Loose lips hurt and kill your families or fellow men.

The Divisions of the Secret Service

As we have discussed previously, the Secret Service is not a single huge entity. Even it has a few branches to help things run smoothly. Due to the nature of some of these things, I cannot put them into this public file. You will either need to be someone that has been in the Valentian Military and entrusted for years, or you are very likely an infiltrator if you are not supposed to know. I'm just kidding, I am not accusing of such.

The Spy Division
As the name suggests, the spies, the espionage-goers, and the many more. Their lives can get exciting now and then, and Jolyn would be no more than happy to tell you about the unrestricted parts about it. These men and women do things behind the scene and ensure a smooth sailing for the rest of the Secret Service, or for the military as a whole.


The Special Operations Division
Or specs-ops, as it would commonly be called in the military circle, there are some missions that would require more precision on the front lines. When bombing a captured city is beyond question, and having infantry would result in unwanted causalities, these groups of highly-trained operatives are there to take out that errant sniper, to take out that suicide bomber from a distance, to conduct de-mining operations, to rescue hostages, or to eliminate the danger that a larger group of hostages are in. We know how the terrorists act by using hostages as human shields, and we Valentians will not stoop to their level by accepting human causalities.


The Black Operations Division
Black-ops, a step higher than the specs-ops. They function more or less the same way as the specs-ops, but the names of the operators, as well as their workings, are much more classified. Black, in this case, simply means that they are more shadowy than specs-ops in clearing up things, and they cannot be traced back to the Valentians. Time from time, they will be forced to make decisions that are much more... unethical in nature, at least as seen by the Valentians, and by the international community. To clarify, they do not always commit war crimes, and they too are subject to military orders and rules like many others, but if a situation gets desperate, they will unfortunately have to do what is supposedly the best possible route and to reduce the deaths of potentially thousands or millions. They are also rotated regularly and given therapy more frequently than other units given the line of work.

Valentian Police Force
Our proud men and women in blue, the Valentian Police protects the interests of Valentine Z domestically, making sure that crime goes down and stays down as much as possible. While our welfare programs and education systems have done their work consistently to ensure that every Valentian is well-fed, well-educated, and will not go down the life of crime, it is still inevitable that there will be a crime now and then happening, and thus like the Military, we cannot simply call for removal of the police just because the Valentians (and the foreigners) are nice and will never hurt a fly. It's not to say we would, but it is good to take precautions. Most of the crimes, fortunately, are minor misdemeanors, but sometimes we also uncover a larger crime syndicate or a felony happening, or about to happen.

Meet your Commanders!
The Valentian Police Force is mostly ran by Chief of Police 1st Commander Michelle Karen Kassandra Zann Harley Iliana “Nezastavitelná Síla” Breya Angelina Jayne Valérie Vítková Breanna Shirley Geigen Deborah Beveline Tegan Evelyn Saniya Pavlína, ensuring that the department gets the needed budget, as well as to train the recruits and current police alike in the most efficient and non-brutal way.

The Divisions of Valentian Police Force (VPF)

Because even the police will need to have divisions! Just like many others, we simply cannot have a single department that deals with everything. Division and specialisation is still the best thing to ever happen to us and to the modern world, and we truly embrace that. In the most elemental term, we have the normal policemen and policewomen patrolling the streets, traffic cops patrolling on motorcycles, riot police for those that gets a little heated, and once again, tactical forces for those harder to remove stains of terrorism and crime.

Regardless of branch, all of the Valentian Police Force members (and to the extension, a lot of the other divisions) are trained in CBRN defense - Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Defense. After all, it is not up to a single branch to handle such a catastrophic and dangerous event should it come by to us any time soon be it internally or externally.

The Office of Valentian Internal Affairs
Perhaps the most important thing of all, and to start off on a clean note - the Internal Affairs. VIA, as we would like to call it. This department handles and ensures that the police (and potentially the other branches and parts of the military and defense forces) are not corrupted from the inside, and to handle any internal conflicts between divisions to be solved in the most non-violent and beneficial way for all the parties involved.


Criminal Investigation Unit
Inquires into the crimes that happened all over Valentine Z, be it on Earth or on Mars, and to make arrests or warrants if they feel that the suspect is confirmed to be committing of such a crime. Also a sub-division of CIU is a Crime Scene Investigators, though they work more on the forensics of a crime scene. So far, the investigations have an impressive accuracy of 94%, with the 6% resulting from inconclusive records, methods of crime, or the wrongly accused - the suspects that are involved in this are given pardons.

The CSI sub-division is headed by master of forensics Head Diplomat Charlene Jeannie Natalia Adeline Marceline “Wanbyeoghan Hyeobsang-Ga” Celestie Christine Irelle Dva. Arianna Rees Edith Novena Annie Ciara W. I. Bethany Myong Suh-Hyung, who also doubles as one of the high-level journalists for Valentine Z.


Crime Prevention Unit
Inclusive of both the policemen and policewomen on foot, as well as on wheels (bikes or sedans), these Valentian in blue are the frontline and faces of the Valentian Police Force, and they uphold a great reputation with the public through their very helpful nature and mannerism, de-escalation of situations, and more importantly, ensuring that the threat is removed in the most non-violent ways unless absolutely necessary. The only thing and quirk I have heard from the tourists are that the Valentian policemen and policewomen are rather intimidating due to their heights. It's not very easy to be a tourist asking a 16-feet tall police officer for directions.

The sub-division of the CPU are the anti-riot police (ARP), which as the name suggests, are equipped in anti-riot gear in order to prevent a protest or a riot from getting too excited. Fun fact: The last protest that the Valentians have was more than 60 years ago, back in 2041. It was regarding the ethical implications of the Virtual World where the deceased (and currently living) can live in peace. The anti-riot police de-escalated the situation, and we addressed the concerns of the civilians by introducing an option to opt out of it if they want to take the natural life and death cycle.

The anti-riot division does not really have a lot of activity, to be very honest. They mostly hone their skills with riot exercises.


Valentian Special Weapons And Tactics (V-SWAT)
We unfortunately cannot think of a creative name here, but what's in a name? As the name suggests, the Valentian SWAT team are seen as the most the police would be militarised here in Valentine Z. They operate much like the soldiers, with the equipment - both weapons and vehicles, to boot. This is when de-escalation and talking nicely has failed, and that the offenders are not going to give in any time soon. Unfortunate as it may be, this is where SWAT comes in, and they will be the one to ensure that the hostages (if any) are rescued harmlessly, as well as to apprehend the suspects as alive as possible.

Once again, the SWAT team of Valentine Z hones and sharpens their skills with simulated exercises for most of the time.


Valentian Immigrations Authority (VIA)
We are already starting it off with a pun, but that is because it is indeed a meaningful name. You are only entering and exiting our nation via VIA. Valentian Immigration Authority was established as soon as the world was terraformed. With the entire world in our hands, it is still paramount that we still ensure that people are processed in and out of countries for the purpose of making sure that they are all accounted for. Hopefully this is not seen as authoritarian from the others around us. Anyway, VIA as a branch has been serving the nation for decades, dealing with internal (planetary) travel between countries.

Later on, during our course of history, we have also opened and established wormholes and dimensional portals with the other universes. This proved to be the perfect time for VIA to practice their vigilance and professionalism when it comes to dealing with possible aggression and threats towards Valentine Z, while also making sure that genuine visitors and tourists who are only here to enjoy the marvels of Valentine Z. Additionally, thanks to the state-of-the-art technology that are available to us, airport (and port) checks have become a breeze, no longer a pain of having to deal with uncomfortable frisking checks.

With the competent staff and an easy-to-do application forms, Valentine Z has also made it a point to welcome people of different walks of life to join us as a countryman. If one finds themselves to fulfill the conditions that are dotted in the Valentian Citizen Applications Act, please head down to the nearest VIA office with your particulars, and we will be more than happy to serve you.


Valentian Narcotics Bureau (VNB)
Even in the free world of Valentine Z, we still have an anti-drug force to ensure that drugs were not abused and taken advantage of. Of course, it is unfortunate that we have a government-run drugstores that also sells recreational drugs, but this was done with the good intents of preventing illegal drug dealers from propping up on our cities. Additionally, recreational drug usage is legal for adults and to a certain extent - so long as one does not abuse it to death, or operate machinery and vehicles while under influence.

