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The Region That Has No Big Banks
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From Article VI Parliament of the Constitution:
  1. The Parliament shall consist of

    1. An open, uni-cameral institution which acts as the legislative body of the region.

    2. A body of MPs (Members of Parliament) which are automatically appointed to office if they are willing and interested residents of the region.

    3. The office of Parliament Minister (PM) which is elected by the Parliament and has the role of leading discussion and presenting legislation to the body as a whole.

  2. The Parliament is responsible for the creation, passage, and repeal of any and all legislation for the region.

  3. The Parliament may determine its own bylaws to govern its functioning in special sessions, so long as they are not in violation of the Constitution.

  4. All appointments made by the President must first be confirmed by the Parliament in order to take effect.

  5. Legislation passed through the Parliament can be vetoed by the President, however, the veto can be overturned with a ⅔ vote majority in Parliament.

  6. Any Resident or MP may propose legislation for the Parliament to vote on and enact.

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The only MPs who can have their votes counted in Parliamentary Voting Sessions are ones who have no current position in the Supreme Court. However, any MP or Resident of the region can propose legislation to be debated and voted on in Parliament. The goal is to develop three completely separate branches of government in which each can function autonomously of each other. The following Residents & Expatriates are Registered Members of Parliament (MPs):[/size][/font]

  • Shangyan - Incumbent Parliament Minister (8/14/17-Present)

  • Rufford ii - Minister of Foreign Affairs/Former Parliament Minister (3/20/17-8/14/17)

  • New west tropico - Former Parliament Minister (2/8/17-3/20/17)

  1. America the Greater - President

  2. Ansuriel - Minister of Justice

  3. Bernie nation - High Judge/Former President

  4. Big blue blob - Former High Judge

  5. Blustan

  6. Caocuratia

  7. Copir

  8. Czartopia

  9. Cibelie

  10. Darrok

  11. Eastern behrezvia - Former Deputy Minister of Regional Activity

  12. Evertopia

  13. Gea

  14. Getobetati

  15. Grimbaldestonia

  16. Hertsikka

  17. Kat tier

  18. Margora

  19. Menageland

  20. Miltondom

  21. Non-dairy macaroni

  22. Oldmanzakk - High Judge

  23. Orchestralia

  24. Pakski

  25. Petroslovania

  26. Pizeluvenn

  27. Polarthia

  28. Primera republica de cantabria - Minister of Domestic Affairs/Former Minister of Immigration

  29. Saint vwanis

  30. Sarrepont

  31. Shailene

  32. Social democratic commonwealth

  33. Spainarica

  34. Texan soviets

  35. Ursus island

  36. Waurferland

  37. Wayline

  38. Yodle - Founder/Vice President/Former Minister of Domestic Affairs