To clarify any misunderstandings, VNB is simply not a division for running fancy drugstores all over the planet. Instead, the Bureau also aims to reduce and minimize drug usage as much as possible, guiding people on the path without drugs and if that fails, we will simply follow our people through and ensure that they get the help they need with rehabilitation. In our world, as well as looking through other universes, we realise that the DARE program did not work for them, and we are also certain that it would not work for us, reason being that repeatedly hammering a statement is only going to worsen the peer pressure. We do advise kids and adults alike to not go through the path of drugs, but there is only so much we can do and for the adults, the choice is ultimately theirs.

As of this writing, the recreational drug usage rate for the Valentians are 1 out of 20,000, with 1 out of 100,000 suffering from drug abuse and addictions.

Valentian Fire Department

Fire has been the best thing that has happened for the humans as a whole since the dawn of time, as well as the worst. It's a good servant, and a bad master, which I am certain that a lot of you have heard of such sayings before. With benefits, we must also control, and thus is the reason why we have Valentian Fire Department for uncontrolled fires of any kind - no fires too small when there is a life to be saved. The Valentian Fire Department is perhaps unusually run and organised by 3rd Commander Colleen Selina Heather Lizzie Clarisse Andrina Leoni Verônica Leah Whitford “Pássaro de Fogo” Vale Zakiti Adelaida Codorniu Irene Alexandra Karina Domini. Zina He. V. Tessa, whose passion for everything fire-related also aided the Valentians with an extensive knowledge of fire and its ways of spreading, as well as the ways of extinguishing them. Colleen recommends that fire-safety exercises be conducted in schools and workplaces alike on a regular basis in order to spread the awareness.

Additionally, due to the large swaths of forested nature reserves that we have, as well as to the nature of our buildings, the VFD also ensures that forest fires are kept to a minimum, cutting off excess growth if needed instead of using controlled fire, for we believe that it might prove to be a hazard in both long and short run - pollution, and risk of an controlled fire becoming an uncontrolled one.

The VFD welcomes men, women, and otherworldly beings all-around, with only condition that they pass the fitness tests, as well as the psychological tests in order to ensure that they are well-adjusted and thus suitable for the job.

VFD has numerous branches on both Earth and Mars, with sufficient funding from the government in order to better equip and prep the firefighters with the logistics that they require. In the event of an emergency call, the VFD members can mobilise on an average of 7.00 seconds, with a record-setting time being 6.63 seconds - from being alerted of the emergency, to driving out of the station with sirens blaring.

The VFD is issued with an array of vehicles - ranging from a basic firetruck, to personnel-carrying buggies, to rammers that ensure that an obstacle is no longer a problem for the rescue personnel, while also preserving and minimizing danger and hazard to the others around.

Valentian Medical Services

A life-saving force unlike any other, the Valentian Medical Services (VMS)' doctrine is simple and just - every life is worth saving. This is especially true with the sufficient budget available for VMS, as well as a large amount of funds that went to hospitals, clinics, and the salaries of doctors, nurses, and paramedics. The Valentian Medical Service and Healthcare as a whole is managed by Lead Ambassador Germaine Athena “Mercy De Herzhafter Schutzengel” Sylvi Angelina Zoe Sophia Jen Alanna Rx J. Hailie Ziegler Halls Constance Pauletta Ginevra Lola Lauran Ambra Tschanz, a doctor without borders (and now the universes) that has been helping out the wounded and the meek, and even reviving the otherwise scenarios of death.

The VMS commands a fleet of state-of-the-art ambulances, as well as helicopters and other vehicles that may be considered essential for various missions. The typical ambulance can reach ground speeds of up to 200 km/h, and hovering rocket speeds of 500 km/h if such an occasion or the emergency demands for them, all the while maintaining a smooth ride for up to 3 patients inside, while larger ambulances that can carry up to 16-20 patients can be summoned if a need for mass evacuation arises. Alternatively, when the roads could not be reached, as well as for those in the wild or in inaccessible areas, the VMS boasts rescue helicopters and VTOLs that can mass transport anywhere from 8-20 patients at speeds approaching 1600 km/h.

Valentian Space Peacemakers

Description and more info here.

Read factbook


Bigger picture can be found here.

The History of the Valentian Economic System
The Valentian Economy first works on absolute Socialism and Communism, with all of the assets and means of production seized as soon as the Cold War was over. This was done mostly from Valentijn and Trade Representative Charmaine’s ideas, believing that a completely free market will harm the people in the long run, which in turn came from the ideas of the old world whereby companies and corporations that grew too big were able to have a stranglehold on their monopolies, as well as bullying their customer bases or any other smaller competitions. The nationalised (technically globalised, given Valentine Z’s status as a world power). When the world was being built back, state-run agricultural farms and manufacturing industries are propped up and are working at utmost efficiency, providing the materials needed in order to build Valentine Z to a brand-new era, as well as the food itself to fill the stomachs of its citizens. The old Valentian Economy (years right after Cold War and terraforming) was seen as extremely utilitarian, only producing what is really needed, while extraneous items and goods such as smartphones, designer items, extravagant homes, are all ignored. In the meantime, Valentian Credit was being created around 3 Decimal Months after Cold War (0 – 300, or 0 – 3 – 00), though it was used more for rationing purposes rather than for usage akin to a capitalist system – an average Valentian would receive, for instance, 500 Valentian Credits a month, which they can in turn use for buying of necessary goods such as food, water, and gas; electricity was at first rationed, but with the advancement and efficiency of the solar panels and other clean energy sources, energy crisis no longer became a problem and was given to the whole world for free.

However, as the time goes on, it became paramount that humans, and to extensions, some other species, have a prevalent desire to consume, that is, they would gladly pay to get something extra, as well as some good or a service that others may or may not have. This was the very idea of capitalism itself, but Valentijn was at first wary about bringing it back. After much consideration, a Limited Capitalism with a degree of Socialist and Communist ideologies are established, and thus the Valentian Economic System was born. The idea was that while a form of sharing wealth through taxes are established and worked on, people will still be able to buy non-essential goods through traditional bartering system with a new form of currency, i.e. capitalism, but there are several underlying conditions on this:

Economic Indicators

Rank: 1 / 2
Currency: Valentian Credits
Fiscal Year: RL Earth 2088

GDP (nominal): 6.000 quadrillion Valentian Credits / 1.242 quadrillion NSD (Jan 2088)
GDP (nominal) per capita: 524,288 Valentian Credits / 1,085,276.16 NSD (Jan 2088)
Labor Force:
Unemployment: 93.1% (1**)

  • Firstly, companies indeed can get support from the government through business subsidies, paid for to a small degree by the very taxation that government collects. This itself is not a restriction, but simply a part of the agreement.

  • The businesses and companies must abide by the government’s rules, that they will not maintain their monopoly through devious means. That is, while a company or a corporation is allowed to become a monopoly or huge if the people demands it, they must also allow and accept their own fate if people have spoken that they will neither support the said company or want anything to do with them. This also means that the companies that operate in Valentine Z cannot manipulate, cheat, lie, or swindle their customers, having confusing terms and conditions for the sake of having loopholes they can exploit, or corporate warfare towards other smaller companies (though friendly competition or a matter of advertising power is fine to a certain extent).

  • The businesses must not exploit their staff, and must pay a minimum wage of VC 2000 per month, whereby 2000 credits is defined as “the minimum amount a Valentian needs in order to buy basic necessities.”

As a result of the semi-capitalist practices mixed with socialist tendencies, the Valentian Economy steadily increase and was booming soon enough, with the majority of the income and revenue generated from Quaternary Industries, specifically the Information Technology, followed by Tertiary, then Primary, then Secondary. In summary, the IT Industry is the leading profit and income generator, while Agriculture and Farming leads second, providing the much-needed food through a fusion of old and new technologies.

(1**): Note that the unemployment rate percentage is not based on the entire population of Valentine Z, and is instead based on two categories: Out of those who are 18 and above, AND have officially finished their pursuit of education.

Unlike other countries, Valentine Z does not obey Colin Clark's sector model of an economy undergoing technological change, that is, the Primary Industry should be on a decline while the Tertiary and Quaternary industries take hold, and deindustrialisation takes place. This is simply because of Valentine Z’s status as a planetary power, having to provide the necessary food and physical goods (Primary and Secondary) to its people, while also maintaining a high scientific and technological advancement.

More details about the economy here:

* 1.00 Valentian Credits = 3.41 NationStates Dollars.

Overall, the Valentian Government more or less has a say in almost every aspect of the economy, though in the more recent decades, especially with colonisation of Mars, Primary and Secondary Industries are the only ones that still got a tight leash, while the Tertiary and Quaternary Industries are left mostly for the private corporations to develop. This is owing to the Valentian philosophy that focuses on development and betterment of everyone - both businesses and people. The Valentian Government’s interference is only towards the size of the companies and their behaviour towards the people and the environment, not on the freedom of information and flow of products. Media and non-tangible related industries are free to dispatch whatever information they please, as long as it’s truthful and non-conspiratorial towards any entity.

In short, Valentine Z works on a mixed economy system - one that still allows capitalism and private ownership to take place, but with a large amount of oversights to prevent the planets and the people from getting botched up with the pursuit of profit. As per definition: A mixed economic system protects private property and allows a level of economic freedom in the use of capital, but also allows for governments to interfere in economic activities in order to achieve social aims.


More about the specific industries can be found here:


Percentage of Revenue / Industry Size

Accommodation (NAICS 721)

0.5783 %

Accommodation and Food Services (NAICS 72)

0.5217 %

Administrative and Support and Waste Management and Remediation Services (NAICS 56)

0.5217 %

Administrative and Support Services (NAICS 561)

0.5348 %

Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting (NAICS 11)

1.5000 %

Air Transportation (NAICS 481)

0.3913 %

Ambulatory Health Care Services (NAICS 621)

0.6957 %

Amusement, Gambling, and Recreation Industries (NAICS 713)

0.0304 %

Animal Production (NAICS 112)

0.5217 %

Apparel Manufacturing (NAICS 315)

0.4783 %

Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation (NAICS 71)

0.8696 %

Beverage and Tobacco Product Manufacturing (NAICS 312)

0.4348 %

Broadcasting (except Internet) (NAICS 515)

0.8696 %

Building Material and Garden Equipment and Supplies Dealers (NAICS 444)

1.3044 %

Chemical Manufacturing (NAICS 325)

1.0870 %

Clothing and Clothing Accessories Stores (NAICS 448)

0.6522 %

Computer and Electronic Product Manufacturing (NAICS 334)

2.5000 %

Construction (NAICS 23)

0.7826 %

Construction of Buildings (NAICS 236)

1.0130 %

Couriers and Messengers (NAICS 492)

1.6000 %

Credit Intermediation and Related Activities (NAICS 522)

0.5652 %

Crop Production (NAICS 111)

4.8137 %

Data Processing, Hosting, and Related Services (NAICS 518)

4.7830 %

Education and Health Services

1.0000 %

Educational Services (NAICS 61)

1.0000 %

Electrical Equipment, Appliance, and Component Manufacturing (NAICS 335)

0.8696 %

Electronics and Appliance Stores (NAICS 443)

1.3044 %

Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing (NAICS 332)

1.3044 %

Finance and Insurance (NAICS 52)

0.5217 %

Financial Activities

0.5783 %

Fishing, Hunting and Trapping (NAICS 114)

1.4348 %

Food and Beverage Stores (NAICS 445)

1.3043 %

Food Manufacturing (NAICS 311)

3.0437 %

Food Services and Drinking Places (NAICS 722)

4.1525 %

Forestry and Logging (NAICS 113)

0.8696 %

Funds, Trusts, and Other Financial Vehicles (NAICS 525)

0.5652 %

Furniture and Home Furnishings Stores (NAICS 442)

0.9566 %

Furniture and Related Product Manufacturing (NAICS 337)

0.9566 %

Gasoline Stations (NAICS 447)

0.0004 %

General Merchandise Stores (NAICS 452)

0.4348 %

Goods-Producing Industries

3.0437 %

Health and Personal Care Stores (NAICS 446)

1.5437 %

Health Care and Social Assistance (NAICS 62)

0.8696 %

Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction (NAICS 237)

1.0100 %

Hospitals (NAICS 622)

1.5000 %

Information (NAICS 51)

3.0435 %

Insurance Carriers and Related Activities (NAICS 524)

0.0021 %

Internet Publishing and Broadcasting (NAICS 516)

1.3044 %

Leather and Allied Product Manufacturing (NAICS 316)

0.0022 %

Leisure and Hospitality

1.8827 %

Lessors of Nonfinancial Intangible Assets (except Copyrighted Works) (NAICS 533)

0.0005 %

Machinery Manufacturing (NAICS 333)

2.1740 %

Management of Companies and Enterprises (NAICS 55)

0.9900 %

Manufacturing (NAICS 31-33)

1.3044 %

Merchant Wholesalers, Durable Goods (NAICS 423)

0.8696 %

Merchant Wholesalers, Nondurable Goods (NAICS 424)

0.5217 %

Mining (except Oil and Gas) (NAICS 212)

0.2609 %

Mining, Quarrying, and Oil and Gas Extraction (NAICS 21)

0.2174 %

Miscellaneous Manufacturing (NAICS 339)

0.6087 %

Miscellaneous Store Retailers (NAICS 453)

0.6957 %

Monetary Authorities - Central Bank (NAICS 521)

0.8696 %

Motion Picture and Sound Recording Industries (NAICS 512)

1.8827 %

Motor Vehicle and Parts Dealers (NAICS 441)

1.8696 %

Museums, Historical Sites, and Similar Institutions (NAICS 712)

0.1304 %

Natural Resources and Mining

0.0869 %

Nonmetallic Mineral Product Manufacturing (NAICS 327)

0.8696 %

Nonstore Retailers (NAICS 454)

0.4478 %

Nursing and Residential Care Facilities (NAICS 623)

0.8696 %

Oil and Gas Extraction (NAICS 211)

0.1304 %

Other Information Services (NAICS 519)

1.3044 %

Other Services (except Public Administration) (NAICS 81)

0.8696 %

Paper Manufacturing (NAICS 322)

0.4130 %

Performing Arts, Spectator Sports, and Related Industries (NAICS 711)

0.6087 %

Personal and Laundry Services (NAICS 812)

0.5217 %

Petroleum and Coal Products Manufacturing (NAICS 324)

0.0087 %

Pipeline Transportation (NAICS 486)

0.2174 %

Plastics and Rubber Products Manufacturing (NAICS 326)

0.3478 %

Postal Service (NAICS 491)

0.0087 %

Primary Metal Manufacturing (NAICS 331)

0.4435 %

Printing and Related Support Activities (NAICS 323)

0.4783 %

Private Households (NAICS 814)

0.6522 %

Professional and Business Services

0.6957 %

Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services (NAICS 54)

1.7392 %

Publishing Industries (except Internet) (NAICS 511)

0.3913 %

Rail Transportation (NAICS 482)

0.0217 %

Real Estate (NAICS 531)

0.0087 %

Real Estate and Rental and Leasing (NAICS 53)

0.0087 %

Religious, Grantmaking, Civic, Professional, and Similar Organizations (NAICS 813)

0.4565 %

Rental and Leasing Services (NAICS 532)

0.4913 %

Repair and Maintenance (NAICS 811)

0.4130 %

Retail Trade (NAICS 44-45)

0.2913 %

Scenic and Sightseeing Transportation (NAICS 487)

0.0087 %

Securities, Commodity Contracts, and Other Financial Investments and Related Activities (NAICS 523)

0.4783 %

Service-Providing Industries

0.5304 %

Social Assistance (NAICS 624)

0.8696 %

Specialty Trade Contractors (NAICS 238)

0.3913 %

Sporting Goods, Hobby, Book, and Music Stores (NAICS 451)

0.6522 %

Support Activities for Agriculture and Forestry (NAICS 115)

0.8696 %

Support Activities for Mining (NAICS 213)

0.0087 %

Support Activities for Transportation (NAICS 488)

0.0435 %

Telecommunications (NAICS 517)

1.0870 %

Textile Mills (NAICS 313)

0.8696 %

Textile Product Mills (NAICS 314)

0.7826 %

Trade, Transportation, and Utilities

0.5652 %

Transit and Ground Passenger Transportation (NAICS 485)

0.6087 %

Transportation and Warehousing (NAICS 48-49)

0.6522 %

Transportation Equipment Manufacturing (NAICS 336)

0.7826 %

Truck Transportation (NAICS 484)

0.5783 %

Utilities (NAICS 22)

0.0217 %

Warehousing and Storage (NAICS 493)

0.5652 %

Waste Management and Remediation Services (NAICS 562)

0.8696 %

Water Transportation (NAICS 483)

0.0087 %

Wholesale Electronic Markets and Agents and Brokers (NAICS 425)

0.8696 %

Wholesale Trade (NAICS 42)

0.7826 %

Wood Product Manufacturing (NAICS 321)

0.3655 %

An industry involved in the extraction and collection of natural resources, such as copper and timber, as well as by activities such as farming and fishing. Basically, anything that involves extracting resources from Earth and Mars are in here. A company in a primary industry can also be involved in turning natural resources into products. Primary industry tends to make up a larger portion of the economy of developing countries than they do for developed countries. The primary sector is concerned with the extraction of raw materials. It includes fishing, farming and mining.

It was sufficient to say that farming became much more modernized, using the readily available technology that Valentine Z has to offer, as well as the usage of green and clean sources of energy to grow such food. Chemicals such as pesticides and insecticides are used to a much lesser degree, with DNA strain manipulation becoming much more advanced and making the crops 99% resistant to insects and pests.

A few other industries, while necessary, are designated as “environmentally damaging”, and these include, but not limited to: mining and timber/woodcutting industries. As aforementioned, they are necessary in order for the enjoyment and usage of the Valentians (such as wooden furniture, or mining for rare earth metals), but the industries are highly regulated and since owned by the Valentian Government, they have the full liberty to restrict it to the extent they see fit. A few of the Primary Industry companies operating in Valentine Z are as below:

Agriculture - Sunny Side Farms
"Feeding Generations of Valentians."

Sunny Side Farms is a Valentian Government-owned company that, as the name suggests, deals with agricultural needs and wants for Valentians whether they are on Earth or are on Mars. With the practice as old as time, combined with the futuristic technology and developments from Valentine Z, Sunny Side Farms is able to provide both animal and plant products to the ever-growing dietary needs of the Valentians while keeping the negative environmental impact to its bare minimum. Due to the acceptance and tastiness involved, lab-grown meat have also been grown on a regular basis and are replacing a large percentage of the Valentians' diets.

Fishery - Hopewell Fishery
"Meeting up demands, Sustainability kipper."

Working side by side with Sunny Side Farms is Hopewell Fishery, which like most of the Primary Industries, are also owned by the Valentian government in order to prevent a monopoly and economical abuse from occurring when it comes to providing people with the basic needs. Whether it is for the Valentians that live near the oceans, or for those at Mars that are craving for a little sushi, or for the kitties of Valentine Z that are yearning for tuna, Hopewell Fishery will always be there to provide the much-needed seafood and its derivatives, while also using state-of-the-art technology to ensure that the fish livestocks are never depleted for generations and centuries to come.

Electricity - Solaris Electrical Systems
"Electrifying Life for All."

Despite the name, Solaris Electrical Systems utilises all forms of clean energy, along with the usual fair share of fossil fuels, nuclear energy, and even Antimatter. After all, the Valentians are well-aware that for a populace this big, it is simply near-impossible to reduce their carbon footprint altogether, and they certainly did not want to bother other beings for energy - the desire for unlimited energy right now would have been a greed-filled disaster. For the time being, the energy demands have been met - with most of it coming from solar farms and hydroelectric dams that are managed and integrated into the ecosystem, nuclear waste disposed of properly, and nuclear power plants carefully (Valentine Z / Solaris only has a single minor incident in the year 2032 that saw irradiation of a small patch of land around the power plant due to human error).

Gas - Luminuer Holdings
"A Bright and Vivid Future."

Derived from Luminous and Feuer (Fire, in German), Luminuer Holdings is also yet another Valentian Government-owned company that handles Earth's oil rigs, with little to no business opportunities in Mars just yet. Alongside Solaris, Luminuer Holdings provides the much needed gas and oil for fuels, as well as for any and other oil-derived products. With decades of research and money going into the projects, the Valentians are finding ways to cleanly burn these gases and eventually, in hopes that these will only be used for contingency plans should renewable energy systems falter.

Forestry - Gaia's Limitless Wonders
"Treating Every Tree with Respect."

In the far future, not a lot of people would have thought that we will still have the needs and demands for tree-based products and derivatives. Offices, schools, military, homes - paper still is needed everywhere. Which is why Gaia's Limitless Wonders is the main producer of wood, pulp, and paper, using a combination of renewable sources of tree to even creating synthetic paper in laboratories for various uses. Valentine Z's paper, and those that comes from Gaia's Limitless Wonders, have the absolute guarantee that they are biodegradable from as little as 5 months, to as long as 100 years when longevity is required for special projects that are approved by the government.

Mining and Quarry - Blast Core Ltd
"Minerals Yours; Sustainability Mine."

Prevalent on both Earth and on Mars, Blast Core has been the primary company with subsidies below it to provide the Valentians with the rocks and minerals that they need. In the first half of the 21st century, the Valentians agree that mining is perhaps the most unsightly work of all to happen, destroying the environment and producing hideous eyesores. Over the years, with more perfected techniques and technology, as well as making recycling mandatory towards the minerals that have been dug out, Blast Core has managed to keep their footprint minimal.

Water - Crystal Glaciers Ltd
"Simply Potable."

Simple motto, simple product, and yet, produced with the utmost care and complexity, Crystal Glaciers is yet another one of the Valentian Government's companies that emphasises on providing the world population - both on Earth and Mars - with the water that they need or want. The amount of water, so far, is not a problem on both planets - it is the lack of fresh water. Which is why as of 2090, Crystal Glaciers have produced 13 trillion cubic meters of fresh water a year for every Valentian and visitors to enjoy. Fresh water is available for everyone's enjoyment through the water fountains, with bottled mineral water unheard of.

This sector generally takes the output of the primary sector and manufactures finished goods or where they are suitable for use by other businesses, for export, or sale to domestic consumers. This sector is often divided into light industry and heavy industry. Many of these industries consume large quantities of energy and require factories and machinery to convert raw materials into goods and products. They also produce waste materials and waste heat that may cause environmental problems or cause pollution, which in turn are processed heavily to minimise their harmfulness before being discharged back into the environment. The secondary sector supports both the primary and tertiary sector. As a planetary power, manufacturing is existent in Valentine Z and while most of them are owned by the Valentian Government, a select few of them are owned by private firms.

Indeed, there are countless number of manufacturing plants dotted across the entire world of Valentine Z, but the production rates are rather low. This is due to the expensive nature of raw materials such as wood, rare metals, metals, and so on, while the cost of producing new materials such as plastic and Styrofoam are raised to rather extreme levels. All of this was intentional by the Valentian Government, opting and encouraging people and businesses alike to practice the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle) as much as possible. Of important note is that even the Valentian Government is aware of the fact that some of the items are non-recyclable for hygienic or other reasons and as a result, they urge the companies to make them as biodegradable as possible.

Technological devices such as smartphones, TVs, game consoles, among many others, are also created with the Valentian Technological Institution (VTI) keeping a keen and close eye on the industry. The companies creating new devices must ensure two things:

  • That the devices absolutely do not have planned obsolesce in mind, i.e. they must not be designed so that they are easily disposable or are outdated when a newer device with better features hit the market. A RL counterexample would be the smartphones from the famous brands that are released on an annual basis, with some people switching phones as soon as the new one hits the scene.

  • The devices must be able to withstand at least an IP68 worth of abuse and damage, to be built like a military device would. This is to ensure the longevity of the devices, as well as prevent companies from asking exorbitant prices for device repairs, and the implication that a fragile device is easily replaced soon when a new device is released into the market (see above point).

  • The devices are modular, and the modules are easily replaceable, recyclable, or processable. Similar to modular phones and devices that have been seen and observed in the RL world, this means that the devices will never become obsolete as long as there are software updates, coupled with modules that users can simply tack on to their devices to add or improve the current features. For example, CPU and GPU on laptops are easily replaceable with a much better one instead of buying a new one, and the old parts are easily recyclable (i.e. they can be disassembled, plastic parts repurposed or built for something else, and the precious metals melted easily.)

As a result of these points, Valentian technology is known to be rather bulky and at some points, becoming unwieldy or unappealing to look at, but users praise it for the very fact that they are built to last an eternity, e.g. an average smartphone’s lifespan used to be 2-4 years old, but for the Valentian devices, they can easily last 30-40 years with upgrades.

The Valentian Environment Agency (VEA), a branch created by Chief Senator Shannon, is the leading body for this, ensuring that the products created by the industries and companies adhere to the standards as much as possible.

Audio - Vox Systems
"Music - Soul of Civilizations."

Owned partially by the Valentian government and the private stakeholders, Vox Systems provides both the secondary and tertiary industry services for the Valentians on the musical front, though it would mostly on the secondary front of making the musical instruments, with musical software from other companies all over Valentine Z. Elegant, clean, soothing, reliable and durable, Vox Systems have produced some of the finest musical instruments for the classical settings, as well as for the contemporary ones.

Automobile - Intermediate Tunings
"Balancing Reliability with Performance."

For most of the Valentians, despite their physical stature and sizes, they are not the one to be bombastic with their vehicles. Perhaps this can be contradicted by their love for motorsports, but the Valentians are not to be persuaded by loud and big vehicles (at least for their relative size). Which is why Intermediate Tunings was so popular in doing what it does - producing and manufacturing cheap but reliable vehicles that are modest and yet underrated in their performance when they really does shy. Coexisting with the extended public network transportation systems, along with a few more other exotic car companies, Intermediate Tunings have served and made 600 million cars for both Earth and Mars.

Apparel - The Orange Paw
"Colorful Clothes - Colorful Life."

Established by Head Secretary Jamie and an agglomeration of some of the most prominent fashion figures and celebrities of Valentine Z, alongside common men and businessmen alike, The Orange Paw seeks to redefine the fashion trend of Valentine Z not by designing and putting up the most outlandish outfits with questionable animal ethics*, but rather to make every kind of outfits and dresses unbounded by social status, race, and any other demographic barriers. Alongside Valentine Z's inclusive attitude on almost everything imaginable, The Orange Paw defies the norms and lets people express themselves as they see fit, as well as proving that 16 feet tall (on average) Valentians can still flaunt their fabulousness. * That is, The Orange Paw does not use animal products.

Cameras - Hyperzicht Optics
"Memories are meant to be forever."

From the worlds that they have toured and visited, the Valentians always showed a little bit of concern and discomfort towards those that simply stores vacation photos in their underpowered smartphone cameras. The days of DSLR have been numbered for some of them, at least in terms of popularity. For Valentine Z, the DSLR revolution happened in part to the people's passion for photography and videography, but also because Hyperzicht has been producing some of the best cameras to date for the Valentians. Their latest high-end camera is a DVZ-500X, which can produce stunning 10 GP (Gigapixels) photos at a stunning 400 shots per second.

The service sector consists of the production of services instead of end products. Services (also known as "intangible goods") include attention, advice, access, experience, and affective labor. The production of information has long been regarded as a service, but some economists now attribute it to a fourth sector, the quaternary sector.

The tertiary sector of industry involves the provision of services to other businesses as well as final consumers. Services may involve the transport, distribution and sale of goods from producer to a consumer, as may happen in wholesaling and retailing, pest control or entertainment. The goods may be transformed in the process of providing the service, as happens in the restaurant industry. However, the focus is on people interacting with people and serving the customer rather than transforming physical goods.

Such examples of Tertiary Industry include telecommunication, tourism, healthcare, waste disposal, information technology, education, financial services, retail, amongst many others. The tertiary industry more or less is shared between the Valentian government and private firms, depending on the industries. Services that are considered “essential to the progression and development of Valentians as a whole”, such as healthcare, waste disposal, education, and telecommunication, are 100% controlled by the Valentian government, with the funding coming from the taxation that it receives from its people.

Other industries such as retail and information technology are more or less controlled by the private firms and corporations, though as with other industries and agreements, the Valentian government looks over them and protects both the consumers and the companies themselves in case of a slip-up.

The quaternary sector of the economy is a way to describe a knowledge-based part of the economy, which typically includes knowledge-oriented economic sectors such as information technology, media, research and development; information-based services such as information-generation and information-sharing; and knowledge-based services such as consultation, education, financial planning, blogging, and designing. The quaternary sector is based on knowledge and skill. It consists of intellectual industries providing information services, such as computing and ICT (information and communication technologies), consultancy (offering advice to businesses) and R&D (research, particularly in scientific fields). According to some definitions, the quaternary sector includes other pure services, such as the entertainment industry, and the term has been used to describe media, culture, and government. "Quaternary sector" is a further delineation of the three-sector hypothesis of industry in the sense that the quaternary sector refers to a part of the third or tertiary sector along with the quinary economic sector. Intellectual services are sometimes regarded as distinct enough to warrant a separate sector and not be considered merely as a part of the tertiary sector. This sector evolves in well-developed countries where the primary and secondary sectors are a minority of the economy, and requires a highly educated workforce.

Due to the intangible nature of it, most of the quaternary industry is controlled by the private firms and corporations (~80% of the profit and revenue comes from them), while the Valentian government only interferes when necessary and generally leaves them alone to provide, as defined, “a censorship-free media without any interference from the government”.

OOC Disclaimer: While designed by myself in Photoshop, many credits go to the original creators, as well as producers of the art pieces/games/characters/etc. These notes are for fictional purpose only, and are NOT legal tender for RL use.

The 1st Generation Notes, while still legal tender, are now superseded by the 2nd Generation. The 1st Generation is to be quietly discontinued due to a slight graphical overhaul, as well as errors in the values and names. Some of the notes are more ceremonial or to celebrate a jubilee, or anything else. For example, 14 VC is produced to commemorate the significant event of Valentina making her way into the Valentian World.

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Due to the multinational and multi-ethnic nature of Valentine Z, cultures from all over the globe has survived, and Valentijn has made it paramount for everyone to be able to practice their culture and traditions freely (though along the way, animal sacrifices, or anything violent in nature are reduced down). Over the years, the people of Valentine Z, while respecting and maintain their cultural heritage, has begun to dress up accordingly to each region, as well as having distinctive tastes for each region.

The slight difference is the increase in the consumption of vat-grown food, whereby the scientists of Valentine Z and the food production companies are able to replicate and create equally (or more) nutritious food in a fraction of the time it takes for the actual animal to mature, or for an actual plant to grow. While there was indeed some protests regarding the consumption and safeness of the foods, the scientifically aware populace was able to cast that fear aside as irrational, alongside the comments that these reduce the harm and pain towards the animals, as well as being delicious and more nutritious.

More details about the Valentian culture can be found here:


The education system of Valentine Z is 94% government-run, with the 6% of the private schools available for specialised courses, or of any other that are of insignificant importance to the general education of the populace.

An average Valentian will spend a total of [DATA MISSING] years as part of their Compulsory Education Act, which outlines that the Valentians must attend a public school for a stipulated amount of time in order to bring up the overall intelligence and literacy rate of the entire world as a whole. The public schools are free-of-charge, paid for by the taxation that the government imposes on its citizens.

The Valentian Education System is mostly run by Ministry of Education in Victoriaans Nederlands, which in turn is run by Vice Foresittend Jolyn.

The structure of the education system is as follows in the link given below.

OOC: As always, picture credits in each link.

The current education system is ran and well-maintained by Vice Foresittend Jolyn Maxine Caulfield Moira “Неуловимая, Женщина-шпион” Marlene Wendy Lucille Lapis Jill Khorosheva Vin. Zolina łnt. Natasha Vasilisa Helen Ceeta Tescelyn Maximovna, Vice-President of Victoriaans Nederlands, and Superintendent of Valentian Education System / Ministry of Education. This work, in part, is written from the perspective of Jolyn, with both facts and figures, and Jolyn's comment on her various decisions.

The years stated here are in Valentian’s Decimal Time System, and thus would explain the broader range of subjects and the complexity that are associated with them.
1 Decimal Year = 3.16 Earth Years. From Kindergarten to Polytechnic (longest route), an average Valentian spends a good 6.50 Decimal Years in Valentian Schools, which translates to around 20.5 Old Earth Years.

Perhaps it might be considered too long for most outsiders, but rest-assured that the Valentian children indeed enjoy the schooling years of their lives.

Kindergarten – 1.0 Decimal Year

Description: To jumpstart the cognitive and development of a Valentian child, the government-run kindergartens teaches kids the very foundations and basics of each of the languages:

The very basics and alphabets of English and Valkyrie Sprak, as well as some common words and sentences. The starting point for many children, and for communication, of course!

Basics of handwriting and stroke practice. There is no single standard for handwriting, and both cursive and block letters are encouraged, with the kids being allowed and accepted to have their own style of writing. It is simply a matter of practice to develop motor skills.

Mathematics: Numbers from 1 to 10 for the first year, followed by 1 to 20, along with simple arithmetics (+, –, x, ÷) for the second year.

General playtime, which simply aims to let kids further develop their motor skills.

Primary School – 2 Decimal Years – 400 Decimal Days / semester * 5 semesters

Description: To further teach the basics of the world around them, as well as to equip them with basic literacy skills to get around in everyday life. Mother Tongue is also chosen at this point, with a choise of a thousand languages with at least a hundred teachers for the rarer languages.

  • Primary 1: More words are added as compared to Kindergarten, as well as slightly more complex sentences, and the ability to read simple sentences. The very basics of grammar are also taught, such as verbs, adjectives, nouns, etc.

  • Primary 2: More words are added, as well as the extension on the grammatical structure of each of the languages. Simple stories not more than 200 words are to be read and to answer a few questions based on them (Reading Comprehension).

  • Primary 3: More words are added, as well as the extension on the grammatical structure of each of the languages. Slightly more complex stories not more than 1000 words are to be read and to answer a few questions based on them (Reading Comprehension). Synthesis and Transformation is also added (to be able to rephrase a sentence while keeping the meaning the same, or otherwise).

  • Primary 4: More words are added, as well as the extension on the grammatical structure of each of the languages. Slightly more complex stories not more than 1200 words are to be read and to answer a few questions based on them (Reading Comprehension). Synthesis and Transformation becomes much more complex, and interpretation of real-life elements such as emails, advertisements, forms, letter-writing, etc.

  • Primary 5: More words are added, as well as the extension on the grammatical structure of each of the languages. Complex stories not more than 2000 words are to be read and to answer questions based on them (Reading Comprehension). Synthesis and Transformation becomes much more complex, and interpretation of real-life elements such as emails, advertisements, forms, letter-writing, etc. become vague in nature.

  • Primary 1: Numbers from 1 to 100, as well as the extension on the simple arithmetic skills and basic forms of fractions.

  • Primary 2: Numbers from 1 to 1000, as well as the extension on the simple arithmetic skills and slightly more complex forms of fractions, as well as simple forms of exponents (22, for example).

  • Primary 3: Numbers from 1 to 1,000,000 (one million), as well as the extension on the simple arithmetic skills and more complex forms of fractions, as well as simple forms of exponents (22, for example), surds, very basic forms of statistics (reading graphs and interpreting data). Simple Geometry is also introduced at this point.

  • Primary 4: Numbers from 1 to 1,000,000,000 (one billion), as well as the extension on the simple arithmetic skills and more complex forms of fractions, as well as simple forms of exponents (22, for example), surds, very basic forms of statistics (reading graphs and interpreting data). Negative numbers, decimals, finance are also introduced, though for finance, it’s a matter of adding taxes, negative and positive balances, and very simple forms of interest rates. Algebra is also introduced. Geometry extends to 3 dimensions.

  • Primary 5: Numbers from 1 to 1,000,000,000,000 (one trillion), as well as the extension on the simple arithmetic skills and more complex forms of fractions, as well as simple forms of exponents (22, for example), surds, very basic forms of statistics (reading graphs and interpreting data). Negative numbers, decimals, finance are also introduced, though for finance, it’s a matter of adding taxes, negative and positive balances, and more complex forms of interest rates. Algebra is extended upon, as well as calculus and trigonometry being taught at a very basic level. Geometry becomes much more complex.

  • Primary 1: The difference between push and pull, basics of gravity, levers at work, measurements and units.

  • Primary 2: Forces and dynamics at work, engineers in real life.

  • Primary 3: Kinematics, Forces, and Dynamics are focused and taught on, while simple calculations and unit conversions are also covered.

  • Primary 4: More complex problems and calculations on Kinematics, Forces, and Dynamics. Heat Systems are introduced, such as the methods of Convection, Convention, and Radiation.

  • Primary 5: Simple calculations of Heat Systems and methods of heat transfer are taught, as well as the basics of Nuclear Physics and dangers of nuclear power.

  • Primary 1: Reading hazardous symbols and notes, safety with chemicals, 3 states of materials, basics of elements, mixtures and compounds.

  • Primary 2: Simple reactions, reading the Periodic Table of Elements.

  • Primary 3: More complex reactions, as well as a small introduction to the well-known and common elements (Group I, Group II, Group VI, Group VII).

  • Primary 4: More complex reactions, as well as slightly more in-depth introduction to the well-known and common elements (Group I, Group II, Group VI, Group VII).

  • Primary 5: More complex reactions, and introduction to very basic forms of organic chemistry.

  • Primary 1: Basic systems of a body, concept of cells, difference between plant and human cells.

  • Primary 2: Slightly more complex systems of a body, looking into each of the systems in-depth.

  • Primary 3: Slightly more complex systems of a body, looking into each of the systems in-depth. Adaptation, survival instincts, and more about the animal kingdom in-depth.

  • Primary 4: More complex systems of a body, looking into each of the systems in-depth. Basic life skills are also taught, such as identifying animals and plants that are hazardous or beneficial to the humans or the ecosystem.

  • Primary 5: More complex systems of a body, looking into each of the systems in-depth, as well as very basic introduction to Medicines that are deemed useful to everyday life. Introduction to DNA.

  • Primary 3: This is where Programming is first introduced to students! A new subject added in for Primary 3 students, this class and subject will equip students with the very fundamentals of programming, using Psuedocode and simple English commands in order to portray a code. Not much information is given on the code structures just yet, and instead is an introduction to logic synthesis.

  • Primary 4: Extension from Primary 3. Introduction to Python, and using said language to solve programming problems. The basics of the language are taught, as well as the in-depth study of logic synthesis.

  • Primary 5: Extension from Primary 4. More on logic synthesis, as well as intermediate implementation to Python, and using said language to solve programming problems. The logic synthesis becomes much more complex.

  • Primary 3: The summary of pre-Valentian eras are taught, ranging from prehistoric eras, to ancient civilizations (from Babylonians and Mayans, to Romans, Egyptians, and Greeks).

  • Primary 4: Extension of Primary 3, more in-depth and focuses on a later time periods, such as the Classical, Medieval, and Gunpowder Ages.

  • Primary 5: Extension of Primary 4, more in-depth and focuses on a later time periods, such as the Industrial Age, World Wars, Cold War, and the Valentian Era.

  • Primary 3: The basic aspects of the physical geography are taught, such as Earth’s ecosystem, physical features, layers of Earth, coastlines.

  • Primary 4: Extension of Primary 3, more in-depth and focuses on more features of physical Earth, as well as a quick introduction to Human Geography.

  • Primary 5: Extension of Primary 4, more in-depth and focuses on more features of physical Earth, as well as much more complex interpretations and concepts of Human Geography.

Primary School Leaving Examination – PSLE – Taken at the end of Primary 5. Hours here refer to Old Earth System's Hour.

  • English, Valkyrie Sprak, and a chosen Mother Tongue: Consists of 4 papers. Each paper is divided into its own sections:

    • Paper One – Essays and Situational Writing – 3 hours.

      • Section A consists of Situational Writing, whereby a candidate will be asked to write a response-based entry based on either formats: E-mail, letter of complaint/appraisal, advertisements, etc. No more than 300 words.

      • Section B consists of essay writing, whereby 5 prompts are given, and the candidate will have to write an essay based on the prompt. No more than 800 words.

    • Paper Two – Grammar and Reading Comprehension – 2.5 hours.

      • Section A consists of grammatical components, such as identifying errors, synthesis and transformation, being given a passage with missing words to add relevant verbs, nouns, or adjectives.

      • Section B consists of a piece of media, be it an email, letter, a piece of advertisement, amongst many others. The idea is to infer and interpret the media, and answer 5 questions based on them.

      • Section C consists of a piece of unseen prose or a passage, extracted from a piece of work. The passage has 2000 – 2500 words, and there are 10 questions to answer based on the passage, as well as a Summary component, where the candidates will have to condense a part of a passage into 150 words or fewer.

    • Paper Three – Listening Comprehension – 30 minutes.

      • 3 extracts of conversation or otherwise will be played, each of them 9 minutes long. There are 10 questions for each extract, totalling at 30 questions.

    • Paper Four – Oral Examination – 15+ minutes.

      • Section A – Reading aloud. A passage no more than 200 words are given, and the candidate has to read it aloud without errors, while taking emphasis on the stresses, pauses, and tones.

      • Section B – Picture Discussion. A picture is given of an everyday life, sometimes normal, sometimes not. Using linguistic cues, the candidate must be able to infer what is happening in the photo.

      • Section C – Conversation. Two examiners will ask the candidate a few questions, trying to use as few prompts as possible along the way. The idea is to be able to answer and expand/evaluate upon the questions asked.

  • Mathematics: Consists of 2 papers. Each paper is divided into its own sections:

    • Paper One – Short Structured Questions – 2 hours. Calculator is not allowed for this paper.

      • Section A consists of 30 multiple-choice questions (MCQs), whereby a candidate is to choose a correct option out of the 4. The questions are set such that the numbers are easier to evaluate and derive, since the usage of calculators are not allowed.

      • Section B consists of 30 short questions, nearly the same as the MCQs, except that the answer can be written out freely, from integers, to decimals, to a few words of explanation (e.g. to describe the statistical trend). It aims to test the concepts of Mathematics as a whole.

    • Paper Two – Free-Response Questions – 3 hours. Calculators are allowed for this paper.

      • The paper only has one section, and consists of 10-12 questions, with each questions spanning several parts. The questions have no specific answering format, and the candidates are free to answer them in any way they wish, so long as proper working and effort was shown in answering them. The questions can span from several topics, i.e. several topics can be tested in one question. Formulaes are also given, as the idea of the examination is to test the candidates’ understanding and utilisation of the forumlas and mathematical concepts, instead of relying on rote memory to recall formulas to use them. As a result, the questions are not as straightforward compared to Paper One.

  • General Science: Consists of 2 papers. The triple subjects – Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, are all combined into a single subject for the sake of testing.

    • Paper One – Multiple-Choice Questions – 1.5 hours. Calculators are allowed for this paper.

      • Consisting of 60 questions, Paper One aims to test the general knowledge and understanding of the key concepts of the three fields. 20 questions are allocated for each subject, i.e. 20 for Physics, 20 for Chemistry, and 20 for Biology.

    • Paper Two – Structured Questions – 2.5 hours. Calculators are allowed for this paper.

      • Section A consists of 18 short-structured questions, whereby 3 are allocated for Physics, 3 for Chemistry, and 3 for Biology. The short-structured questions are more or less the same in terms of evaluativeness and complexity compared to the Paper One questions. Section A aims to test the candidates on basic understanding, along with answering a sentence or two or a few steps of calculations, or both.

      • Section B consists of 9 open-ended questions – 3 for Physics, 3 for chemistry, 3 for Biology. The candidate has to choose only one from each subject category, that is, one Physics question, one Chemistry question, and one Biology question. The questions not only test the candidate’s understanding of scientific terms and concepts, but also aims to test their evaluative and reasoning skills, i.e. to be able to explain the processes in detail, as well as being able to answer real-life scenarios based on the science that they have learned thus far. The questions may have a sentence or two describing what is expected of the candidate, but otherwise, there is no strict formatting to follow.

  • Introduction to Programming: Consists only of one paper, with the format as follows:

    • Main Exam – 3 hours. Calculators are allowed for this paper. Section A and B are written (A done in Optical Answering Sheet, B done on answer booklet), while C is typed.

      • Section A consists of 25 MCQs, which tests the candidate’s knowledge on basic Python terms, as well as on simple logic synthesis (AND, OR, NAND, XOR, etc.).

      • Section B consists of 12 short-structured questions, whereby the candidates are to fill in missing logic operators, snippets of Python codes (with correct formatting), amongst many others.

      • Section C consists of 5 programming questions, but the candidates only have to select 3 questions to answer. The questions are open-ended as some parts, while at others, there are stricter guidelines or conditions to follow. The aim is to follow the instructions and finish little snippets of codes, as well as to be able to create an application with the help of the list of instructions in the question paper. These questions are on paper, but the candidates will be given an examination laptop in order to type the code inside. The laptop has no access to the internet outside, but it has documentation on Python itself, as well as a few other aids that the students will find useful.

  • Introduction to Geography: Consists only of one paper, with the format as follows:

    • Main Exam – 2.5 hours. Calculators are allowed for this paper.

      • Section A consists of 4 short-structured questions whereby the answering format was more or less fixed, and candidates are mainly tested on their understanding of several geographical concepts. Consists of 2 Physical Geography questions, as well as 2 Human Geography questions. For Human Geography, candidates are expected to perform simple arithmetic calculations, as well as to be able to read trends that might be present in the graphs given.

      • Section B consists of open-ended questions for Physical Geography. There are 3 questions to choose from, and the candidate only has to choose one question to answer. The questions are, as aforementioned, are asking of much more evaluation, not only testing the students on the concepts and basic understanding, but additionally on their interpretation skills, as well as argumentative skills.

      • Section C consists of open-ended questions for Human Geography. There are 3 questions to choose from, and the candidate only has to choose one question to answer. The questions are, as aforementioned, are asking of much more evaluation, not only testing the students on the concepts and basic understanding, but additionally on their interpretation skills, as well as argumentative skills.

  • Introduction to History: Consists only of one paper, with the format as follows:

    • Main Exam – 2.5 hours.

      • Section A consists of 6 short-structured questions whereby the answering format was more or less fixed, and candidates are mainly tested on their understanding of several historical concepts, as well as methods of interpretation. The candidates will be tested on two historical events, both of which will be chosen randomly. There are 3 questions on each event, with accompanying sources for reading and interpretation. Candidates’ abilities to identify biased, skewed, or inaccurate sources will also be tested in the background (may not be outright tested, but it plays a part in getting higher marks).

      • Section B consists of open-ended questions for Physical Geography. There are 3 questions to choose from, and the candidate only has to choose one question to answer. The questions are, as aforementioned, are asking of much more evaluation, not only testing the students on the concepts and basic understanding, but additionally on their interpretation skills, as well as argumentative skills.

Secondary School – 2 Decimal Years – 400 Decimal Days / semester * 5 semesters

To be added.

Tertiary Education – Junior College – 1 Decimal Year – 500 Decimal Days / semester * 2 semesters

To be added.

Tertiary Education – Polytechnic – 1.50 Decimal Year – 3-4 Terms of Studies

To be added.

University – Undergraduate – 1.60 Decimal Year – 200 Decimal Days / semester * 8 semesters

To be added.

University – Postgraduates – 0.20 – 0.40 Decimal Year – 100 Decimal Days / semester * 2 to 4 semesters

To be added.

Life Skill Courses – Throughout Schooling Years

To be added.

Read factbook


The infrastructure of Valentine Z is a mixture of the systems from the old pre-Valentian Era, combined with the Valentian elements. There are some changes in an attempt to combine the greenness, but ultimately, some elements of the transportation system are proven to work with the tried-and-tested older methods, such as using asphalt for roads. The usage of these asphalt-based roads are still around all over the planet, but Valentine Z sees most of its roads being simple dirt roads with little to no demarcations. It is a matter of respect for fellow motorists, as well as having signs placed along the road instead to indicate rules on the roads. Alanis Star, Vostrov, Mathematik, and Natuurkunde, on the other hand, sees most of its roads made out of recycled or synthesised metals that are built to last long, alongside having little to no environmental impact to produce them. These roads have nodes that can be used for automatic locomotion of one’s cars (manual options are still available in all cars in the cases of emergencies or personal preference). Voorzichtigheid’s roads are the same as Alanis Star, except that they are made much more durable and heavy-duty in order to withstand the weight of several tanks or APCs making their way across the roads. Victoriaans Nederlands, on the other hand, have simple cobblestone roads and mostly walk paths.

Railways, high-speed trains, trams, airplanes, and to an extent, teleportation devices, are also present throughout the globe. All of them are powered using green yet reliable sources of energy, though steam-based or gas-based engines are still around in order to appeal for the history enthusiasts, as well as for keepsake.

The aspects of transportation in detail can be found in this factbook:

More details about Valentine Z's Wonders of the World:

As Valentine Z and its autonomous nations recovered from the devastating Nuclear War, so did the various cultures, religions, and many more aspects of humanity that has distinguished one culture from another. These are preserved by Clarissa and many other countless machines in Valentine Z, with their schematics backed up as they roam around the world before its nuclear demise. Eventually, after the terraformation of Earth, they were rebuild to their former glory, perhaps even providing the population of Valentine Z with cultural knowledge, their power, and everything else in-between.

WARNING AND DISCLAIMER: You can click on each of the flags, they have the spoiler tag inside each. Large photos ahead (15-20 MB per image). Do note that any of the deviations from real life monuments and buildings are strictly fictional.

Read factbook

Buildings and Architecture

Buildings and Architecture
The Valentian Architecture consists of a mixture of old buildings, preserved for historical and cultural values, as well as high-rise buildings and skyscrapers to accommodate for the increasing (and taller) Valentian population. Initially, Terraforming, by the definition of it, was supposed to demolish and disintegrate everything around the dome, in order to remove the radiation, the ruins, and to start afresh. However, the truth was that it was less of “terraforming”, and more of “remodelling”, whereby the blueprint and schmatics of the entire landscape of the world was kept in both Clarissa and Adriana – it was already more than sufficient to keep it inside Clarissa’s storage units, but for safekeeping, as well as to data security, Adriana was also enlisted to keep an exact copy of the Earth before Cold War. Valentijn then decided to do some tinkering, such as removing military installations, old buildings, amongst many others, while keeping religious buildings intact and to be rebuild by the terraforming unit.

The result was that these data were fed into the terraforming unit and in turn disintegrated and restructured the world back to the way it was, i.e. before the Cold War consumed the lands. As a result of this, most of the buildings were preserved for cultural and religious purposes, ancient ruins are put back to the way they once were, but the buildings were more or less erased, and Mother Nature would make her way back to the barren land with the help of the Valentians spreading the seeds back on Earth.

For a greener future, Valentine Z was commonly cited as a solarpunk utopia, combining the best of human ingenuity and innovation with the beauty and natural vibes of Mother Nature. Most of the Valentian buildings were tall, spanning at least 100 floors (each floor being 4 meters, as a result, 400 meters), and up to 600 floors (2400 meters). While most of these levels were reserved for housing, office spaces, amongst many other purposes, a few of them are used as indoor gardens, providing or emulating the natural sunlight that the plants should receive for their development and growth.

However, that is at least the general trend of the buildings. Due to the worldwide nature of Valentine Z, as well as having multiple autonomous nations, many of the leaders and other Valentian figures are assigned the task of building the cities to however they wish, even including the military-base installations of Voorzichtigheid.




Valentine Z

As described in the paragraph above, areas under Valentine Z has seen the most amount of greenery. The region excels both as a place of residence for its people, as well as with the presence of natual scenery to calm one’s minds. After all, a garden is just a few steps away, or for some people, a few floors away.

Alanis Star

Alanis Star is the closest to Valentine Z in terms of aesthetics, and having been the oldest autonomous state of Valentine Z. While its architecture is also mostly trees and greenery, intricate yet breathtaking glass buildings and skyscrapers were built all around, as well as having most of the regions under Alanis Star to be automated. As a result of this, Alanis Star is deemed as one of the most scientifically advanced regions of the Valentian world, as well as looking the most aesthetically pleasing.


Due to its status as a city combined with a military base, Voorzichtigheid has commonly gotten itself the dystopian feel, though not with the qualities that one would expect from a dictatorship. In fact, Voorzichtigheid operates just like Valentine Z, except that due to the implementation of defensive assets, the buildings look grimmer in terms of appearance, as well as having several well-armed choke points in case of an invasion. The entirety of Voorzichtigheid (formerly United States of America) is surrounded by a fence with guards on their duties 24/7, with proper rotations, in order to keep the defensive installations safe, and ultimately, Valentine Z and the entire planet.

Victoriaans Nederlands

As the name suggests, Victoriaans Nederlands has decided to take the backwards approach in terms of time period. While the buildings were still as functional as any other buildings from all over Valentine Z, Victoriaans Nederlands’ buildings are characterised by their steampunk aesthetics, as well as pertaining to the buildings that one would see in the actual Victorian Era. As a result, while Victoriaans Nederlands was not exactly well-known for the clean look of their cities, the eco-friendly factor is still very high on the account that most of these steampunk and Victorian buildings were retrofitted with solar panels, wind mills, and any other green sources of energy. It might not have the look of a green city, but it still operates as one, as described by many of its inhabitants, as well as from the outside visitors.

Vostrov, Mathematik, Natuurkunde

The buildings of these three autonomous nations are of scientific nature. That is, while most of them are modernised buildings for universities and other institutes of learning, there are indeed high-rise buildings to house the scientists, researchers, and students, as well as buildings of science (such as Large Hadron Colliders) built all over the region.

Valentine Z on Mars. Credit: © Courtesy of HP, Inc.


While Valentine Z primarily operates on clean and green energy sources, such as Solar, Wind, Hydroelectric, and many others, the Valentians have found a steady source of energy of antimatter by tapping into the world of CPT-Symmetrical NationStates Universe, which in turn is a result of one of the many universes from the multiverse having their charges, parities, and time reversed for them every often. The reversal was not permanent and instead would happen in pulses, with its denizens living pockets of life over and over. When the CPT-symmetry occurs, the charges of the particles in that universe would be reversed, resulting in the entire universe being converted into antimatter in a whim.

As a result of this fine, Valentijn and Gwen decided that they can take in even as little as 500-1000 grams of antimatter and they can annihilate with the matter that Valentine Z around, in order to produce pure energy from the collision and annihilation. Foresittend Marcus and the brightest of Valentine Z devised a containment chamber that would be able to hold antimatter in place for a good 20 days before it is utilised through annihilation. However, this proves to be too dangerous and as a result, antimatter-matter annihilation did not become the primary method of energy generation for Valentine Z.

At the same time, the solar panel technology has advanced so much so that the cheapest panel in the market is able to store as much as 80% of the incidental rays of light (mostly the sunlight) as useful energy, as opposed to the old world’s 20% to 30%. This increase in energy efficiency enabled the Valentians to rely more on solar energy, at least for the parts of the world that receives a good amount of sunlight.

For the other parts of the world, offshore wind mills and hydroelectric dams were constructed as a reconstruction effort after Cold War, and all this in turn too were huge successes. The mills and dams were able to provide the local populaces with as 85% of their energy needs, while the 15% would rely on either solar energy or antimatter-matter annihilations (free courses are made available for the latter, since mishandling and misuse is proven to be extremely catastrophic).


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